Board Game Breakfast - You SHOULD Be A Painter -

Board Game Breakfast – You SHOULD Be A Painter

The Dice Tower
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Tom talks about a game from 20 years ago. Tom reviews Escape Welt. Plus, a plethora of segments from our great contributors! Episode #433.

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  1. Miniatures are massively over rated, standees usually look better and tend to be more fun. Also leads to more plastic in the world and bigger boxes. 2 things we really don't need

  2. I used to go for the minis more, but now I'd rather have quality standees with full color. The ones that came with Uprising are pretty awesome.

  3. Tom: and then at…2 or 3? I think it's 2
    Roy: I think it's 3
    Camilla (aka Killmilla): ooh, you should fight!

  4. Painting Minis for me is a hobby unto itself. I paint every game I get. In fact, I usually won’t play it until the games are painted. But.. I will paint games that I have no interest in playing line Marvel X-men United which is arriving next week. These minis are for display for me. I bought this game with no interest in playing it.

  5. Carolyn Choate ~ Heart-Centered Sales Funnels says:

    I enjoy painting the minis for our games even though I'm not very talented at painting. It's relaxing and I enjoy being creative. Right now I'm just using acrylic craft paints from Michaels and I spent about $15 for everything. I did Tokaido for my husband's birthday a few years ago and Descent: Legends Of The Dark for his birthday this year. I do get discouraged if I watch the pro videos on Youtube but I'm enjoying learning more and getting better.

  6. B – as long as it is a game that can handle expansions… otherwise I want the box as small as possible. 😉

  7. what would be amazing is for games like scythe would be wonderful if they offered a painted-by-factory version. Love it when companies give that option, as the painted version is alwasy going to be easier to table, and tons cheaper to have done by the factory.

  8. You were at Tate’s but I was camping this weekend! Come to one of our Fri/ Saturday events sometime!

  9. People hate the card board insert, yet if you have a plastic one people complain about plastic usage. You can't complain about both.

  10. I do paint my marvel united. I do it very badly, but at least it's painted. Even a bad job looks a whole lot better than no paint.

  11. I agree with Camilla that many times unpainted minis make the games harder to play because it’s harder to distinguish pieces at a distance. I’d love it if color standees for player pieces or snap-on bases in different colors were included. Before I’ll invest the time and effort to paint, I’ll play the game a lot to make sure I like it a lot first and the hurdle of a lot of grey pieces on a big table makes those plays more challenging. Maybe instead of using grey plastic/resin for all player pieces, maybe they could differentiate the main player pieces by doing each player in a different unpainted plastic color?

  12. Lifeboat is great at 6, okay at 4 or 5. Silly fun game.

  13. My wife and I are in the minority but we own all of the Lord of the Rings Deckbuilder games (and Hobbit) and we get them out often to get in a quick game. Always fun. I admit the theme is pasted on, but still a fun set of games.

  14. I’d love to paint the minis from Marvel United, but having never painted before and having 0 artistic talent (not to mention how finely detailed they have to be) keeps me from ever going down that road.

  15. I'm a miniatures painter who teaches classes in miniatures painting at several conventions. Most miniatures in boardgames that I own are not painted. I prefer to spend my painting time painting miniatures for miniatures-specific games or for display.

    Remember that miniatures are just pretty counters; the game play does not change because the counters are miniatures … or painted miniatures. All the minis do is make the game prettier. How much time do you want to spend making the game prettier and how much time do you want to spend playing the games? There's no single answer that is going to be right for everyone.

  16. RE: Air. I typically don't mind a little bit of air as long as it's usable space. For example the plastic insert in King of New York and Machi Koro can hold multiple expansions. The cardboard trough insert in City of Horror and Steam Park are functional because all the pieces are bagged. The Race for the Galaxy and Carcassonne insert are neither.

  17. I have been painting for about 4 years. I don’t paint minis consistently but I have got through an ok amount. It is a fairly time consuming and expensive hobby and you for sure have to be interested in it.

    I watched videos for months beforehand to study techniques, supplies, etc. eventually though there is no substitute for practice. I am not great but I can stay in the lines as it were and sometimes try to stretch myself with various techniques most of which never work out how I envisioned haha. Still it is a relaxing hobby now that I finally have everything I need.

    If I was a casual starting out now I would really consider the citadel contrast line. Much easier process if you don’t want to really learn how to paint minis but want a pretty decent quality product for tabletop that is fast.

  18. Can we get more Camilla and Roy on Breakfast please? They both have excellent camera presence.

  19. Day 4 asking for a Mare Nostrum Empires review 😀

  20. I love Bethany's Lord of the Rings shirt. So awesome.

  21. @1word1question

    B. Recently, I returned to playing some of my older games. It confounds me to see so much air space in my older games and it did not disturb me as much. As I get more games and have more years playing, I want compacted boxes (till you have more expansion). However, I do noticed that smaller box catches my eye lesser and they don't get pull out often to play. In conclusion, I think box size is a complex and personal issue which doesn't have an easy solution. I guess the best solution is just buy what the publishers want the box size to be.

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