Board Game, But Players Can Change The Rules -

Board Game, But Players Can Change The Rules

Magic The Noah
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  1. I'm disappointed that nobody added the shadow realm and made you bring out an old shadow wheel

  2. Hypothetically when you died you’d be in the graveyard, meaning you could touch the unicorn there and get two flamingos and return to start, right?

  3. Someone better animate this especially the end fight.

  4. Petition to now call all "famingos" "flaminoigs"

  5. Um, rules cannot be specific to any players except the demon. Noah's rule change about making infinite rules is against the rules

  6. cj beat the demon because he was upside down so he just kept bag tagging him

  7. 5:46 Can't believe that a flamingo space was moved after a rule forbiding players from moving flamingo spaces was added, im unsubscribing this is rediculous. (/j)

  8. Made a eye game show? Odd text. The winner should get a drop of blue paint on their least favorite sock as a prize.

  9. Why did players move back to start when landing on the unicorn's space?

  10. Unexpected CJya. Would love to see him and Smant in a video together with this tomfoolery. Also still would love to see what chicanery you and Valefisk would get up to together.

  11. This is somewhat repetitive for me as an OG watcher

  12. At 3:52, didn’t have to move at all, the rules say “you may move up to two spaces”, so you can choose to not do anything.

  13. The demon really spices up the game, I love how it's so powerful that it can withstand swords but fragile enough to be beaten by a mere fists.

  14. Oh hey it's cool seeing cj in a video

  15. Damn rarran's hearthstone luck really popping off here

  16. This is both the most structured and least structured game Noah has made

  17. The best game show in the history of Noah's gameshows!

  18. Next time try enchanting a dagger with flamingo blood. Pretty sure the demon will become your pet

  19. Rarrans win condition. Rule: Player with least flamingos wins? Or I gain a bunch of flamingos? Idk I'm just curious and didn't know

  20. "The players live happily ever after"?

    The demon is a player.

  21. I love these random bullcrap boardgames in Microsoft PowerPoint

  22. I really wanted someone to remove all the paths from start so you couldn't move at all damn

  23. A suggestion for another ridiculous board game: complete lack of consistency. Every time they do something it does something different than it did before

  24. Slime and his sacrifice will not be forgotten

  25. Noah, make a board game where it seems like a normal board game, but the players are secretly the gamemasters and they dont know it. make sure you play it and dont tell them the way to win (the way to win is by adding a rule after they realize theyre the gamemasters that they instantly win)

  26. I was so happy seeing cjay here i love that guy

  27. This mad lad has discovered a new form of content, dynamic board gaming

  28. Noah is seeping into the games, he's gaining too much power, he must mebe stopped!

  29. I honestly love your content, I wish you millions of views, great success and happiness

  30. I heard CJ’s voice, thought it couldn’t be, and yet it was. Super good video like always!

  31. Noah really going for that youtube algorythm run. I mean who can blame him? it was so addictive for me.

  32. 10:24 I believe the demon just moved through the Bandit space, which requires one flamingo. Since he didn't have any, he should not be able to pass.

  33. I think a hard rule to start from is "no retroaction of any form" and "all current rules apply to all aspects of the game unless explicitly stated otherwise," to remove cases of ambiguous interpretations.

  34. Baba is BOARD
    (not exactly like that but rule change!!)

  35. Turn 1 I'd make a rule where you can't make a rule if you don't spin a wheel on your turn.

  36. This genuinely is better than some boardgames

  37. missed opportunity on demon stealing all flamingos of player because demon can't count to three

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