Board Game Arena Gameplay | Ark Nova, Challengers!, 7WD -

Board Game Arena Gameplay | Ark Nova, Challengers!, 7WD

No Wonders
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Sunday 11:59pm GMT+11 / Sunday 2pm GMT+1 / Sunday 7am PT

This week we played Ark Nova, It’s a Wonderful World, 7 Wonders Duel, and Challengers!
Thanks everyone for tuning in, and thanks everyone that has subscribed!

0:00 – hi
1:16 – Ark Nova
1:20:15 – Ark Nova
2:00:18 – Ark Nova
3:01:29 – It’s a Wonderful World
3:23:47 – 7 Wonders Duel
3:39:05 – Challengers!


  1. @2:17:24: You could have played the Chinese Water Dragon from the display (since you have Animals II) for 7 bucks and then sunbathed breeding program and Expert in the Americas, I think. That would put you at 2 reptiles to do an association and rebuild some tempo. I think that would have kept you competitive.@2:56:34: You have a veterinarian and even look at it lol. You had 4 X's, so you only needed to spend 2 on Assoc for the project and then 2 on Animals for the 15th reputation you needed. So you didn't need to release the crested porcupine, but could have just leeched off of his research for the full 3CP without losing any appeal.

  2. This is highly enjoyable! You can almost say it packs a punch. Sorry, couldn´t resist. Just being clever.

  3. Surprised you gave up Maosoleum. I'd pick that if I saw law in the starting 5 progress tokens.

  4. How important is turn count as a metric? Intuitively fewer breaks/more early actions could lead to more turns with equally "lean" play

  5. You played challengers without me. 😔 Not a strictly Ark Nova stream!

  6. You would have killed him by bench on your last round if you had put Cowboy on top 😔

    And yes, I do love AI and Vendor the most. Even the guy that reached Top 1 made a tier list and he put AI/Vendor equal S tier and I totally agree. The only downside to AI is that there's only 3 copies in the deck and if you only have 1 it's a bit weak but if you have 2, it's very very strong. There's many good cards of value 2 in the deck that they'll always be boosted at a strength of 4. Now imagine double AI, double Vendor. I've had that build a few times and my Jugglers were so strong even in the early game, it was ridiculous.
    MUA is strong but not THAT strong. It's easy to build because you keep your Newcomers but the boost is only during the attack so you'll always get beaten in the defense. You need to have more cards than your opponent without benching out. Also, if you get your cards in the wrong order, they literally are all worthless like when someone starts with a 5 and you get all 3 Newcomers out and other 1s… With other builds where things get boosted, it boosts not only during the attack so it's more reliable. Also, it means that your boosted cards already have a base strength of 2 with AI which is already better than 1 (that can be beat every single time).
    To me, MUA is probably like A tier ish.

    But yes, I think what matters the most is that you don't really take the game too seriously and adapt to what you're given. I've had the most BS loses lately when my decks were theoretically strong but there's so much luck in how you draw your cards, it's okay. I've also won games where I had no synergy whatsoever because I couldn't find specific cards and yet it worked well enough with good draws for me and bad draws from opponents.
    I think it's just a very silly game that is super fast paced so I don't take it too seriously. 😁

  7. Game 3 it's necessary to snap Baboon Rock. I'd start on the right side x for tempo since the special building traverses the map so your 2nd build is on lake $, but you could also just take an x action. The sponsors that give 2 appeal per tag are some of the best in the game.
    I'd have kept petting zoo animals in game 1-2 for potential high roll. Also take the university before releasing a predator for the earlier card upgrade plus saving an x.

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