Board Game, But Every Turn It Gets Worse -

Board Game, But Every Turn It Gets Worse

Magic The Noah
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  1. i did not know i needed a sequel, you have gotten another subsribr

  2. Noah buddy I think you finally got your wish to be able to move away from just mtg content, you're proving that you're a very capable and hilarious variety youtuber. Love the videos, keep it up and good luck❤

  3. Are random YouTuber made board games with mysterious rules becoming a trend? Because I hope they are

  4. Can't believe Crhis wasn't allowed to use his Vaporeon army at the end to just steal all Flamingos, He even has type advantage since Vaporeon learns Aurora Beam.

  5. This feels like a manual version of boardgameonline, lol

  6. I don't know why but I love watching these crazy, random videos

  7. I cant explain it dad but the game makes so much sense

  8. I don't know what they were so confused about. This made perfect sense

  9. Anyone else just get callmecarson vibes off this video?

  10. Chris could have traded all of his vaporeans and gotten 16 flamingos if he spun "trade any item for a flamingo"

  11. I've been thinking of making a game that works off of the backrooms wiki. Each page already has links to the other levels ,interactions and items . It lends itself mechanically to being a game.

  12. I want to see a collaboration between Magic the Noah and Valefisk. Imagine the incredible game they could come up with.

  13. u heard our prayer and actually made another 1.

  14. I wish Chris had gotten "trade any item for a flamingo" and just gotten 32 flamingos out of nowhere

  15. There has to be something going on with the Vaporeon and I'm not talking about the compatibility joke.

    6+ of them don't seem to win you the game (pokemon trainer ftw.)
    Maybe 100 for the harem ending?

  16. These board games are my new favorite uploads on YouTube lol

  17. you should make some consequences like playing a hand of poker/mario party minigame/game of MTG/sit through an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  18. 15:19 for anyone wanting to see the chart of colors and what they do

  19. incorporate a fully functioning economy in the next board game with supply and demand chain

  20. Bruh the rng to roll all those vaporeons. Hate to see it.

  21. Wait, this is just a Valefisk video in disguise.

  22. gunnar more like infinite item generator

  23. Ngl, I would probably go "there is no law about the pokemon Noah…" Every time I got a vaporeon, until I started getting usefull stuff

    (Or go "did you know…" and complete unless I got something for the sake of stopping)

  24. I think for next time it would be better to have icons rather than colors for the squares.

  25. Honestly this is such a hype premise for a board game, would be awesome to see it as a genuine one

  26. Honestly, the idea of a board game whose board evolves over time sounds kinda neat

  27. The idea of a board getting more spaces the longer you play is actually a cool concept! If it had normal board game logic, this would be fun to play!

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