Board Game Crowdfunding - What I Did & Didn't Back - March 2022 -

Board Game Crowdfunding – What I Did & Didn’t Back – March 2022

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In which I talk about the games last month that I was interested in, and whether I backed them or not and why.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:20 – 51st State
0:03:47 – Ahau: Rulers of Yucatan
0:05:10 – Bloc by Bloc
0:06:47 – Deep Rock Galactic
0:10:03 – Dinosauria
0:11:33 – Earth
0:13:53 – Earth: Under Siege Flashpoint
0:15:20 – Hamlet
0:18:35 – Interlude
0:21:30 – Iliterrati
0:23:03 – Iron Forest
0:25:21 – Lobotomy 2: Manhunt
0:27:10 – Retrograde
0:29:18 – Small Samurai Empires
0:30:23 – Tang Garden Seasons
0:31:46 – The Lost Code
0:33:17 – Tindaya
0:34:48 – Tiwanaku
0:37:15 – Unsettled
0:38:19 – Warpgate Beyond
0:39:07 – If I Could Only Pick 3….

51st State –
Ahau –
Bloc by Bloc –
Deep Rock Galactic –
Dinosauria –
Earth –
Earth Under Siege: Flashpoint –
Hamlet –
Hand to Hand Wombat –
Illiterati –
Iron Forest –
Lobotomy 2 –
Retrograde –
Small Samurai Empires –
Tang Garden –
The Lost Code –
Tindaya –
Tiwanuku –
Unsettled –
Warpgate –

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  1. We backed Deep Rock Galactic and Illiterati. We where one of the 320 that backed Dinosauria plus the expansion. We decided not to get the deck of cards. It looks like a challenging solo game. With you on the thought of hoping it actually is a good game.

  2. With regards to the stuck Shipstation label (in case something like it happens again): Windows is such an amazingly-well programmed operating system with no issues at all… that sometimes when a popup label is shown, the close trigger for the label is missed so it stays on the screen. You can usually get rid of it quickly by just hovering the mouse pointer over another icon in the system tray (the area with the clock usually in the bottom-right if you don't know) so that a new label appears and closes the old label, when you move away from that icon the label should close setting you back to normal.

  3. Everytime you say you enjoyed Earth but found it too open-ended, I don't think you ever explained what you meant by it unless I missed it somehwere. What do you mean by too open-ended?

  4. As a fellow father of toddlers you singing the first 3 notes of blippis dinosaur song made an ear worm for me. It's handy that the Littles were dancing to it at that moment. On a side note your content keeps getting better and better. Can't wait to see what you produce next.

  5. Mmmm kingdom Forlorn was not March? İ getting older and older İ think i back 3 game 51 States, Tindaya and Earth under Siege.

  6. Alex, I think you might of forgot Motor City, the campaign ended on March 31st. I'm wondering did you back it? It was the only project I backed in March. I may be biased because I live in the Motor City.

  7. I backed 51st State because I've never played it before and it's Zee #!.

  8. Tang Garden is lovely on TTS. I like the game but didn't back it either.

  9. I'm excited to have backed the Artist previously known as Pachamama.

  10. @Alex Radcliffe
    What are your thoughts on "Battlestations: Dirtside" which should be delivering to backers later this year? The prototype got great reviews when it was released to reviewers. Also, the previous game "Battlestations: Second Edition" got great reviews as well. Therefore, the mechanics have proven excellent gameplay. Have you ever covered "Battlestations: Dirtside" on your channel?

  11. I always watched your videos. And since you are jobless now – I must leave comments to support you, because your content is great and I want you to succeed

  12. Of course crokinole is the best flicking game of all time.. but Catacombs 3E is a close 2nd and also 100% worth playing!

  13. 51st State 50 First Dates 51st State 50 First Dates 51st State…. say that 10 times.  

    That's all I could think about this entire video.

  14. I hope you have a wonderful Passover!! And some cool games too 🙂
    Please do show Petrichor, it's so pretty!!!

  15. ESC09; always curious if I missed something, usually there is than still a late pledge I can jump on😁

  16. I only backed Deep Rock Galactic so far this year. It’s one of my favorite video games and I’m a big fan of the designer as well. The designer also designed champions of Midgard!

  17. "I did not love Earth", "…but very excited for Earth Under Siege…" – 😈

  18. This month I had a big zero backed. The only one I was considering was Unsettled, and I decided I can wait.

  19. I’m assuming you didn’t back kingdoms forlorn.

  20. Lobotomy II looks like a game full of caricatures of mentally ill people. That put me off.

  21. These videos are the highlight of each month 🙂

  22. Bloc by Bloc is a fun Pandemic style game but I'm not sure it would rock your world. I have the first edition and would have Kickstarter the upgrade pack had I noticed it was live. Oh well.

  23. Tiwanaku looks cool but Jesse's quote saying it is Minesweeper made me completely stop paying attention to it and lose all interest… Will have to try it sometime because I like logic deduction games in Awkward Guests and Search for Planet X

  24. Nice! I've backed Tiwanaku as well. Made me feel like I've made a good choice then

  25. I keep going back and forth on Deep Rock Galactic. I know I'll have a lot of fun with it but I'm already getting most of Marvel Zombies and realistically, will DRG hit the table over Marvel? I don't think it will so I'll ultimately pass. Shelf control is HARD

  26. You two are a joy to watch together. ♥️

  27. backed not a single game in 2021 and this year im already at 3 (tidal blades, earth under siege, dark quarters cos im from europe) and will probably back 2 more (anastyr and sankokushin)

  28. No time to watch today, just listened to the first minute or two. If you only backed 4, it didn’t make sense to end with a “if I could just pick 3.” Maybe this month should have been a “if I could only back one?” 🙂

    Anyway, have a happy Passover.

  29. We're honored to have Earth Under Siege make the four games you backed…even if we didn't make the top three…haha! 🙂 Even so, it's awesome that we made the list, I consider it high praise 🙂

  30. I backed:
    The Lost Code
    Twin Palms

  31. You were talking about Lobotomy 2, and you mentioned that you have “Dawn of Madness” on you list of games to play.

    I backed that pledge on Kickstarter, and it will be my first dark-themed RPG. (I’m also HIGHLY interested in the upcoming Sankokyshin: Five Sacrifices).

    Anyhoo…curious what you think of Dawn of Madness…when you play it. It’s “supposed” to be ready in October of 2022.

    Wonder if it is really as dark-themed and interesting as they advertise. (I mostly play solo, so I’m also curious about its solo mechanics).

    Keep up the good work.

    You and your wife are great.

    Keep it professional, intelligent, and personal…and you are honoring your family, your Lord,and setting yourself up for success. (Unlike others who seem to be setting themselves up for disaster).

    Cheers, my friend.

  32. The only 1 I backed here is 51st state. I almost backed unsettled

  33. Everytime i see Mini's, i skip to the next game! Is it only me?

  34. I broke my rules last month and backed both Earth and Hamlet.

  35. Iron forest should've added that quote onto their campaign sheet; "It kept the kids occupied for 90m!". Great video, we were on the same page this time on almost every game Alex.

  36. Backed Unsettled, Tindaya, and 51st State. Love Unsettled and think Tindaya and 51st will both really fit well with the type of games we enjoy playing.

    Tindaya is a euro-style game which involves optimization, resource management, and action selection on a dynamically changing map. It also has a very unique and interesting spin on the typical resource collection / management aspect in that you are penalized if you take the last of a given resource or if you take/produce too many resources and create waste. This means that it is much more about finding the right balance and timing for your production engine as opposed to just trying to maximize resources. Do all that while trying to fend off conquistadores and keep from angering the gods by taking care of your people, natural resources, and presenting offerings to the gods. Oh, and you can sacrifice the conquistadors you capture!

    I agree it wasn't easy to get a really good feel for the game in a short timeframe / concise format but I think it might be one of those that if you'd played it you'd be backing it (specifically the competitive mode). And the PM just opened and is open for late backers… Just checking that shelf control! 😉

  37. “But who said it’s good?” “DINUHSOARS!” 😂 so amazing. Love how you sing whenever your wife is on the channel. It’s adorable.

  38. I backed 8 out of this list… I'm horrible…

  39. Loved this video…
    But where were all these reasons during your weekly video? By and large, you just say "get it at retail" or "if you like it, get it", but you're actually giving REASONS that are super valuable here! Super helpful, insightful, and so valuable! Late…could have saved me some money lol…but thank you for giving me your insights now anyway!

  40. So…funny story on Tiwanaku, I'm SHOCKED you backed it, and I chose NOT TO back it because the testimonials were SO disinteresting, and the words said about it were…meh?

  41. Wow you have more restraint than I do. I have no space to store Deep Rock Galactic but I backed it anyway. I've loved the PC game so that's probably why. I gotta sell some games to make space.

  42. Great video! I love when you do these with Rena each month (and how she tends to talk you into backing more). 🙂

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