Board Game Crowdfunding - What I Did & Didn't Back - September 2022 -

Board Game Crowdfunding – What I Did & Didn’t Back – September 2022

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In which I talk about the games last month that I was interested in, and whether I backed them or not and why.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:15 – Barbaric
0:03:00 – Ivion: Season 2
0:04:55 – Guns Or Treasure
0:06:16 – Nanolith
0:07:24 – Trailblazers
0:08:52 – Uluk
0:10:32 – Robomon
0:11:20 – Almost Innocent
0:12:47 – Kinfire
0:13:40 – Fugitive & Run
0:15:40 – Rivet Wars
0:16:35 – Legacy of Yu
0:18:11 – Weimar: The Fight for Democracy
0:19:40 – Keyforge
0:20:57 – Merchant’s Cove: Mastercraft
0:22:12 – Forsaken
0:23:05 – Quodd Heroes
0:24:20 – The Fox Experiment
0:25:15 – Dune: War for Arrakis
0:26:05 – Sagrada Artisans
0:27:04 – If I Could Only Pick 3….

Ivion Season 2
Guns or Treasure 
Almost Innocent
Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall
Rivet Wars: Reloaded
Legacy of Yu
KeyForge: Winds Of Exchange
Merchants Cove: Master Craft
Quodd Heroes (2nd Edition)
The Fox Experiment
Dune: War for Arrakis
Sagrada Artisans

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  1. 4:55 pretty sure she's talking about super fantasy brawl?

  2. Still love this item. Some good picks (as I backed them myself 😉

  3. Yay, Rina!! You guys are the best when you are together. 😊

  4. 4:45 I think the game you are looking for is Super Fantasy Brawl 😉
    12:45 I think the game you are looking for is The Key (the murder at Oakdale golf club version or something).

    I guess I made my own scavenger hunt game out of this video 😅

  5. I'm glad you don't back all games, otherwise we would miss all the banter between the two of you. Love it! 😁

  6. BTW, Sagrada Artisans did not fund until October 1!

  7. You two reaffirms my belief in love <3 You two are an amazing couple! I look forward to the day I find my board game partner :3

  8. Poor Rina! She couldn't catch a break for a while there =D

  9. Close to midnight in the Netherlands. It's nice to end the day watching you talking about your kids and games. Good energy, good souls.

  10. Yes!!! Love when you do videos with the wife!!!

  11. You should do a video about trick shot. It’s on gamfound now. It’s also possible you did this already and I am a moron. Haha

  12. Hi Alex, how do you find balance of Dune? I played two full games with TTS and it seemed way too random for so few rounds – I believe both games last just about 5 rounds with the last being almost symbolic.

  13. At the 5min mark shouting Super Fantasy Brawl at my Laptop made my wife check on me 🙂

  14. Always love these videos. Looking at the format, I think I like the full screen better. Mainly it just squishes the pages so it doesn't display them as well with the tablet size.

  15. Mmm I’m not too much in the new format but I saw it from my mobile… maybe from the pc will be better.
    I back Nanolith, robomon, Forsaken and… sea of legends… 4 games… ouch

  16. Question is: Did you get the collectors case for Quodd heroes?

    The game seems so cool and really like the designers attitude and persistence to get this out in the world so I did!

  17. Animal Characters where you have to learn each one and have pillars and Reena destroys Alex's…..Super Fantasy brawl!

  18. Dune and Sea of Legends for a dollar (War likely will end up being an all-in). This month is way tougher. Oathsworn. Mosaic. Wonderland’s War. My poor wallet…

  19. Went for Nanolith. Said I'd wait til retail with Fox Experiment. This month and next month scare me, went in on TG:KoR and Oathsworn. Battling FOMO on Deep Madness. And of course CDMD is going to ruin me.

  20. Heroscape is live on Hasbro Pulse. I haven’theard anything since it’s initial announcement. Looks cool but Seams a bit expensive like they are trying to capitalize on the resale of the older out of print sets.

  21. Thankfully backed nothing last month. October, lets not talk about October. 🙂

  22. This is probably my favorite video series on the channel. Reminds me of Shelf or Sell from the podcast. Bring back the shelf or sell game so we can have more than one of this type of video a month (in your infinite free time). Great work!

  23. Please always do this series, I love it so much.

  24. September was a drought, didn't back anything. Few that were interesting were very expensive for what they were. Prices horrible right now.
    Now we're dealing with a flood of games, but with these prices, being very selective.

  25. She’s choosing worse than ever this time around!

  26. Might be the two beers I had while watching football… or it might be the lack of sleep… or the meds I'm downing for this few-weeks-long cold. But I couldn't help but laugh (and consequently) cough when Alex goes " Who cares!?" 😀 Oh my… This is why I LOVE these videos with Rina <3

  27. Barbaric had so much potential, but i feel they went crazy with the pricing and the 2 separate core boxes

  28. You, guys, are so cute. Love watching you☺

  29. This video is a high light every month. If I can get a Patreon wish in here it would be a game of Quad heroes between you two. May the best Rina win 🙂

  30. Its because of your videos that I invested into Quodd Heroes!

  31. Alex, I respect your bravery, not many people are aware that board gaming is one of the most dangerous hobbies, right along side base jumping and rock climbing.

    Each month you sit there with your wife beside you listing off your thousands of dollars of board game purchases. You look care free and happy and yet your life must be in mortal danger.

    At any moment your life could be over in an instant as a 4kg box of mage knight ultimate is broken over the back of your head and the last thing you hear is your wife cackling “you said it was the last one!”

    I commend your bravery and please tell us the secret to your long life in such perilous circumstances!

  32. Watching your "What I Did & Didn´t Back" is like a social sit com game in itself. And I LOVE IT! Love this show so much!

  33. 28:00 What? Why would you take Forsaken out?
    I thought that you were going to take Quodd Heroes out – because you already own the 1st Edition… So I guess that would leave Dune: War for Arrakis.

  34. Came for video with Rina, stayed for video with Rina.

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