Big Secrets, Big Sequels, and Big Reveals! | Board Game News -

Big Secrets, Big Sequels, and Big Reveals! | Board Game News

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This episode: all the latest board game news for February 2023.

Forsaken Isles and Doomed Run
Kickstarter! ➡️
The final standalone expansion to the Set a Watch trilogy adds a new campaign run mode and more to the 1-4 player cooperative game!

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00:00 Intro
00:13 Expeditions (Another one)
01:39 Forsaken Isles and Doomed Run (sponsor)
02:47 Crunch Time
03:54 Istanbul: Choose & Write
04:47 Fractured Sky
05:55 Forbidden Jungle
06:52 Acquire
07:47 The Battle Of Versailles
08:36 Dead Cells
09:38 Neodreams


  1. They need to make a Cricket Highlights game, a five day test match could rival Twilight Imperium for game length.

  2. I had never heard of the Battle of Versailles. I would love love love to find this game! This looks GREAT!!!!

  3. In the context of Deaf Cells, what does Rogue-lite mean?

  4. I don't see any reason to not make another Acquire with good components. They already did this game many many times, and some of them have premium looks, while others have a lower price point in mind (at least, that's the only reason I could think for producing it with no premium quality feel).

  5. Glad to see the artwork for Istanbul Choose & Write includes a woman (at least the cover). Female representation was totally omitted from the original, which is wrong on so many levels. Istanbul is one of my favorite games otherwise and I look forward to learning more about this incarnation.

  6. Really looking forward to Expeditions! I never expect lightning to strike twice since normally when there’s a follow up to something I love I usually end up being the only one on the internet that likes it (seriously, I thought the Hobbit movies were fun and loved Rings of Power)… but I just love the idea of a new game in the Scythe universe that lets me focus more solely on exploration.

    Of course it seems the dialogue kinda soured on Scythe before I got into games too since I basically couldn’t talk about it on Reddit without being told I had bad taste, but I don’t go to Reddit or BGG anymore so I’ll just enjoy looking forward to Expeditions in my innocence!

  7. Ha! At the end when you said if we wanted to see "EVIL artificial intelligence take complete control" I thought you were going to make a joke about either Paula or Rodney since they were on the thumbnail link to the video. Was only slightly disappointed…

    Love the idea of a new run for Acquire. I have my original 1976 Avalon Hill edition. Yeah, I'm old. But will definitely be interested in picking up a new deluxified version if that's what Renegade is doing. Great video as always. Really appreciate the content and the humor.

  8. Great video! Love the news 🗞️ 📰

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