Bharata 600 BC - How to Play | Bharata 600 BC Indian Board Game // Chai & Games -

Bharata 600 BC – How to Play | Bharata 600 BC Indian Board Game // Chai & Games

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In this video we teach you how to play Bharata 600 BC basic and advanced version. Bharata 600 BC is an epic strategy board game set in the ancient Indian subcontinent. Historically accurate, it offers an immersive experience into the era of the 16 Mahajanapadas (Great Kingdoms). Players assume the role of various Mahajanapada rulers. They get to lead their armies, manage their resources, and expand their kingdoms. At the same time, they have to protect their territories from rivals and natural disasters.

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About Bharata 600 BC // 00:00
Components Bharata 600 BC // 00:37
Setup Bharata 600 BC // 01:11
How to play Bharata 600 BC // 03:19
Phase 1 – Resource Management – Collect Resources // 03:31
Phase 1 – Resource Management – Exchange Resources // 04:00
Phase 1 – Resource Management – Trade // 04:48
Phase 1 – Resource Management – Buy Army Cards //05:16
Phase 2 – Actions – Move // 05:53
Phase 2 – Actions – Conquer // 06:42
Phase 2 – Actions – Battle // 08:28
Battle Winner // 09:54
Battle Loser // 10:50
Gaining Victory Points // 11:54
End Game & Scoring // 13:18
Playing in Teams // 14:00
About Advanced Game // 14:24
Advanced Game Components // 14:38
Advanced Game Setup // 14:46
Phase 3 – Events // 15:28
Advanced Game – Phase 2 – Additional Actions // 16:25
Phase 2 – Actions – Remove Events // 16:44
Phase 2 – Actions – Use Ability // 17:00
Phase 2 – Actions – Reveal Hidden Token // 17:26
End of Game // 17:59

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  1. Can we use 2 vp condition cards at a time
    Eg: previously I have already conquered 4 provinces in that I have 3 harbours.
    In the next round in phase 2 I have conquered 1 harbour and 1 proviences.
    So in this case I have completed 6 proviences and i get 1 vp condition and 4 harbours for 1 vp condition.
    So the question is can I get 2 vp conditions cards at a time in same round and can I use 2 vp condition cards in same round

  2. In phase 2 we have 6 actions I mean
    3 for basic( move, conquere, battle) and 3 for advance( remove event token, use ability card, reveal hidden token)
    So Before playing 3 basic actions, can I move to advance actions?
    if i move to advance can i come back to basic actions?

  3. TG_DEVIL_MASTERS par like susbcribe share plz plz plz

  4. If i have a conqueror card and i buy 6 armies with 12 coins, do i get 1 extra army or 2 extra armies??

  5. If all army cards ends from army pile, will the discarded army cards come back to army pile or we have to play with remaining army with us??

  6. If all cards in resource deck are finished but the game is still being played among 3 remaining players, do we bring back the resource cards from discarded pile or have to manage with whatever resources remain at that point of time with each player. Similarly what needs to be done if Army cards are finished.

  7. Ajeet arrives in a region with a hidden token and reveales it. HT is either used or removed in case of events, and then is moved back to the hidden token box. Ajeet conquers the region too.

    Now Anita, attacks that region and conquers it. What do you suggest we do with the hidden token option of that region – Do we add a new hidden token and let Anita reveal it or the region will not have the option of hidden token again ever in the game?

  8. If my home city is attacked, as rule says i can defend with my all army cards but what about the army pawns, do they remain at their current position or they have to comeback to homecity??
    Also if they remain at their current location, and i lose battle and my army cards are empty in any one slot on tracker, what happens to my army pawn, will it be removed from map or remain at its current location??

  9. There is one correction to this video. You first select character cards, and then the player tracker board. Changing the order completely changes the experience. As per guide, the cards are to be selected first.

  10. I loved the game and explanation. But the editing part i didn't like the blurring transition which felt awkward to my eyes

  11. Can my army pass through a region where an event (example tsunami) is present and move on to next region without removing the event. In that case, i will have 2 actions of move and avoid an event completely?

  12. Hi, I have a doubt.can someone please guide me.
    If player looses its home, and it is being attacked in a region where he has army pawn, can he choose not to play with army? If yes and he looses, where in the board his army pawn has to step back?

  13. Wow looks amazing. A lot of the game mechanics are similar to PC games like Civilization or Total war.

  14. Nice! Very clear explanation.

    It'll be our first session of Bharat 600BC this weekend. Shasn next. 🙂

  15. The Influencer Character card says that "In battle, only if attacked, you may speed march (jump) your OTHER ARMY to the battle region" does this mean that if I am holding a region without an army on it currently and that region is being attacked, I can move any of my army for defence of my fort or not ?

  16. What are the ways to earn army cards without coins? Plz tell

  17. such an interesting, beautifully crafted game, eventhough slightly complicated

  18. How does this compare in difficulty against Risk or Catan? Planning to gift this to my neighbour kids who love playing Risk and Catan.

  19. Hi
    Can you please make a video of your top 10 board games. Tq you

  20. If I conquer a province controlled by my opponent… Do I need to pay coins to capture that province after the battle ? Or that province automatically belongs to me after defeat my opponent in the battle?

  21. Is teaming up as allies in between/or at start of the game allowed?

  22. Hey hi. I felt very nice seeing your board game library. Is their any list of those game available sorted just like in your background??

  23. How do I conquer a region where another player has an army but no one controls, I.e there is no fort in the region? Can’t I just pay coin or discard army and conquer it without doing a battle? In that case, what Happens to the other player’s army?

  24. I have question as below:

    If attackers is attacking defenders home region with points 22 ( by selecting his all cards) and defender has both army on his home region with points 25 total [21(cards point) + 4(home region point)].
    In this case definitely defender wins with total with 25 points but while discarding cards attacker will discard all his 22 points but defender has only 21 in his hand and 4 was his home region added points. What defender is suppose to do? Is he suppose to put down whole 21 points then still he is 1 point less compared to attacker.
    Could somebody explain here?

  25. Amazing game where is this available and what is the price can we buy this from local stores

  26. Will light blue harbours come into play only if the daredevil card is chosen? Otherwise it will just be a normal province or mahajanapadha right?

  27. Insurace game kaise khelte ha plzz bataye

  28. from where to buy this game ? i am from ahmedabad

  29. Please make a video on heavy strategy board games

  30. The trade tokens seems to be made of card board why the shit I would pay 4200 for this crap?

  31. Can you recommend a link to buy sleeves for these cards?

  32. Keep up the good work man! Appreciate it

  33. Can I lose a battle intentionally so that I can move my army pawn back to my home city

  34. How many trade objects can we take when we conquer a region ? Is it the VP point number shown or only one trade object?

  35. Do you lose the game if both the armies are off the board but you still.have your capital city fort? Or are you still in the game?

  36. Looks like board version of crusader king III

  37. If I use 2 move actions and then end up into an opponent territory (is this even allowed), how will battle happen in this scenario? Do I mandatorily have to buy a 3rd action? Or will battle happen as my first action in my next turn? But say if the opponent whom I have ended up in the territory has their chance right after mine, do they have to battle compulsorily as their first action or can they use a move action and bring their army?

  38. Hello Sir… main aap ka har game ki explaination follow karta hoon, aur main ek game lover hoon…
    Kindly, aap mujhe ek game explain kar sakte hain hindi mein? Catan Merchant of Europe…

  39. Hello Sir… main aap ka har game ki explaination follow karta hoon, aur main ek game lover hoon…
    Kindly, aap mujhe ek game explain kar sakte hain hindi mein? Catan Merchant of Europe…

    Thank you…

  40. This looks amazing and it is amazing 😮. I got to know about this on a Pinterest post. This is really nice game to teach a child special cognitive thinking skills. The price at this game come in market can be reduced 😅, 4.4k is somewhat overpriced for Indian middle class economy 😢. Price tag makes this game for upper/upper middle class only, Schools can buy and teach History to children but Educational scenario out there is so pathetic (they will just stick to the NCERT and Rattafication 😅).

    Will buy for sure.

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