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Board Game Breakfast – Dice Tower: The Next Generation

The Dice Tower
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Tom talks about a game from 20 years ago. Tom reviews something not game related. Plus, a plethora of segments from our great contributors! Episode #431.

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  1. 1st Season TNG being like the 60s show hit the nail on the head!! Totally noticed that recently. Then suddenly improves season 2.

  2. My favorite number is 99. Normal people are the ones who have a favorite number. And color… 😜 Still love ya though, Chris.

  3. I watched Chippendale with my son. And he loves the sonic the hedgehog movie, I could not explain to him how sonic was really ugly and then they redid the whole movie. He really wants to see the original movie which probably doesn’t exist anymore and he couldn’t understand that they changed the movie from ugly sonic. I thought that was hilarious.

  4. My favorite part about the Rescue Rangers movie was all of the background characters and especially the billboards. My favorite was the Guuci billboard with Dobby the House Elf as the model.

  5. I believe the line up was Gummi Bears>Ducktales>Rescue Rangers>Gargoyles>Tailspin>Darkwing Duck? I could be misremembering though. All very strong shows, though Gargoyles particularly was just a level above, and it had a pretty decent conclusion to the series which was very rare.

  6. Hot take: Chip and Dale is better than Obi Wan.

  7. I had an instance of being shooed away. When I was a kid I loved playing pool. There was a store next to the video rental store. One day I went in there to check out the pool tables. I was told to leave, no kids allowed without a grown up. Flash forward a decade and a half I was ready to purchase a pool table. Went back to that store. Asked to speak to the owner. Wasn't there, had to come back, blah blah blah. Final spoke to the owner telling him my budget. He showed me a table. Told him my story. How it affected me so much that to this day it still bothered me. Then I told him I'll be taking my money somewhere else. A store that cares about the people who care about the hobby/sport.

  8. Chip n Dale was Dad Joke Galore! I was rolling over the whole "Ugly Sonic" thing.

  9. You missed the best part of Disney afternoon…Darkwing Duck…so good!!! Rescue Rangers was so much better than I was expecting.

  10. Top 100 analysis. For this year, no question Zee and Zilla crossover the most. 33 iirc. Also, STnG first 2 seasons were horrible. 3+ were the best Star Trek all time.

  11. I felt so called out by Chris with that comment about music, since I am 33 and I have noticed how I haven't been up to date with new artists for the last couple of years xD
    I don't believe I think new music is trash, but I sure am more relaxed and leaning on music I already know

  12. My 20 month old loves King of Tokyo. She likes rolling the dice and setting up the standees. She also likes playing with the marvel United and Arcadia quest minis. Love the segment Ambie!

  13. Ambie, I just purchased Klask to play with my young kids. Thank you for the tips on how to introduce them to it!

  14. People I need some help: a party game was played live on this chanel and I can remember the name or when it was played. It was two people asking questions to one person simultaneously for a limited time. There were points given for correct answers.

  15. Tom is correct, the Disney Afternoon was the bee's knees!

  16. We used to play killer bunnies at the firehouse… It was fun if you didn't take it seriously

  17. My kid is tough to get to the table. She just loves Minecraft.

  18. I do have a favorite number. I use it in almost everything, including gaming. In QE my numbers will always include it somewhere.

  19. Hey Matthew: it will be my first time at Dice Tower East, too. Whoo hoo!

  20. We reveal the carrots one at a time until, against all odds, two players are left with one carrot and only one can be the winner. One game, a player was getting wrecked and eeked out a single carrot before the end and won. Seeing a grown 250lb man do grand jetes through the house is quite the sight, lol!

  21. Thanks for all the hard work to everyone at the Dice Tower. While Board Game Breakfast is my favorite, love all the shows and appreciate you adding new ones. So happy to back your Kickstarter every year because it I get so many hours of entertainment and news here.

  22. Rescue Rangers was great, laughed most of the time. The cameos, ugly sonic & darkwing ducks litttle rant at the end, what a good family movie

  23. Kinda had this experience with bridge. When I was in college two decades ago, a small group of us played bridge and would go to tournaments sometimes and they absolutely fawned over us, because we were probably the youngest people in the room by 15-20+ years. It didn't turn us off, but it was definitely a little odd feeling.

  24. I actually find new music is usually really good but my all time favorite is still hank senior.

  25. I was thinking about something Wendy said. I agree that nerd culture has circles of exclusivity that are based on flimsy arguments. But, specific to the example Wendy gave, I don't know if it makes sense to claim to "like comics" if someone doesn't actually read comics. If you like marvel/dc movies it probably makes sense to say "I like superheroes" or "I like Marvel" or "I like DC". But if you don't actually read the comics I don't know if saying "i like comics" makes sense. That would be like saying "I like literature" because I watch a lot of movies based on books…but I don't actually read the books themselves. If someone loves movies like "War and Peace", "Pride and Predjudice", "Little Women", "The Great Gatsby" or "Wuthering Heights"…it's not the same as the original works. I can be a fan of movies based on Jane Austen novels but I think it'd be weird for me to say "I love her books!" Maybe?

    But there are def folks who might say "Oh, you only like Next Gen? You're not a * real * Star Trek fan!" I'd say those kinds of examples are more applicable.

  26. Haha – the get off my lawn thing really struck a chord with me.

    I'm a bit of a D&D gatekeeper because I played a load of First Edition from the late 70s and into the early 90s (and none since), and I'm quick to decry the changes over the years.

    Getting rid of THAC0? What the heck?

    Interesting that you mention Stranger Things IV – I was REALLY BUGGED by some D&D anachronisms in the first couple of episodes – rules, alignment selection, and classes and the like that didn't exist in 1986.

  27. Star Trek the Original Series has the significance of being revolutionary for the time… and truly, was fantastic right out of the gate. Some shows take time to find their footing, but Star Trek OS was excellent from episode one. Is the show dated? Sure… are the middle seasons of TNG better shows? Yeah, I'd say so… but TNG took a good two seasons to find its way. Personally, I bailed on it after the first episode and had to be lured back a couple years later by friends. lol For me, the best Trek is the original series (OS) and TNG (middle seasons)… they came to me at a certain time of my life, I guess.

  28. Since I was a Senior back in 2002, the number 222 has followed me around. So I completely understand your 444 Wendy.

  29. @Ambie my toddler LOVES tic tac lumberjack (she loves the pieces with the stickers), get packing (I closed the case first! With one piece in the case) and dr microbe (tweezer skills are A1)

  30. My favorite number is 33, and it pops up everywhere for me, so i understand where shes coming from

  31. Chip and dale was just not one of the cartoon i watched.

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