bnha/mha - texts | Tabletop Games - TheOdd1sOut skit -

bnha/mha – texts | Tabletop Games – TheOdd1sOut skit

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  1. Honestly I don't even look at ur Visio title's anymore…I just click straight away😅
    Love it vids!!💖 Thank you!

  2. You should do more animation youtubers, like somethingelseyt, TheAMaazing, Alex clark, or Timtom

  3. Your videos never cease to make me laugh 💀❤️

  4. When deku said "Aha! Take this!" The ad i hate the most just appeared

  5. Next video: mha plays uno and bakugo tries to kill deku for giving him a draw 4

  6. As a 3rd gen Yu-Gi-Oh duelist (started in 5DS but I still watched MRD and GX) I can confirm Iida and Deku was referring to Exodia the forbidden one it's an automatic win effect get all 5 pieces in your hand and you win

    It's one of several in the game others include:
    Final countdown
    Destiny board
    Number 88 gimmick puppet of Leo
    The Creator the god of light
    Victory dragon

    Exodia though is the pinnacle of scumbagary as many people don't use it the way you should
    Whilst you can only have 1 complete set of exodia in a single deck many choose to build decks specifically designed simply to draw all 5 cards needed to win

    Exodia should be a last resort only anyone who uses it otherwise is a scumbag and too afraid to duel properly I have exodia in a deck I call blast chain which when completed its main combo can deal my opponent 4400 points of damage without ever attacking and all I need to do to trigger the chain of damage is draw a card at the start of my turn

    Whilst this deck has a number of draw based spell cards in it often leading to me being asked if it's an Exodia deck 99% of the time I don't get more then 2 pieces of exodia by the end of the duel even if I use multiple draw cards

    The one time I ever assembled exodia wasn't even intentionally as I got
    1 piece in my hand at the start of the duel
    Got a second when playing pot of greed (draw 2 cards)
    And then somehow my next 3 draws was the last 3 pieces 😂

  7. How about doing one from the team fortress 2 videos

  8. I Love it✨✨✨✨!
    Because it's very Funny 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣
    Thank you for Uploading it 😁💗✨

  9. It's true that if you randomly ask someone if they know how to play the Pokémon tcg, they'll say no.
    Which makes me sad because I do know how to play and would gladly teach to interested people but the process to be able to play online is annoying.

  10. Dang that was fun!

    I hope you'll get to do a Steven He one next…

    I wanna hear one of the students (or teachers) say… EMOTIONAL DAMAGE.

  11. part 2 they die from the game
    izuku wins the match 🙂

  12. I'm used to collecting Pokémon cards and one of them turned out to be a dark vaporeon like what a rare card even a dark flareon two rare cards 💀

  13. Plsss do more Odd1sout plssssssss😣😣😣😣😣🥺🥺🥺

  14. Nice vid as always! If you don’t mind, I’d just like to make one suggestion for a video. Maybe, you could do a video where Koda plays Casual Geographic (Hood Nature). As for which video, the first one that comes to mind for me is the Nasty Animal Beefs one, but really I’d like to see you do any of them.

  15. Bakugou would be so damn good at chess boxing.

  16. Is it weird that I went into silence with everyone else when Izuku pulled out that 'Katsuki' outta no where? Like… where was that top energy when we needed it?! Lmao

  17. This is funny! Kids and I are watching on the TV right now.😁

  18. i was wondering what app this is- 😅 like the texting app

  19. Your videos never fail to put a smile on my face <3

  20. This was awesome definitely 1000/10 it was hilarious and I really enjoyed how you included the Odd1sout text into the video!! ╰(★∇★)╯

  21. Love it 😀. Happy to be being here with smily face

  22. Tsu is a literal mood through-put all of this

  23. Do you take requests?

    If so can you make a lyric prank Comedy or How the world works by Bo Burnham

  24. I really want to see a blackjack night between Iida, Momo, Todoroki and Midoryia now

  25. I had trouble holding in my laugh bc it's so dang funny and it's 12 am

  26. Shoji: I don't think there would be snakes big enough to actually slide down
    Anacondas literally the largest snake ever: Am I even here?

  27. I kinda wanna write a fic about their Blackjack night, but how would that work in writing?

  28. What was deku was about to say about Bakugo about Magic

  29. Midoriya pretending he don’t how to play any game but i bet he is one of the toughes player to beat 🤣

  30. How about a deadpool text ? With deku as deadpool

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