Board Game Breakfast - Episode 476 -

Board Game Breakfast – Episode 476

The Dice Tower
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Tom, Chris & Wendy take a look at a game from 20 years ago. A library shelf is highlighted. All of this plus fantastic contributors!

This episode features wall art from Stellar by Launch Tabletop, Boardgame art magnet-mounted metal prints. Check out their extensive collection of cool art from top games and artists. Sign up for their upcoming Kickstarter:

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  1. I like how the segment on Amun-Re is called “Almond Ray” 😅

  2. I actually built a game table that was around coffee table height, and it worked out great! It's so much more comfortable sitting on couches and living room chairs than it is on dining room chairs. Plus it's so easy to see and reach everything!
    Now if we have a big game day, we play on both the dining room table and the coffee table height game table.

  3. Red Dragon Inn is good stupid fun, if you ask me. Not the best game on today's shelf, but it is good at creating situations that are fun to play out.

  4. Is King of New York not in the library or is it mixed in with your ultimate collection box?

  5. Jen, the Wonder Woman art behind you is stunning. Did you draw that?

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