Board Game, But Players Are Blind -

Board Game, But Players Are Blind

Magic The Noah
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  1. I love these gameshows so much, great job.

  2. I swear this whole video was just a paid advert for maccys. However it is the reason I've ordered food.

  3. Him talking about his gold reminds me of Alan's Cheese from the TV show smiling friends,

  4. On a dark desert highway
    Cool wind in my hair
    Warm smell of Big Macs
    Rising up through the air
    Up ahead in the distance
    I saw a shimmering light
    My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
    I had to stop for the night

    There she stood in the doorway
    I heard the mission bell
    And I was thinking to myself
    "This could be Heaven or this could be Hell"
    Then she lit up a candle
    And she showed me the way
    There were voices down the corridor
    I thought I heard them say

    Welcome to the McDonald’s Play Place
    Such a lovely place (such a lovely place)
    Such a lovely face
    Plenty of room at the McDonald’s Play Pace
    Any time of year (any time of year)
    You can find it here

    His mind is Ronald McTwisted
    He got the Patty-Mobile
    He’s got a lot of pretty, pretty clowns
    That he calls friends
    How they dance in the courtyard
    Sweet summer sweat
    Some dance to remember
    Some dance to forget

    So I called up Mayor McCheese
    "Please bring me my fries"
    He said, 'We haven't had that snackie here
    Since 1965"
    And still those voices are calling from far away
    Wake you up in the middle of the night
    Just to hear them say

    Welcome to the McDonald’s Play Place
    Such a lovely place (such a lovely place)
    Such a lovely face
    They livin' it up at the McDonald’s Play Place
    What a nice surprise (what a nice surprise)
    Bring your alibis

    Mirrors on the ceiling
    The icecream machine is on ice
    And she said, 'We are all just prisoners here
    Of our own device"
    And in the master's ballpit
    They gathered for the feast
    They stab it with their steely knives
    But they just can't kill the beast

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the place I was before
    "Relax, " said the hamburglar
    "We are programmed to receive
    You can check out any time you like
    But you can never leave"

  5. the 1 way movement definitely wouldve thrown me off, but the fact nate just kept going in a circle the entire time just… oml, that's some content

  6. I thought Nathan was a genius. Trying to grind gold and good space back and forth. Little did I know the abomination of a map they were making.

  7. I can't get enough of these videos. Super entertaining and hilarious. Keep uploading! Preferably the longer ones!!!

  8. "How do you make a baby stop crawling in a circle?"
    [Redacted joke]
    "Don't give Jacob a hammer."

  9. i'm surprised nobody tried to buy the noah in the shop

  10. You nail it's other hand to the floor was the end of the joke btw

  11. All these games that Noah makes sound so fun to play, but I have no friends to play with

  12. Make Noah laugh?

    Finally boys, a real game of skill.

  13. The players: Confused and angry about why they can't find the mystical flamingo space.
    Also the players: Choose to go right or down 99% of the time.

  14. Celebrating Grimace’s birthday by watching this video

  15. i think there's too much teleporting in this for it to really work, every time they get close to the flamingo they just get teleported away

  16. Imagine the future videos after he really gets into his flow and updates the games he makes in every way until it becomes a big series

  17. This was the most frustrating video I've ever watched lol

  18. When I saw the map at the beginning, I thought it'd be too simple. It was not.

  19. Nathan had to multiple check his map when he got to start, over and over again.💀

  20. For the first 90 seconds I was like "Easy, just map it out and sketch a map" welp. Nvm. Xd

  21. this video was so painful, but so hilarious too.

  22. 44:29 I loved how it took Noah over an hour and a half to realize how unreachable the Flamingo Space was
    58:03 FINALLY one of them took a chance

  23. I can't believe how they kept going to the right the entire time, and wonder how they were missing parts of the map

  24. What happened at 50:51? "down and to the right" ends up on the left, and then 40 seconds later is on the good space instead lol

  25. Chickadees are native to North America. I also don't think they actively attack other birds in order to steal their nesting spots….

    I wonder if he was thinking of the European Starling? They are completely invasive in North America. They also destroy nests of birds who seek similar nesting spots, namely North American woodpecker species (almost all of them).

  26. It's hard to be sure, but this might be the most times I've heard the words "McDonald's Play Place" in the span of an hour.

  27. item: nothing
    description: nothing
    effect: nothing
    cost: nothing

  28. Bro did a kronk impression not knowing he is kronk💀💀

  29. Jacob's map was actually very good. Im impressed.
    Just merge the question mark dot and the bad space above it and he basically had it

  30. do this again, but have it so we the viewers also can't see the board. Then at the end when someone wins, show the board, for 1 frame.

  31. I swear, the name Cayden and it's spelling differences is such a rare name on YouTube, so constantly hearing my name said kept making my head jerk in the direction I heard it thinking someone was calling me

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