Blend In To Win (Board AF: Chameleon) -

Blend In To Win (Board AF: Chameleon)

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Who can blend in the most?

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  1. Let’s take a brief moment to appreciate Smash’s acknowledgment to drag legend Raja Gemini

  2. i want Spencer to explain the Garret one. i knew immediately the “WTF Richard?!” vine. who the frick is garret

  3. I know it’s petty but it really annoys me when people only think about WWE in relation to wrestling, like it’s not real wrestling. Also I would have said Pennsylvania as my word for wrestling. Those who know will understand

  4. Me knowing exactly what court meant in the Alice and Wonderland 👏🏼

  5. Oh for printing if you do a high level word you say China instead of Germany as printing was invented in China as far as we know but the printing press was in Germany.

  6. Why are you using people's names from the office? We don't know that Garett plays Frisbee. We don't work in the office with him

  7. I thought Richard was referring to Dick's Sporting Goods.

  8. 27:28 Courtney got the voice scarily accurate, it kinda sounds demonic hearing her along with the vine

  9. The hare and the tortoise was 100% a fairy tale originally. Also for hobbies when he said outdoors there was only 2 hobbies that could not be done out doors Trains and Model Making (maybe model making can be outdoors? Idk.)

  10. The first printing press being from China at least 200 years before Europe “invented” it is a wild fun fact

  11. Me and Shayne sharing one brain cell with that UFO pick got me shooked XD

  12. What is the link between "group" and "Wile E. Coyote"?

  13. I thought Damien’s “Texas” answer for wresting was referencing Steve Austin being called the Texas Rattlesnake

  14. I’m judging so hard for not watching Alice in Wonderland

  15. You're good Shayne. I play it that way too. And that's why I got Damien as the chameleon immediately haha

  16. hydra the revenge is a roller coaster at dorney park so i thought that was what courtney was talking about hahaha

  17. Whoever edited this needs a raise I’m laughing my a$$ off🤣🤣🫶🏼

  18. I love shayne's shirt. I have the same one in yellow.

  19. 6'4 height joke annoyed me cuz 6'4 is actually rare as fuck and its like 99.9% rare for women so a woman telling a guy gotta be 6'4 should shut up

  20. …. being from St. Louis, MO…. it's called the Gateway Arch 😢❤

  21. My immediate thought on Frisbee was also RICHARD, but the thing is… THAT'S MY LOCAL PARK. Bicentennial Park in Crowley, Texas. I spent a lot of time there in high school on the swings watching people play frisbee golf.

  22. Shayne Robin was so good, that I thought it was two-fold with Robin Williams and robin' like a theif

  23. Whoever edited this episode killed it. i could not stop laughing

  24. Thanks to the editor who edit this video. So funny! XD

  25. 8:05 I thought Shayne said Robin cause Aladdin was robbing people and because Robin Hood also robbed people lol

  26. Have none of you learned??? You can’t deceive Shayne! He knows everyone so well. Hilarious

  27. I would love to see Angela playing this game

  28. Not me just yelling "WHAT THE FUCK RICHARD" at my screen over and over during the frisbee bit

  29. I was watching this video until I got an ad for pizza 😂😂

  30. Can confirm as a New Yorker that the water makes the bagels and pizza taste sooooo much better.

  31. k but the robin word is twofold… robin for robin williams but aladdin is a robber initially…

  32. I'm confused about how the coordinates work. The card shows letters and numbers, but they say two numbers 🤔

  33. For Toys when it was Frisbee, I thought someone was gonna say "Golf" and connect it to disc golf, which is wrongfully called frisbee golf, which made me think that Damien and Spencer thought in those directions with Richard and Garrett for Richard "Ricky" Wysocki and Garrett Gurthie!

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