Board Game, But Every Turn It Gets Worse -

Board Game, But Every Turn It Gets Worse

Magic The Noah
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  1. Can't believe i got a collab between Gunnar and Noah, wtf!

    Btw i fucking love this videos, please do more of these

  2. graph theory andys are cooming from that thumbnail

  3. I actually decided to play this with my friends it was alot of fun thanks for this i guess : D

  4. I'm convinced Noah is just using A.I voices for the contestants because there's no way someone is that dumb to play one of his crazy gaming creations.

  5. still waiting for the day vaporeon does something

  6. I want a Kickstarter for Noah to make his own board game which by the end of it everyone feels like they took acid

  7. Chris James x Magicthenoa?? Haven't gotten this far in my fanfic.

  8. Starting to think weather they say uh or not before saying a number determines how far they move somehow

  9. I was waiting for the black eyes ultimate flaminggo to form at some point

  10. I feel this is less of a MTG channel and more of a silly chaotic gameshow channel now. Also, Flamingo. 🦩

  11. The more board games Noah makes the less the players actually play the game.

  12. Ok but why could this be an actual game where you add tiles that do random things to get to an evershifting goal.

  13. I'm now very interested in what Liandry's Anguish would've done if it was used. So many mysterious items unused!

  14. Why does everyone think Vaporeon is a different animal? Eevee is a fox, therefore all its evolutions are also foxes.

    Yes, even Espeon.

  15. Idea: Make a fluxx. Draw a card, play a card. Cards add new rules, including a win condition

  16. I like the implication that there wasn't a win condition until 30 minutes in.

  17. Use Chat GPT to come up with random rules etc

  18. I loved this series.

    it's a series right..?

  19. I love these board games so much! i hope you keep doing them

  20. Should do a DND board while making up rules as you go, like: "You tripped, hit your head, and lose a turn to rest." And maybe also randomize the players characters to give them 0 choice at the start. And to finish off, use a normal dice so they can never roll more then 6 for anything ever. (usually it would be a about 20 sided dice for damage and such)

  21. yo noah still making that ios shortcuts thing im not making this one but maybe??!,1!1!

  22. I love how the contestants are initially kind of soft spoken and just make quick talks and by the end they’re all screaming every time someone is spinning a wheel 😂

  23. I love these videos! Please dont stop making them! I beg you!

  24. I would actually play this, it would be a fire game

  25. YES! More board game content is always a win

  26. I clicked on this video thinking "I want to see what this is all about, but I won't watch the whole 30 minutes." and here I am now at the end. gg noah, gg.

  27. GUNNAR LETS GOOOOO, never woulda thought to see him in this psychological torture show

  28. Yes
    All I have to say about this
    It's just all yes

  29. MtN is typecasting himself into a genre that should not even exist.

  30. I need to know what was the mask iteam gonna do?

  31. I personally love that you wait until the wheel has stopped before you start speaking like an actual game show

  32. As a Google slides connoisseur I find this appeasing.

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