Board Game, But There's Only One Space -

Board Game, But There’s Only One Space

Magic The Noah
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  1. I love Noah's games. They are pure ordered Chaos. It's fantastic

  2. @н ¥εş ⊥нḯş ⊥нḯş şεεღş ḟḯηε

  3. I saw smant and some of your other games and I said Y E S

  4. Idk why Youtube recommend me this Steins;gate -2.0

  5. I've come to the realisation that these games are basically D&D but the characters are themselves and they are against each other

  6. Hasbro’s been real quiet since this dropped

  7. To make this even more complicated imagine if life was time bound. If you lose 10 life in year 80 you still have that life in time 40 and 18 for example. And if you lost your 10 life in year 18 you also lose it in years 40 and 80.

  8. i've really been sitting here for 30 minutes watching a powerpoint presentataion

  9. How come the copy has the years 80 28 18 -1 and not 80 40 18 -1

  10. for anyone wondering, the glitched text says:
    "You are always dead in my time",
    which is
    "Tu semper mortuus es in tempore meo" in Latin


  12. This is like Valefisk's ChatGPT game where battles are all subjectively decided by a democratic vote, except this is just everything is decided by authoritarian decision. Makes for a shit game, but damn was this a funny video 🤣

  13. Kills both other players
    Rewinds time
    Kills them again

    That's just disrespect

  14. Jreg telling a story about a guy with dementia then forgetting his story was so funny even if planned

  15. Invite smant more he made this way more funny

  16. I watched this youtube video at 2x speed. Praise to the time God!

  17. To anyone wondering the latin in the minus time said " you are always dead in my time" amd the latin text on the wheel said " return to your short/little time"

  18. Seeing rarran and smallant in the same video made me so happy

  19. Can't believe noone ever gave Gold to the time god from negative time

  20. Time to subscribe since i like this and the rpg one. Time to see what wacky board games i can fail to play because i have no friends

  21. I love how this video is exactly 40 mins and 30 seconds long <3

  22. The one who outsmarted the player chosen by the time god, a true champion

  23. Are any of these game shows available anywhere if you want to play with unexpecting friends? Please it would be so funny.

  24. can you do this again with 5 time-spaces? Begining,past,present,future and end?

  25. "I use my items to kill the others"
    "I ask for a one time favor to go back in time 10 seconds"
    "I use my items to kill the others"
    best ending

  26. I wish he made a rule manual just to try to program this xD

  27. Board game, but there's only one space…

    For 45 seconds.

  28. Would be quite cool if paradoxes existed. 38:40 to the end could be a possible paradox?

  29. For somone who actively follows all three of them this is an insane collab i cannot believe exists

  30. I just found your channel and you took D&D to a whole new level, keep up the good work!

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