Blacklist Games Takedown, Indie dev in need, brand new game games and more! -

Blacklist Games Takedown, Indie dev in need, brand new game games and more!

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Next up Grimlord Games? The epic saga of failing companies continues.

But not all is bad! There’s some super cool and fun games on offer too (from other companies) 🙂

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QML has responded!

🔥Live campaigns in today’s video🔥
Dodos Riding Dinos:
Moonrakers: Titans:
Return to Dark Tower:
Euthia Resurrected:
Dead Man’s Chess:
The Ancestors Nkosi:
Draconis Invasion:

💥Other campaigns on KS currently💥
Nexus: Arena Combat System:
Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters:
Snap Ships:
Hellguard: Curse of Caina:
Harbingers of the Apocalypse:
Gunshin: Three Kingdoms:
Monster Hunter International:
Idols of Torment:
Bedeville Carnival:

⏰Campaigns coming up⏰
The Last Mechs:
Eye of Zamrock:
Dungeons of Doria:
The Fog:
Daimyo: Battle for Japan:
Burncycle: New Recruits:
Oathsworn 2nd Print:
Foundations of Rome expansion:
Sea of Legends Vengeance of the Empires:
Miniatures of Gloomhaven:
Horror Game Show:
Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin:
Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era:
Kingoms of Akandia:
Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum:
Andromeda’s Edge:
Thorgal: The Board game:

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Twisted Fabels PM:
Resident Evil PM:
Anastyr PM:
Kingdoms Forlorn PM:
Earth Under Siege PM:
Middara PM:
Age of Rome PM:
Flamecraft retail:
Company of Heroes Unboxing:
CMON’s FB page:
Zombicide: The Boys preorder:
Zombicide RPG:
Zombicide: Gear Up:
A Goofy Movie Game:
Spectre The Board Game:

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0:00 Intro
2:34 A Goofy Movie Game
3:26 Spectre: The Board Game
4:31 Dodos Riding Dinos
5:27 Moonrakers: Titan
7:04 Return to Dark Tower
8:33 Some opinions on Backerkit/Gamefound
9:10 Euthia Resurrected
11:15 The Ancestors – Nkosi
12:26 Draconis Invasion
13:17 Dead Man’s Chess
15:04 Monolith backers are safe
17:50 Grimlord Games censorship
19:15 Blacklist Games asking for more money
28:33 Here’s the issue
31:26 GoFundMe Takedown


  1. Add my vote to a "talk about Funforge" video. They came out as being meaningfully insolvent and have no ETA for Monumental African Empires and their other projects. They're in the same boat as Blacklist, trying to raise money.

  2. So a company will get blacklisted xD? Pun intended. Bullet dodged I guess.

  3. Thanks for the lovely shoutout 🥰 And good video as always!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment and love on our Kickstarter! I'm in all your videos here, I love your content! – Enzo BFG team. 🖤

  5. Back in November backers were asking BLG if funds were needed and were told no. I and many backers would be willing to pay additional shipping fees to get our minis, but only to QML. QML put out a press release earlier today stating that they are trying ro work on a solution so hopefully something moves on this in the next few weeks but Blacklist Games is effectively dead at this point.

  6. I’m reminded of the ugly feeling back in high school when some jerk broke into my truck and stole my stereo. FS1…and now Anastyr…I’m now twice-bitten in this KS gig – that’s enough – retail only.

  7. Been expecting a request from glg for more money. If they are going to ask I wish they would already. They did say months ago delivery in june/july. But July is almost over.

    I still fully believe that 360k includes retail for altar quest. Just seems like way too much otherwise.
    Which probably is the money they were hoping to use to catch up. Guess we will find out more when QML posts.

  8. @TheKingofAverage Am not seeing the link to the update regarding shipping prices mentioned in the last segment.

  9. I think you showed Blacklist's "CEO"'s Linkedin page and conveyed that it looked scammy, and since then I made sure not to look at any of that company's content. Thank you KoA.

  10. LIke a dumbass I got burned by Black Hallows/BH2 and then turned around and did the same thing with BLG 1/2. I have vowed no more backing a second ks from a company i don't have the first one delivered. I wish I had learned that lesson one burn ago.

  11. Will we ever get Contra and Mega Man?! Is Blacklist holding these games back as well?

  12. The problem with BLG is the preceding comments for the months leading up to this. Misinformation and contradictory information at the very least. How not to look after your customers. Then the audacity to ask for more money!

  13. Biggest sign that Blacklist Games was going downhill was when it was announced that the Sadler brothers were leaving the company.

    I might be selling my current Street Masters Aftershock pledge at this point.

  14. Return to Dark tower is amazing and I have been playing it at the local board game café and I am buying a 2nd copy as a spare as well as the expansion.

    As for Blacklist I got my fantasy minis 1 last September and it was the only reason why I backed fantasy 2

    I am now expecting this to not be coming and at least I got something but feel bad for everybody who is possibly going to get nothing.

    I would not be surprised if they fold around GenCon time.

  15. I have no idea how honest the situation as presented is, and I'm not naive enough to assume that it is accurate, but my God, if they had just asked back in the winter for enough money to fully cover the shipping with QML people would have paid it. They wouldn't have needed any extraordinary pitch, shipping prices went crazy, they're out of money, please help. But they lied, and lied, and lied and now want more money (if only they can find a middleman who will help them collect it, lol). It's just such an aggressive self-own by this Alex guy.

  16. Blacklist did say at one point they didn't want to ask people for money. Not sure how they would get the money. But I agree they should have just asked for money asap and early to avoid the debt growing and etc. They also said they keep project budgets independent,. So we will see if dire alliance or fantasy 2 will go through as a separate item.

  17. I have only a $15 Altar Quest add on pack pledged in the Blacklist debacle. No chance I contribute

  18. And this is why my last 3 KS campaigns were pnp games…

    It will take an extremely good game from well known developers from a well established company to drag me again to crowdfunding. At the moment I will only buy retail. Such a shame, because in the past I got some really good games from new developers.

  19. Heads up that Moonrakers has an unofficial all in that's about $500. They may be doing an official all in

  20. Moonrakers Platinum Edition is just the retail version but sounds cooler lol

  21. with Euthia the "free" stuff is basically paid for through the new expansion cost lol

  22. This Blacklist project soured my mouth with KS if I'm being honest… This was the first project I ever backed in 2020 and than proceeded to back about 20 more projects over the course of the next 2 years. Haven't received anything yet from any other project, but I'm keeping faith. But KS kind of failed me too, reached out so many times and nothing either, reached out to Game found as well about this project…and nothing. Just soured me…

  23. QML may go directly to backers to get the money. We shall see. At some point, the material will become theirs to sell, liquidate, or destroy. Hopefully they sell it to the people that paid for it. QML is also sitting on all of the US copies of The Everrain. Can't post the QML link.or Google deletes my post.

  24. so unfortunate still hope fantasy series 2 can make it to my house but I doubt it

  25. I made a mistake of pre-ordering 2 games from Blacklist. They had a recent controversy about those games when Barnes & Noble in the US suddenly started selling those games before those who pre-ordered started getting them. B&N still seems to sell them online and Blacklist’s last update about the games was in April. This definitely put Blacklist on my avoid list, this isn’t even a crowdfunding campaign from them.

  26. Hey,
    Was wondering if you backed Trudvang Legends?
    The core box arrived on my doorstep today. I’m sure some other lucky Aussies like myself also got their copy today.
    Seems weird being amongst the first in the world to finally have this after a long 3 year wait.
    Haven’t had a chance to look at it yet as I’m at work but was tossing up whether I do an unboxing or not. Someone else might beat me to it by the time I get around to it but yeah…. Never done an unboxing as there’s usually already plenty out there already.
    For obvious reasons there isn’t any of this game as Of typing this.

  27. It's not a hobby for them, it is work, so, money-profit is everything. Not how nice, good the quality of mini, boards, cards, fonts, dice, packaging…that is you. They are money-profit…and sometimes…your "interest". That is just IMO. Nobody needs to agree with my thoughts.

  28. The Blacklist fiasco is an indictment of Alex Lim, the Sadler brothers, Kickstarter and US consumer protection laws.

    I’m done with Kickstarter. BLG has violated their apparent “standards” and its own promises of a refund for Lasting Tales, and there’s nothing we can do because Kickstarter’s protections for the backer are nonexistent.

    Kickstarter is the platform that enables this exploitative behavior, and they won’t be getting my business any more.

  29. I think Kickstarter board games may be dead for good. Ever since the beginning of this year, there hasn't been that many projects and some raised a low number due to cost of living pressures. Covid hit in 2020, and 2021 brought us the games that were still in development from the past 2 years.

  30. Thanks for the update. To answer your question, I think every company on kickstarter is one failure away, its just how big that failure is, this is because trust takes ages to build but is lost in an instant, and games are just luxury products at the end of the day….

  31. I'm sad that they got the street fighter 5 license, it's my favorite video game but I don't want anything from blaklist games.

  32. The fact that Euthia costs that much, but the dice just look like they are stickers, makes me instant pass.

  33. The fact that Blacklist crumbled for just one campaign selling confirms something we already suspected. A lot of these companies doing multiple campaigns at the same time are funneling funds from the newest ones to pay older ones. Luckily the only rule I manage to keep in my KS policies is the one of never backing a project of a company if it has not delivered the previous one.
    It's very interesting too to see the numbers shown by Monolith, they confirm the great scam that's happening with companies asking for more money to ship because of the "containers crisis" when freighting is been getting cheaper for a whole year now.

  34. Gamefound their biggest issues, at least for me, at the moment is them not having an app, comment replies don't even notify you and I didn't find the website UI all that great for browsing new campaigns.

  35. If PG wasn't waiting for asking for shipping money until they had proof of finished product people would be calling them scammers and crooks for selling air.

  36. lol if your not planning on making money now… what hope do you have in the future? Are people that daft not too see where the world + economy is going?

  37. I pre-ordered Contra back in 2020 based on the IP and that the Sadler's were involved. I didn't even know they were behind on projects because Contra was presented as a pre-order.

    Hell, the way it was presented, I thought the Sadler's WERE BLG. It wasn't until they left that they were being presented as employees.

  38. Can’t wait for everdell ! They keep spinning a plate !!! Crap updates

  39. Seems like Blacklist was banking on FS1 minis bringing in more Altar Quest sales so even if FS1 minis had slim to no margin, selling Altar Quest would be like printing money. Clearly that didn’t pan out and instead of adjusting their business model they started pumping out more campaigns and lies. Sad how this played out as I don’t see Blacklist delivering anything more, for FS1 or their other campaigns.

  40. Once the Sadler brothers quit you knew it was over. Unfortunately for me I still have several of their projects not delivered.

  41. Note for Blacklist games, they show an order count of 20,000 and only 14,000 backers; so this is clearly them buying extra stock they planned to sell later.

  42. Grimlord Games are totally radio silent on the Village Attacks Grim Dynasty kickstarter too, April 1st (no joke) since their last update over there. Everybody understands the state of things today, prices have gone up, people have been pushed back in the queue due to factory shut downs etc. But to not communicate with their backers is just downright disrespectful.

  43. I want someone to dig into Nova Atas Renaissance from LMS. That campaign is a total shit show.

  44. My only desire would be to known more about companies and board members DURING the campaign and have some sort of “due diligence” driven by the platform that host the campaign enhancing the overall transparency. Those platforms should evolve into something different and be an active part of a far better ecosystem for nurturing “projects” and “companies”.
    At the end of the day, I think I would be happy to see something more similar to Crunchbase on this crowdfunding platforms. I think we backers deserve it more than ever and I’m just tired to know a bit of the story from many unstructured different sources (BGG comments, FB comments, KS comments, YT comments…).
    Crowdfunding platforms are showing their actual limits and I feel framed not only by BLG but also by the platform itself, which is very silent in situations like that.
    Thanks KoA for your very informative video, as always.

  45. Thanks for another great video! 😊🙏 In the second life you become an investigative journalist, right? 🤓😉 In the next video please comment on PG, after Sandy's video yesterday.. 😅

  46. I backed FS1 when it first came out. The December 2020 ship estimate was never realistic but I gave money anyways because BLG seemed like a competent company at the time. I was expecting more like a Spring 2021 arrival but that came and went too. A big red flag was during Summer 2021 with their monthly shipping updates constantly being wrong. How does the company not know what is going on with their own product? Then the lies about containers shipping as they arrive to US turned into 6/10 containers and then finally all 10 arrived and still nothing. It took them 2 months to admit they ran out of money, 3 months to secure an investor. And then 2 months later we find out the investment was used for an older project and they owe several hundred thousand to QML shipping company, how the hell does that even happen?

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