bnha/mha - texts | Tabletop Games - TheOdd1sOut skit -

bnha/mha – texts | Tabletop Games – TheOdd1sOut skit

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So I wanted to find a way to make our bond closer, and what better way would that be without music?!

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  1. My British grandmother has the snakes and ladders one, AND THE chutes and ladders version, and she uses the chutes and ladders, but whenever I’m over, we use snakes and ladders 😬

    Funniest video I've seen all day

  3. Can u do Daddy says im good for nothing bakudeku?

  4. Chest is not hard its ez I cen beat normal and ez ai but not hard😓😓😓

  5. Heyo say jellybean if you want a jellybean and just tell me the color and I will give you it

  6. Mina: why are you whining blasty
    Me: sis do you want a early grave- he will give you one-

  7. You know shit's about to go down when Deku calls Bakugo Katsuki instead of Kacchan-

  8. Snakes and ladders were the first board game I owned when I was 6!!

  9. Omg this was so funny😂you should try "can you survive a kidnapping?" Skit (idk if you already have)

  10. They have a point I me a. I got a lot of Pokemon card and Yugioh cards and have zero knowledge how to play

  11. I love how the voice over from the odd ones out It's just plain and it's perfect text to speech and I love it it's perfect and I just love how everyone has their own name it's perfect and I especially like how ita are so called speedy speedy is like this the is like the narrator🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  12. Lmfao I can actually see this happening naturally

  13. I really like your videos, they're aftually really good unlike most MHA textings videos. Nice job dude!

  14. We need an episode of deku momo Iida and todoroki playing poker

  15. could someone tell me what app this is? ive been trying to find it for so long but i forgot the name of it 🙁

  16. I know how to play the Pokémon card game

  17. Can you make a part two to this video where they show how the game night goes I think that would be an interesting story

  18. Mina: Oh right, you have daddy issues, right?

    Iida: ASHIDO! That is very rude and insensitive!

    Me: What? She's just stating facts man.

  19. Deku: Beating someone in chess will put you more ahead academically than anyone with a Havard degree, AND you'll get more babes.

    Jiro: Oh no…

    Me: Oh yes 😏

  20. Can you do “when you pour the milk first” skit, based on bakugou, deku and Todoroki(todoroki will be the one to come in last, bakugou is where he walks in first and deku is the one making the cereal)

  21. I played monopoly with my best friend/ex girlfriend and she wanted me to tell her when i landed on her property like WTF grace if ur seeing this THATS NOT HOW YOU PLAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  22. I fuxking cackled when he brought up the power 9 cards

  23. The way the Text To Speech Pronounced Wasted:”✨WaS sTed✨”

  24. If you use and app for the texting whats it called?

  25. Can we all take a moment to think about Siu who said she wouldn't be opposed to dying

  26. I WAS SWALLOWING WATER WHEN IT SAID "family game night"! It's 2:19 am and I almost DIED! 😭🤣

  27. Omg me and my mom love neopets!!But I don't recall neopet cards- I do know about the mcdonalds melody toys!!They were so cute,I got three.Eh heh..I gave one to my cat and it just disappeared. I still have the other two though!

  28. Suggestion can you odd1sout conspiracy theories video and Mina ashabo (if I missed the name sorry) I don’t know that video suits her personality

  29. I wanna see what happened to Kaminari and Todoroki.

  30. Deku I never knew anyone who knows how to play Pokemon. Me Hey deku I can teach you how to play sometime

  31. When he brought up the Pokemon thing I just laughed because I used to collect the cards and play the game. My cousins and I were the only people that any of us knew that could play the game. I started collecting the cards about 2 years after I started playing the game. I don't have any cards anymore but my brother has a ton. And I only just started watching the shows and movies like a week ago.

  32. Me and todo would be bestie we both have baddy issues 😎😎😎

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