Board Game Hangover Board Game Collection ( Janis G. ) -

Board Game Hangover Board Game Collection ( Janis G. )

Board Game Hangover
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Visit Janis G. and take a look at his board game collection in all its glory.

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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Board game Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!



  1. Im also have a lot of gmt-games, most command & colors. Will have a look on Here i stand. Very funny video 🙂

  2. Where did you get that amazing shirt Janis?

  3. Only GMT games, nothing Wortinghton? 😊

  4. Actually you should check great war commander. It use the same system as combat commander but more beautiful and also little bit better because of artillery and TANKS.

  5. More views, more subscribers? Simple solution .. do …How to play videos. 🙂 Just a suggestion. (Thanks for sense of humor in your videos)

  6. If my house burn? Take biggest bag I have and take all of them 😀

  7. Amazing video! Janis, could you please come here to burn my wife`s board games collection? I`m already tired of playing Azul, Carcassonne, That's Pretty Clever, Patchwork etc all the time

    btw Yanis G collection is awesome!

  8. Hey guys, great video!
    How can I join the Discord channel?

  9. Mage knight is the one I am gonna save for sure then probably Anachrony, Too Many Bones, Arnak, Dice Throne, City Of the Great Machine, Star Realms, Spirit Island, Warp Edges and … Nemesis ofc!

  10. Have each of the kids grab another game each on their way out. 🙂

  11. Finally some mtg appeared in this channel. 🙌🙌
    Big Alien fan here too, I didn't play any of those though.
    Fun video. Cheers.

  12. The finale where he was running outside looking through the window was funny as hell.

  13. I want to see a game which kicks Eclipse 2nd ed or Dune Imperium out of Top 10. Runewars is out of print for sure.

  14. This feels familiar, didn't you guys make him cull like 4-6 months ago?

  15. #1) Never let anyone compel you to get rid of even one game that you enjoy and want to keep.

    #2) Don't despair of games which you have trouble getting to the table. You never know.

    #3) Your English is better than that of many persons for whom English is their first language. (That goes for both of you.)

  16. Hahaha
    I’d save:
    – Dune imperium
    – Gaia Project
    – Isle Of Skye
    – telestration
    – wingspan
    – Decrypto
    – Teotihuacan
    – Spirit Island
    – azul
    – lost cities

  17. This video made me check out your patreon! 👍

  18. I save Spirit Island, Arkham LCG Eldritch Horror and Robinson Crusoe.

  19. Welcome to the moon!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤ that game is FANTASTIC! 8 game in one box, and a ton of suprises if you play the campaign.

  20. Mechs vs Minions, Nemesis, and Rune Wars are the only ones I like in that collection, and some party games.

    Me and Janis definitely have similar taste in boardgames lols. Burnnnn the collection! ahaha

  21. ome the run outside was perfect! and I will look forward to you arrival in canada to burn my collection.

  22. A real omnigamer. I enjoy the euro, ameritrash, etc, and war games. Thanks for showing some war games. I find it frustrating that most channels seem to be all war game or no war game … why??

  23. Curious you saved all the games you said your wife liked 😉

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