Board Game Buys - April 2022 - 15 New Board Games -

Board Game Buys – April 2022 – 15 New Board Games

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I talk about all of the new board games I added to my collection this month.

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  1. I see your brother spends a lot with Steves Collectables! I spent loads with him too. Quite a few hidden gems.

  2. A busy month here….was able to get my hands on several older oop games I have been wanting to try ie., Vikings, Santiago de Cuba, & Firenze. Then I sprung for a brand new title, Caper: Europe & lastly I purchased a copy of Troyes Dice after watching a few playthroughs. If I like it as much as you like the R&R version of Rajas of the Ganges (Dice Charmers) I will be content.

  3. Seeland was a wonderful surprise for me Glad i own it.

  4. sharz and bear raid looks right around my alley. first rat maybe.i like racing style games.

  5. I managed to snag a copy of Vikings a couple of months ago. It’s a great mid weight tile drafting game and I’m pretty certain you will enjoy it.

  6. Vikings is great, one of my favourite mid weight games.

  7. I have been playing Vikings online at yucata. Pretty neat.

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