Board Game Breakfast Episode 453 - 20 Years Ago, Best of the Shelf, and BGG Store Spotlight -

Board Game Breakfast Episode 453 – 20 Years Ago, Best of the Shelf, and BGG Store Spotlight

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel talks about a game from 20 years ago. Tom spotlights items from the BGG Store. Plus, a plethora of segments from our great contributors! Episode #453.

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  1. Is there a YouTube playlist for all Tom's shelf reviews? I really liked it when they were short, digestible standalone videos.

  2. Where can I get the publisher bracket (spoiler free)?

  3. Great games that fell flat maybe for the Thursday list title?

  4. I'm surprised Chris and Wendy haven't played Tigris and Euphrates. Being quite familiar with their taste in games, I predict that once they play Tigris that will be their favourite from that shelf.

    It's an amazing classic with lots of synergistic player interaction, generally regarded as Knizia's Magnum Opus. It's also a favourite of Shut Up and Sit Down.

  5. I wish there was a subject index like in the old days.

  6. I don't know what it is guys, but this trio dynamic doesn't seem to work. It's very uncomfortable to watch Tom interact with Chris and Wendy. Maybe I'm misreading, but the chemistry just isn't there. They are constantly talking over each other (Tom gets interrupted a lot). Also, I would describe Tom's responses to a lot of the jokes and comments to be "longsuffering patience", like a parent who has to grin and bear it because you're the parent. Perhaps it's just me, I really don't like to give negative feedback. But I almost can't watch the joint segments in these breakfast videos anymore.

  7. I might go Reavers of Midgard, because who doesn't want to be a Viking logistician?

  8. I want everdell mini – like TTR London but Everdell.

  9. Is anyone else super triggered by Amanda's boxes that don't close properly?

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