bnha/mha - texts | Tabletop Games - TheOdd1sOut skit -

bnha/mha – texts | Tabletop Games – TheOdd1sOut skit

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  1. This brought back memorys i still have a yugioh deck and if anyone wanna play. I love to i have not played in years ;-;

  2. My ears when Deku screamed: W-WAIT!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😂🤣

  3. One card game I would love to have come back is Chaotic. I had one friend in middle school who played it but I've long since lost touch with him.

    It was a fun card game from what I remember

  4. alright take me to the ring i will chess box you


  5. 14:38 was that an unintentional pun or completely intentional?

  6. please do a game night. also so glad to see a new video. Hope you are doing well.

  7. When it comes to chess I pick a unit choose where I want them to go and hope everything goes well

  8. omfg why was that so entertaining like i watched the original video the skit is from and i cannot help but find this thousands of times better just for the pure hilarity was the others responding and just izuku blackmailing katsuki perfection 🤌

  9. Can you do more of these if possible? it was really good.

  10. i now want to watch todrki family play sorry yes i have no life

  11. This makes me miss the old days when yugioh used to be fun q.q

  12. the whole monopoly thing i think my dad has beaten me once

  13. its funny that endevour and allmight should be ones to write/tell about it because even aizawa was born in 2004

  14. I'm the one in sorry who will knock you back to the start and say 'not sorry'

  15. An exact 100 comments? Don't mind if I truly ruin someone's satisfaction!

    Also BlackJack? Come on!! Why wasn't I allowed to participate in such games? I'm a master of counting!

  16. Oh please do more TheOdd1sout! or like videos that are kind of like that but by other animated YouTubers because this was so entertaining and I love the way you did it and having the whole script just go along with the text it was perfect

  17. I really love to see The odd1sout content in this form

  18. I have a suggestion, you could do a mlb and mha cross over or you could do a bakuocha sibling au (dekubaku bakubottom)

  19. After the chat ended what the hell is this he just rolled a six got parts place then roll the two and got boardwalk and put play houses on them what is this

  20. Part 5 of genderbend series please.

  21. This is accurate description of how my house hold almost went into all out war over monopoly on New Years eve

  22. 2nd time asking let's see if it gets noticed do fire and ice by rustage for todoroki tell endeavor off

  23. I love the idea of an autistic deku that when topics of things he likes are brought up he goes into rambling like this, as an autistic lad I really liked this video hope you do more odd1sout skits

  24. Can You do
    Where Hinata plays SAO ( Sword art online)
    Hinata meets Kirito and Asuna
    Hinata asks the team to help beat
    A boss
    Hinata is A Swordsman like kirito

  25. "Because we're not idiots"
    "Don't know, he's acting like you…"
    I swear, every single time, Jiro has something to say that just makes me laugh so hard-

    Also I actually play Pokémon TCG, it's pretty good. Basically you have the active Pokémon card and the bench, you put energy cards on your Pokémon cards so that your active Pokémon can attack. There's a bunch of other stuff like item and stadium cards, but that's too complicated to explain.

  26. Do a part 2 but it the class game night or the chess boxing match


  28. 12:56 That’s me ngl I wish I had a Pokémon theme card deck to play the game with. I also have some top tier cards.

  29. I like how its like i
    deku is just talking sdout games and tjere all just listening

  30. I literally lived for Pokemon cards
    I would literally get like 3 packs of Pokemon cards any time we went to toys r us
    But now i cant get Pokemon card because toys r us closed down
    So now its basically hard to find real Pokemon cards
    And no one plays the game anymore
    Which makes me so mad
    They are also about like 2 dollars each now when they used to be like 50 cents or 1 dollar

  31. This is why we can't have a board game night. Video games are fine though.

  32. I have an entire binder and now how to play

  33. "oh the online monopoly one"
    Me watching this as a 15 year old born in 2006: "GOD I FEEL OLD!"

  34. am I the only one who is screaming, "Just fuck already!" at Bakugo and Tsuyu?

  35. Like can we get a class-1A game night, please? 🤩. By the way, this was amazing keep up the awesome work

  36. is the end supposed to be a hint for a new video 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  37. I'm WHEEZING


  38. Thank you for this I love the yugioh involvement

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