Board Game Mail Haul! -

Board Game Mail Haul!

Professor Meg
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This is a big mail haul of things I’ve purchased and received lately at my PO Box, I hope you enjoy! Links below for everything I mention!

You can find me on Instagram!

And on the Boardvengers channel!

And also on Twitch playing Gloomhaven with Alex from @BoardGameCo

Isle of Cats Explore & Draw –
Azul: Queen’s Garden –
Steamforged Games –
1985 Games, my affiliate link!
Thank you Santiago! –
The Army Painter –
Cult of the Deep –
Betrayal at House on the Hill –
Trailblazer –

0:00:00 – Intro
0:01:00 – Isle of Cats Explore & Draw and Azul
0:02:18 – Bardsung
0:05:10 – 1985 Games
0:05:51 – Stickers
0:06:37 – AEG
0:07:36 – The Army Painter
0:09:35 – Cult of the Deep
0:10:39 – Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Edition
0:11:49 – Trailblazer
0:12:33 – Grabbing one more box
0:13:25 – Steamforged goodie box


  1. New sub! Liked 🤣🙏🧨🧨

  2. This was so fun! It's fun to see how excited you get. 🙂 Can't wait to see some painting sessions and more about Animal Adventures. I have that one too, but no one to play it with….yet!!!

  3. I keep hearing about isle of cats, but I've never played it!

  4. Hi Meg. Saw you on quack and cos channels and enjoyed watching. Glad you made it back to you tube. INIS is also a great game. I also want my copy of Bardsong!!

  5. I swear you had 600 subs when I watched your other video this morning. Congrats on 1k!

  6. I'd love to hear a review of the smaller paint set – if you ever have the chance.

  7. Hey Professor. I've seen you a few times on other channels, and have been persuade to sub. I don't do Instagram. Just got Bardsung myself, cannot wait to dive in….on the fence about INIS. 😉 Just remembered….someone needs a proper "weapon" for opening boxes lol

  8. I’ve been considering trying army’s speed paint to try a pseudo-sundrop one-color thing! I hope the paint tickles you pink and brightens your day!

  9. This is going to be a very Inis kind of day. 😉

  10. I love that haul! I have Horizon and LOVE IT, i also have the speed paints and they are incredible!!!!!!

  11. This type of content helps me fill the void waiting for my Kickstarters to finally arrive. Your excitement is also infectious. Thank you!

  12. I had a blast playing Explore and Draw with you. Took it to my parents last weekend. My mom ended up winning and loved it. Said it's her new favorite game! And if Alex is watching, I need to try Inis some time.

  13. I really enjoyed your video. Part of it is seeing the cool stuff coming in, but it really is the energy and emotion that you express. I love finding people who are genuine in their contact. I’m relatively new to the space and am glad I found your channel. Also yay for your husband, for the sound of it he will find joy from the horizon stuff! Cheers

  14. OMG all the puppies 😍 you know where I am if you need a painting assistant!

  15. Hey Meg, I'm really liking the stuff you are unpacking. Looking forward to future content. Have you played Inis ? The Army Speed Paint set is on my need list. See Ya Soon !

  16. Outstanding haul. Out of everything what game are you most looking forward to play?

  17. Awesome! loving your videos. you were highly recommended on some cool videos. definitely checking them out. Sometime entering for INIS giveaway. thank you and looking forward to more awesome videos.

  18. OMG! Jealous of the Bardsung, Inis, and Army Painter haul! Gonna research what the 3rd Ed. Differences are with Betrayal!

  19. The paint sets are definitely something that I'm considering picking up since I already have a backlog of miniatures that I'd LOVE painting and I'm sure that our older (4yo) daughter would LOVE to partake in the painting. The issue might just be that there's a 4yo running around when trying to paint 😀

  20. Great video! Good to see you are back! Ah yes, and also: Inis. Apparently that's what the cool kids are talking about these days.

  21. I really enjoyed this! But it also reminded me that half of my Bardsung all-in pledge has been lost in the mail for over 2 months now…so now I'm a little jealous! So glad you're back!!

  22. Really would like to see a painting Video! Received my first KS back with minis and would really love to get them to the pre painted games like Mechs and Minions… also let's see a Inis 1vs1 with Alex!

  23. Hello! Found you from Boardgameco. He says you enjoy the game Inis! It was really fun watching your mail haul! 👍

  24. Hey Professor 🙂 Tired of seeing Inis in your comments yet? I've been following you on Instagram for a minute and I'm excited to see what you do in the youtube space! Loved this video!

  25. This is so much better than an unboxing video. Much better surprises! Love your energy!

  26. Saw you on Quak. Keep up the content! INIS to see more people in the hobby!

  27. hmmm, I love Isle of Cats, have to try the expansion…Inis to Alex

  28. New subscriber here, looks like you'll be busy making new content for a minute with that haul!
    When will we see you beat Alex at Inis?

  29. Seen you on Instagram but never youtube! Good stuff! Inis

  30. Lovely edits, I would like shades mega set, already own Speedpaint set.

  31. Inis in my language means “irritated”. But I am now. 🙂

  32. Would love to try out all those paints. Heck I would love to try everything you got.

  33. Great video! Looking forward to see more details about all those games! Would love to have Horizon Zero Dawn show up in my mailbox

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