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Board Game Collection Tour

The Brothers Murph
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Today we decided ton go through and show off our board game collection! We’ve actually never done this as far as I know and so we thought it would be fun! If you want to see our collection on BGG go here:

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  1. Bing Bong is a great name for a con! But will Disney sue you for it? [yes, I know they don't own those words, and you know it, but do they know it?]

  2. I hate tins too, I have Forbidden Island, Mama Mia! and Sushi Go party I can't part with.

  3. Just a side note – I got a huge kick out of your declaration of "Po'sh Splo'sh", and that's what I'm calling it from now on. Also – "Spaas Baas"

  4. Who is this mysterious “praise be”?

  5. Long time viewer, first time commenting! Love your channel! I see you mentioned Sacramento…I am in Clovis…great job on the channel looking forward to your upgrades…so my only issue is that your West Kingdom games deserve to be on a higher shelf that’s about eye level! 😆😎

  6. Was it just me or did the Justin Beiber section get skipped??? 😥

  7. Where are you guys planning to do your convention? Looking forward to it

  8. What is your guess on the retail value of all these games together?

    I'm assuming you guys don't have young kids because there's nothing really for them in this cool collection. Even "junk" games like chutes N ladders, candyland, etc. No denying the little ones love those titles.

  9. Here is an idea for a future video challenge…
    Each brother starts with 1 game in their hand and takes turns with a clock counting up.
    1st brother puts their game next to any other game and has to give a reason why the two should be together.
    If the box does not fit in the space you want, find another spot. (that is the tough part!)
    Then take the game on either side of the two as your game for the next round.
    2nd Bro goes.
    You can call 1 mulligan per game if you are completely stuck, but the time you lost does not get reset. Pick another game.
    Play X Rounds. You decide before you start.
    Whoever has the lowest time wins.

  10. Obviously the shelf with the predator donkey is the best… Jkjk Your shelves have so many games I haven't played yet so its hard to pick one! But if I had to choose it'd be the Castles of Burgundy Special Edition, Its A Wonderful World/Kingdom shelf. Also the small box shelf with Point City/Salad, Sail, etc is a heck of a great shelf.

  11. Why don’t you have your Unmatched in an Unmatched Battle Box!?!

  12. why skip over the justin bieber game!? 😂

  13. You are lucky to have Ezra and Nehemiah on your shelf!

  14. Art Decko is a great economic deck builder. I don't think it's high on the variability component as you are trying to just have the most 'money' at the end of the game but the way you do that is easy and satisfying. This one is hard to suss out "how do I do well" in this game but the journey is worth it.

  15. Fun fact! If you're from Madrid, you pronounce it BarThelona, but if you're from Barcelona you pronounce it BarSeLona.

  16. DOG!

    Loved Mike appearing through the shelf like a weird cryptid, amusingly just a little above the game Cryptid. You have some great shelves of games, I'd love to own like a third of your collection, and don't think I could pick a single shelf as best.

  17. Wow. That's quite a collection. My daughter and I have been working our way through Decorum and it's a lot of fun.

  18. "Brass Birmingham (phbttbtpt)" Hahaha! Amen brother!

  19. You could make yourself solve all the crimes in a day challenge to get Chronicles of Crime played.

  20. My collection is weak. Need more time and money.

  21. So you’re just gonna skip over the Justin Bieber game huh? 😅

  22. Those floor to ceiling shelves are bonks – I left an open layer between top and ceiling to display large lego sets; i figured board games weren't expensive and time consuming enough, because I'm an idiot.

  23. Fantastic collection! Thanks for sharing!😊

  24. Nick's review of Brass Birmingham is a) accurate, and b) a great callback to the OG Rapid Reviews format. #NotLettingThatGo

  25. If you think "I feel like playing XYZ", do you know roughly where it is or have to spend time finding it?

  26. Great collection! Are those Billy book cases by IKEA?

  27. At 26:12 Coulda sworn you said "Finally got septima expansion Dimentia, God I Love Dimentia!"

  28. You guys are awesome. For someone that is "newer" to the hobby, you have helped me in so many ways, understanding games, learning games, and finding games i didn't know i would have liked. And i thank you for that.

  29. This was a lot of fun!! Thanks for doing this !,

  30. Do you have the Bruce Lee Unmatched? I am also an Unmatched fiend! I'd love to see foil cards as add-ons for your upcoming KS (which I will totally back, my brothers).

  31. A new series should be Mike popping up behind the game shelf and creepily talking about games.

  32. Love the Shelf of Shem, but you might need a second shelf, lol

  33. when your private collection is 10 times as well stocked as my local game store

  34. The best shelf might be the one with Orleans..I'm supposed your missing so many of my favorites

  35. Just brillliant…love the description of the games and the chaos of your shelves…

  36. Where did you buy your shelves?!? We need another option for our collection.

  37. Respectfully, do you allow us to rate the collection? I didn't see Merchants of the Dark Road so 0/10. Not even Bitoku to save the day?? The disrespect to me, personally…. I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

    The best shelf HAS to be Shelf of Shem, come on.. that one's hard to beat. (Just…. put Legacy of Yu there!!)

    Although Tapestry-The Wolves-Woodcraft is a lovely trio on one of the shelves as well! Thank you for showing us around, collection tours are always so much fun!

  38. Fun video. "Space Base" pronunciation was solid. But you forgot to mention "Furnace" (pronounced "Furnaché) at the 30:50 mark! (I think the only game you missed mentioning?)

  39. Poor "Furnace" didn't get mentioned at 31:00.

    Chronicles of Crime is my go to game for when we just want to chill on the couch. We'll cast the app to the TV so everyone can see it, especially when we are searching the room for clues.

    Oh. And best shelf is one with Power Grid on it, because Power Grid is on it. Haha.

  40. "Shelf of Shem"! Love that. Absolutley brilliant!

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