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Board Game Organization | Organization Hack | How to organize board games

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Today I’ll be showing you a clever way to organize board games and save precious space! Let’s consolidate those board games and puzzles and get them organized!
What area do you need help organizing? What should we organize in our next video?

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Products I used:
THIN portable organizing bins:
THICK portable organizing bins:

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  1. GREAT idea I will definitely use this thanks

  2. AHHH, I’ve been on a BINGE trying to find something realistic without it being flimsy bags. Ordering these NOW and new sub from me. THANK YOU!

  3. This was a new idea. Thanks for sharing it and your son was adorable!

  4. It hurts me to see you cut up those board game boxes but other than that it's so satisfying to see how these all fit in!

  5. I did this awhile back but used zipper pouches! I also burned my boxes 😂
    It felt so good to downsize

  6. Thank you for posting the links! I'm also going to use these for my jigsaw puzzles. Both are eyesore in my closet and it drives me nuts lol

  7. I actually like keeping my boxes, I like displaying them since they are part of the collection as well 🙂

  8. Brilliant! I had a few panic attacks in the beginning watching the boxes get cut, but the easy music helped and by the end I was into the whole process peacefully.

  9. Were there any board games where the board didn't fit? I feel like I have a bunch of games where the pieces would fit, but the board is too long.

  10. You remove the games from their boxes. Yes, it is mind-blowing. It's a sacrilege. It hurts my heart.

  11. This is probably the best storage method for big game boxes, and photo storage is the more efficient solution for the small ones. Although this is only for some.

    I am too attached to the external boxes; could imagine some people facing the same dilemma. Besides, this method drops the chance of reselling the game at a fair price, this problem could be eliminated by testing the game a reasonable number of times before making the decision to add it permanently to my collection.

    My main concern is being able to find the exact storage model when I expand my collection; I don't think that in Brazil, we have a long-term company in marketing producing them like USA Iris, but I will do my research.

    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Having that aesthetic interiors really needs to have those organizers to make it looks neat.

  13. I have a question around how this scales with finding a board game you want to play. If you wanted to play Monopoly, for example, do you now need to look throith every case to find monopoly? Whereas before you can immediately find monopoly just by looking at all the boxes.

  14. I love this idea but I can’t bring myself to destroy the boxes, so I might store them in the attic then just put a print out of the cover on the inside 🙂

  15. It PHISICALLY hurts me to not put the board game in the box, but i also blame the board game creators for making such big boxes for the tini games
    also when you cut the boxes into the cool plastic containers, it game me the feling of relief but a the same time dread!

  16. I've never been this offended by a video… damn this is a crime against humanity. I understand you need some space, but if you can do this to your games, you probably didn't like them anyways. just sell them to people that do appreciate them more.

  17. Can you stack the larger ones on the smaller and vice versa?

  18. Okay, so now I have seen so many of these videos of people doing this to these board games. So my question is, since most of these seem to be kids games, what are you going to do when your kids grow out of thee games or if you decide you don’t want some of these games anymore? You can’t exactly donate or gift them anymore without the box? I was never looking for these types of organization videos I have a extremely large collection so I routinely have to cull games which is why I don’t understand why so many people are destroying boxes for especially kids game which will make it nearly impossible to sale, gift, or donate in the future when your kids are grown out of them. So what you just throw the entire game away once your kids are done?

  19. I plan to get some of those organizers on the future, but it physically hurts me the idea of ripping a box. Knowing myself I would end up taking all the empty boxes and store them inside a bigger box, inside another bigger box, inside another bigger box….

  20. Kinda smart. Never gonna sell them so makes sense. Just do like seeing the artwork on the whole box for some

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