BEYBLADE BATTLE ISLAND CHALLENGE! | Board Game-style Battle Competition! | Beyblade Burst GT/Rise -

BEYBLADE BATTLE ISLAND CHALLENGE! | Board Game-style Battle Competition! | Beyblade Burst GT/Rise

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The Battle Island arc is definitely one of the best parts of Beyblade Burst GT/Rise. We recreated that bit of the anime into our own challenge and it turned out really fun! Each location on the Battle Island map had a specific opponent for us to battle and our goal was to make it to the finish line to challenge Union Achilles. Both of us started with Ace Dragon as our Bey and as we battled through the event, we had to take parts from the opponents that we defeated, changing our entire combo by the end of the competition. Each segment of the Battle Island also utilized different BeyStadiums, so it kept the battles fresh and made us think ahead. One combo might be good in one stadium, but awful in another!

The Beys that we could have battled against were all from GT: Bushin Ashura, Judgement Joker, Imperial Dragon, Slash Valkyrie, Lord Spriggan, Wizard Fafnir, Dread Bahamut, Master Diabolos, Zwei Longinus, Venom Diabolos, Heaven Pegasus, Cosmo Valkyrie, Regalia Genesis, Poison Hydra, Knockout Odin, Big Bang Genesis, Prime Apocalypse and Union Achilles.

Should we do more battles like this?! Maybe we’ll do the same thing and put in some tougher opponents, like Sparking Beys. Can’t wait to do more challenges like this!

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Song: Sidequest – Psycho Crooks
Music provided by Ninety9Lives


  1. How is Big Bang genesis so op I got it and lost to a savour vallteack because I had yard

  2. I did this and got left with big bang Genesis blitz bullet

  3. Can brother make island chalange for db beyblades

  4. You guys get me inspired so much it’s insane👍

  5. 8:24
    Did anyone see that venom diabolos shot his clone out with the spinning plate

  6. my favorite stamina type beyblade that I have is Wrath Fafnir

  7. Tell me why in the map I don’t see achilies but in the stadium I saw achilies? Never mind I see him now

  8. Can you do another one but with four players

  9. 🎉
    Thank you for ok
    I’m not sure jfk

  10. This was pretty fun. Would be cool to see more of this. Maybe maps made of beys created by user suggestions, or a tournament of some type?

    If you don’t use this idea, I might… in about 10 years when I get enough money to buy all of this stuff. x_X

  11. If hasbro watched this they probably would have created an official version of this

  12. At the end, why did Achilles lost very easily?

  13. Animal crossing beyblade edition

  14. But In bablade rise if you lost you wold not get 2nd chance

  15. I cant belive BREANDAN won🤣🤣🤣

  16. Just Got new bays and there SICK dude I'm so happy 😁

  17. Even after 2 years or 3 years its still amazing and I still like it so good

  18. The burst longinus with rock witch is the same as drum did in the anime

  19. Best combo: lord diablos hybrid imagine you had to battle that☠️☠️☠️

  20. Whatcha BBGs think of our rendition of the Battle Island tournament?! This was pretty fun to make, but maybe we'll make it even harder next time? We were pretty nervous that we'd go on a losing streak and get sent all the way back to the starting line 😂 Hope Sparking and future Beyblade anime incorporate more fun tourneys like this. Let us know if you try out a similar challenge like this and tell us how it went!

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