Board game basics - The different types of board games -

Board game basics – The different types of board games

3 Minute Board Games
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3 minute board games are J Carmichael and S Rodgers


  1. Great video! You make me want to reorganize my game shelf by category 😀

  2. As part of the concept of an Abstract game( with capital A), I find to be crucial to emphasize those tend to be about spacial movement, confrontation and/or occupation. Many games have abstracted (adjetive) themes but are not considered Abstracts (noun). On the flip side, some games pretend to have theme (and kind of succeed on that) but would still be called Abstracts by me (e.g. Photosynthesis), because they still have that spacial element.

  3. Great video, looking forward to the following episodes. Clear, crisp and with a little topping of usual flair!

  4. You didnt mention deck building games?

  5. I think role-playing games could have had their own segment in a list like this. Having tried to explain what D&D is to someone completely outside the world of hobby gaming, even as recently as in the last week, it’s not as understood as I’d expected.

    Great list, though. I’m curious to see where this series is going.

  6. I find interesting how Euro Games really do not have proper conceptual explanation… It is one of those weird concepts which the best we can do is list on example characteristics and hope the other person gets it.

  7. Your videos are so enjoyable !!! thanks for sharing…. i believe this is great for people that have decided to get into board gaming … i would not recommend it for bringing people into the hobby but definitively to know what to look for once you are in. Regards from Mexico again….

  8. And there I was, for two years now, thinking "kiora koto" or whatever I was hearing in the intro was your name.

  9. I find it hilarious that Food Chain Magnate was used as an example of a euro and then right after euros were categorized as having low player interaction 😂. No complaints here though, it’s one of my favorites. Just found that funny but like you said it’s impossible to categorize games strictly with all the blurred lines now a days.

  10. I 100% agree with the term Foundation games. I'd love to see a follow up basics video covering foundation games you like or would recommend to people interested in the hobby

  11. Yay Megagames! Boo! I am not in that picture.
    I think the term Ameritrash came about because of the TV show Eurotrash and swapping the name about.
    Hybrids are not very new – Twilight Imperium 3e took role selection from eg Puerto Rico and added to its dudes (well spaceships) on a map.
    What's Root? Euroey Ameritrash wargame?
    Cool start to a series I look forward to more!

  12. So what is the image at 6:06 from? Something something a "counter insurgency on mars?" Sounds kind of like a rumored game design by a notable board game reviewer from Aotearoa.

  13. “I don’t cover party games on the channel because I don’t damn well play them.” Well said! Neither do I.

  14. Campaign and Legacy games should be in that list as well in my opinion

  15. Hey look its that guy with that 3 minute voice!

  16. Uh oh. He sung a bit of imperial march. And Disney owns star wars. RIP 3 Minute Board Games.

    Real talk, you look a bit like San Healey.

  17. 5/36, 4/36, 3/36, 2/36, 1/36.
    Ummm… am I the only one who did my homework?

  18. This is a great idea for a series! One of the funnest things about getting into any hobby is learning the lingo, so for future installments I’d love to hear definitions of terms like “engine builder,” “quarterbacking,” “analysis paralysis,” and the like. My only feedback is that using well-known examples is important, and I’m not huge on the chalkboard font, but that’s just my preference. 🙂

  19. Love your stuff. Top marks. I’m surprised you didn’t mention dexterity games and Legacy games tho?

  20. Really enjoyed the video. Loved the background and subtle jokes on the chalk board. Great presentation and subject matter. I also like the foundation games term and will start using it.

    Since you asked for constructive criticism my only thought was to have the game category you're talking about written above the terms and styles you list for it to help find what your talking about easier if scrubbing through the video.

    Looking forward to more of this series.

  21. Great summary.. thanks…. any plans to do a Board Game mechanic list?

  22. Hi, really enjoyed the video and the love your channel.

    I feel like you missed a lot of game types here there was no way you are going to cover all the game types in an 11 minute video, and I know the idea wasn't to cover ALL types of board game but still I feel like you missed many major types of games.

    Legacy games should definitely be apart of this list, app driven games is another big one as we are starting to see more and more pop up. And what about family games? How can monopoly/trouble not get a mention.

    Another thing I found confusing as that you seem to be making this series very informative/factual and I think saying thing like I'm not going to cover certain game because you don't like them is going against what you are trying to achieve.

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm ranting. Keep up the good work mate!

  23. Nice video, I am interested to see more. I want to add some types: dexterity games, 18xx, lifestyle games (Magic Realm, ASL, KDM, World in Flames), Legacy Games, Filler Games and maybe Event Games (very long games up to 12h+) and campaign games (Middara Tainted Grail etc). Also I would have distinct Family Games to Euro Games. And maybe Heavy Board Games in contrast to Gateway Games.

  24. About miniatures, not everyone enjoys the painting part (i sometimes don't). Sure I can paint them well but takes a long time and playing an unpainted army in the meantime doesn't feel just as good.

    That's why i like more prepainted models like xwing

  25. I think the history of why Euros developed distinct from Ameritrash is itself worthy of an entire video. I always find it odd (but not) that one of the most classic ameritrash games, Risk, was developed by a European.

    3:40 Luke Laurie calls hybrids, “trans-atlantic.”

    6:10 counterinsurgency set on Mars. Is that a self-promotion?

    9:59 Would like to see a future video where you talk about mechanics terminology: roll-and-write, deck builder, dice/cards drafting, worker placement, legacy, campaign, take-that, area control, bidding, engine building, etc. (I would have saved roll and write for here).

    Btw, why are Teffy and John in detention?

  26. This was really great! I can't wait to see more. Could you also cover boardgame terminology?

  27. Keyforge is one of a kind, being the only Unique Deck Game, maybe it's worth mentioning in a follow up.

  28. Maybe you could mention categorization of games based on the mechanics as well: deck builder, cube pusher, card drafting, dice drafting, worker placement etc. And of course, few examples for each. Examples are always good. Either way, I like your content, keep up the good work! Greetings from Serbia! 🙂

  29. ok great video looking for more 🙂
    well J my friend – I didn't even know a KS game definition is also about the hype of a game even if it didn't came out of KS… a wierd defenition for me that I think will just confuse the other people…

    me: " Hi look what I have – a Wingspan game!" (not really, hate this game lol)
    other: "well good for you, it's just a KS game you know"
    me: ? it didn't came out in the KS I think, or did you just refer the hype around it?

    well as you see… KS game defenition in this case is just wierd to talk or explain so I really don't know who came up with this "type" of game…

    maybe just define a "hype game" instead. there are a ton of games that are out there (for me at least…) just for the hype (hmmmm wingspan again is an example… hmmmm) 🙂

  30. well also forgot to say: I hate the term gateway as well…
    every game can be a game to start with as long as you fit it to the group.
    for example one of my first games that I played with friends was Game Of Thrones the Board Game…
    it is totally not a gateway game by defenition but after a turn or two we got the main idea and run with it…

    so this defenition is just a huge bullshit in my opinion…
    as a gateway games I played Magic the gathering which is complex, GOT the board game and the card game which are also complex, and even the other great games that made me to come to the hobby like Catan, Avalon, Munchkin, Fluxx, Coup, Secret Hitler – mainly those (party game and "gateway" games).
    but non of this list made me open my own solo/card games moslty collection – it was due to Friday and Onirim which again I'm not sure they are even a gateway games they have theirt own "complexcity" not in the rules but in the tactical/startigic gameplay

  31. and last comment sorry for the multiple ones: I think you should make a vido in the series about the differences between tactical games vs stratigic games. also symetric vs asymetric, filler vs gateway,and any other defentions that sounds the same but are defently not.

    yeah a filler is not a mechanic it is also a type of games… so part 2 soon I guess? since you missed a lot of other type (not mechanics this is another video… but types)

  32. Thanks – very useful! Love that you suited up too 😀

  33. Love the Starship Troopers music for WH40K, perfect

  34. You had the dice odds chart displayed behind you, but never mentioned dice games as a category.
    Other categories:
    Big Box Games (games sold at big box stores and usually target a wide range of non-serious gamers).
    Yahtzee type game (main mechanic is rolling 5 or 6 dice with the option to re-roll some dice)
    Card drafting games (like Sushi Go).
    Deck building games (like Dominion).
    Roll and move (like Talisman).
    Legacy games.
    Tile placing games.
    Role playing games (RPG).
    Solo games.
    Chess games (any 2-player strategy game).
    Strategy games (like Risk).
    Card game (a game that main utilizes a standard 52 deck of playing cards)
    Worker placement games.
    Economic games.
    Resource Management Games.
    Digital games.
    App assisted games.
    That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure there's more…🤔

  35. What about dexterity games, such as Jenga, kerplunk, Ice cool, Tokyo highway.

  36. I avoid the CCG and LCG and just play Keyforge.

  37. I just watched the how to play for World of Tanks, and it seems similar to X-Wing but a bit simpler, seeing you obviously have and enjoy X-Wing, I'd be interested in your thoughts on the two?

  38. THANK YOU so much for this video!!!

    Wish I had it when I joined the hobby… It will be very useful to show it so my casual friends!

  39. YESSSSSSS. My brother sometimes says "oh you like X" and I'm like "I dunno I just like it when I can do Y". "Yeah those are x games" but I'd like to know what he's talking about!

  40. You read my mind; this is what we needed.

  41. I love your channel! Keep up the good work

  42. Great idea and a solid pilot episode. Maybe, in the spirit of times and in line with the theme of the channel, it is worth making episodes shorter, more bite-sized-like.
    Also, illustrating your points by combining showing both edited images and real-life objects is neat and surprisingly refreshing.
    Gl with the series and keep up the good work!

  43. 10:35 So I guess this answers the question "will Twister ever be reviewed on this channel"

  44. @3 Minute Board Games, wow, elitist prick much? Without American board games, the European board game scene has no existence, period, full stop.

  45. A couple of quick ideas here:

    1. Do a video going more in-depth on how co-op games work. I'm a solo gamer myself, so those are what I play, and the #1 question I get from people is "how can a board game work without an opponent?" Any attempt from me to explain just makes things more confusing. Alot of people think of board games, and they think of freaking Monopoly or whatever, those older games, and seem to think that all board games must be competitive and involve alot of "screw you" moments. I know it sure surprised me to learn about these the first time.

    2. Or do one talking about how games have evolved over time. Again, everyone just thinks of Monopoly, so explain how the whole "roll and move" and other bad mechanics are phased out, and the sorts of things that replace them to make sure that games are actually strategic and interesting. That's the #2 thing I always hear when someone finds out I'm into board games: "But why would you play those? They're so boring! All you do is roll dice and move and hope not to lose!" Those older "family" games really didnt do this hobby any favors, did they…

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