Board Game Breakfast - 2022 Predictions -

Board Game Breakfast – 2022 Predictions

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel reviews three movies! Tom talks about a game from 20 years ago. Plus, a plethora of segments from our great contributors! Episode #411.

Intro/Contest: 00:00
Meeple University: 03:10
Nick Traeger: 04:40
Game from 20 Years Ago: 06:40
2 Play or Not 2 Play: 09:40
Dice Tower Productions: 11:30
Karar2K: 13:22
Oliver East: 15:17
Tom Thinks: 17:07
Ryan and Bethany: 23:45
Tom Reviews Other Things: 25:35
Board Game Gumbo: 31:00
Dave Luza: 32:45
Closing Ceremonies: 35:30
Outro: 36:25

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  1. Is there a DT most anticipated 2022 games list anywhere?

  2. I think Cascadia will be in the top 100 of BGG and maybe Meadow. Ark Nova might be too big and complex for the top 10.

  3. Where can I watch the revisited predictions from 2021? Did i miss them?

  4. Stella, this happened to me more than once!

  5. Stella i hear ya ! My gf learns it. I help sometimes and say hey thats wrong lol. I don't know what it is, but rulebooks I can't learn that way

  6. Prediction: Cancel Culture and the PC Police will ruin some of the great games out there.

  7. I predict that Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition will be in the BGG Top 100, maybe even Top 50.

  8. Stella: I feel your pain. I have to review rulebooks before playing and can't keep too many rule sets in my mind.

    Dave Luza: so glad you're back for Breakfast!

  9. Love Karar's (legacy) addition to Bastion! We need more creativity like this in our community. Kudos!

  10. Great Breakfast! Loved the ending Tom! 😀

  11. Loved 8 bit Christmas. Especially the story and message.

  12. Can someone point me to the episode where Tom went over last year's predictions to see how well he did?

  13. Tom sounded like he might need a little more rest 🙂

  14. STELLA:
    That's why I only buy games that have a solo mode! 😁
    It's my 'insurance policy' against money (and time) being wasted wasted. 😉

  15. I strongly disliked the first 20 minutes of Spider-man. As soon as they got to the bridge, it was incredible. I'm sure I know what scene Tom was talking about and I completely agree. Such a great moment.

  16. Hey, is the contest worldwide?

    AMAZING contest, by the way!

  17. Tom's #6: Neil Patrick Harris, you're our only hope!

  18. Stella's segment is so relateable for me with Tragedy Looper. Not to mention its rulebook is awful lol

  19. I predict that I will watch more The Dice Tower next year…

  20. 8-bit Christmas was FANTASTIC! Very funny!

  21. Well your prediction about conventions being canceled is already false, cause 2 major ones in europe are canceled in january.

  22. lol "Thanks Joss Whedon" That cracked me up!

  23. I dunno about that sandworm in Karar's intro 🧐

  24. I am constantly in Stella's situation 😅

  25. Personal Predictions for 2022:
    -My Shelf of Shame will continue to grow
    -I will do less Kickstarters but end up spending more on them
    -I will play more games than this year
    -2022 will see my BGG "Owns" exceed 1000
    -The new dog will eat at least one of my games
    -My granddaughter will destroy at least one of my games
    -My son will spill pop on at least one of my games
    -I will spend more time online gaming than this year
    -I will complete at least one non-gaming household project, barely
    Now to wait 12 months and see if I was right.

  26. Predictions. No conventions during January, February, or March. Face masks will be required by conventions for the next two years. Conventions will return to full itinerary by mid 2023, just with face masks.

  27. Henry Cavill (Superman) is obsessed with warhammer. Could see him doing something table top related.

  28. If game prices go up tremendously I won't buy physical board games anymore.

  29. No Rolls Barred has good videos and gameplay that remind me of Table Top

  30. Agree! That scene in spiderman got me all teary, and that actor outshined the others

  31. Where did you guys buy those Christmas lights?


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