Board Game Breakfast 489 - The Game That Hooked You -

Board Game Breakfast 489 – The Game That Hooked You

The Dice Tower
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Chris, Roy & Wendy come at you with a healthy dose of Board Game Breakfast! Plus fantastic contributors!

Today’s episode is brought to you by Pandasaurus! “Unrest is a two player asymmetric card game published by Pandasaurus Games and designed by Brendan Hansen. In this game two players are pitted head-to-head in the struggle for control over five City Districts. Can the Rebellion complete their missions and topple the regime? Or will the Empire continue their rule? Now available!”

We are giving away one copy of Unrest! This giveaway is available to anyone in the USA. To enter the giveaway, sponsored by Pandasaurus, please send an email to [email protected]. In the subject type REGIME. In the body, include your name, address, and answer the following question. “How many Districts need to be liberated for the Rebellion to win?” Entries will be accepted until 11/19/23 at 12:00 AM ET
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  1. I enjoy the Dice Tower archives segment. Always look forward to seeing what gets pulled up each week and the conversations it inspires.

  2. I'm watching this a bit late, but Wendy I hope you have got to play the Revive expansion by now, because it is Amazing! Everything! And Im saying it here – Expansion of the Year! Pay attention Dice Tower contributors. Especially after you completely slept on Revive last year, wake up (implied pun intended).

  3. What is the schedule for Board Game Breakfast? I used to watch every Monday, but it seems like for the last few months, it's been hit or miss whether it's on or not, and what day is always a mystery to me. Maybe somebody more in-tune with the schedule can fill me in.

  4. I just saw the list of booths at PAX-U. No Dice Tower??? I wanted to meet you guys! I’m gutted. Say it ain’t so.

  5. 49:16 heyyyy! I recognize that guy! Surpdised it wasnt Bang the Dice Game 😂😂😂

  6. I saw Roy Cannadays Instagram post of you three and got excited to be able to watch this this morning

  7. bought space marines adventurers at Target and enjoyed it but followed it up with Scythe and that hooked me by having me purchase Gloomhaven and that was it. I went crazy after that hah

  8. I had the pleasure of teaching Modern Art to Chris at the Dice Tower Retreat 2022.

  9. I have my own level of painting I have just had to become happy with. I call it Jared Chop. Paint solid colors then put on a shade then dry brush a couple colors or one color. Done.

  10. You have to have Day Light bulbs installed in your home to pay MicroMacro.

  11. The game that got me into the hobby was Puerto Rico.

  12. King of Tokyo minis would be like printing money.

  13. I deluxify all my games. Even Ameritrash games like The Game of Life 1986.

  14. In my own case, it was actually several games. It was 1970, and I was seven years old. The two kids next door had what must have been each and every Avalon Hill and 3M game then in-print. (Both of their parents were doctors and department heads at the city’s premier private hospital – they could afford it. 🙂 ) In a couple of days, I was introduced to AH’s Afrika Korps, D-Day, and Midway, as well as 3M’s Feudal, Mr. President, and Stocks and Bonds. I thought the map-board with a numbered hex grid, festooned with cardboard counters adorned with tactical symbols and numerical values, was about the coolest thing to ever be invented (and still think that). In short time, I was building my own collection of games, including SPI and GDW titles a few years later.

  15. I dont know if it was a game. Found TableTop around late 2018. That led me(us) to Zombie Dice, Roll For It, Ticket to Ride, & Sushi Go, etc. Those led me to The Dice Tower's Top 10 lists. I fell in love with games through watching Tom, Zee, & Sam. If it wasn't for TDT, I dont think I would have stayed in the hobby.

  16. 500 (really!) endless games of this in college in the tv lounge watching old Star Trek 👾

  17. My entryway into the hobby was a progression of Star Wars collectible card games. I went from the Star Wars CCG to the Star Wars TCG as a kid, and when Fantasy Flight announced the Star Wars LCG I was insanely excited. Through my hype for that game, I discovered FFG, which led me to The Lord of the Rings LCG, and that was what really steered me into this lifestyle of playing hobby board games. Funny thing is, I rarely play my Star Wars card games anymore.

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