Board Game Purge: Selling My Collection -

Board Game Purge: Selling My Collection

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In this board game cleanout video, Janis G. is parting ways with some board games to create room for a refreshed collection that’s tailored to his and his wives preferences.

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  1. This was hilarious and painful at the same time! 😂 you did such a better job than me, last time trying to make some space 🙈 and hence the reason, I’ve never sent a shelfie 🤣 it’s still a huge mess & I put some even away in boxes in the attic thinking „if I don’t miss them during a year, I need to let go of them for good“ – I’m always trying to find a loophole 😉 congratulations on your decluttering journey and keep up your awesome channel 🥳

    PS. Your wife will probably hate me for saying this now, but I actually do think that it is a bit unfair to keep your family games, her favourite ones AND your comics in „your“ shelf 🫣 but guess that‘s the „loophole hunter“ in me 😂 I’m truly happy to hear that she was happy and wish both of your families only the best and lots of fun playing together ☺️

  2. It's an addiction.
    I have 196 games and 26 I've not yet played.
    Kinda madness.
    I've got a 4' x 2' metal shop shelf 5 shelves. I polished the galvanized steel and it's deep enough to put 95% of my games in, library book style, on each side of the shelves.
    I don't have enough years left on Earth to get serious use out of them. all.

  3. Congratulations! I purged an eighth of my collection earlier this month.

  4. Great video so funny. Are you going to do a video to show us which games you got rid of? Or too painful? Lol

  5. but SAGA is not a game. Move that to a different shelf immediately 😂

  6. Super-duper channel! Stumbled on it while I was looking for Return to Dark Tower reviews so I’m checking out your content. I really like the high production quality with down-to-earth delivery, the informative and thoughtful opinions, and the funny quips. Either you were hiding or I just got out of the cave…

  7. Now that the collection is more tidy, we need a Janis board game tour!

  8. My wife would never tell me to sell my board games. That’s just ridiculous. She knows I love them and she wants me to be happy. I show her the same respect. Makes a good marriage

  9. So funny. I’m going through the same thing. After watching this I guess I have no excuses. I might start this weekend. 😒

  10. Verrrry nice🎉🎉🎉!
    Now get rid of 7th continent, it is funny and well designed … but playing it is boring with thousand of better board game you would rather play without the heavy heavy cards admin and the absence of narratives … and get back Star Wars rebellion!!! It is sooooo better! 😜 (needs to go back on the top ten 2player games of alllll time!)

  11. Huge approval of SAGA on the shelf! Those cannot be culled it's forbidden.

  12. If my wife would give me an ultimatum like this, the video would be 10 seconds long…. i respond really bad to ultimatums. I'm safe though, because she knows this xD.

  13. are you selling/trading the other games or hiding them?

  14. Lollllllll laughing out loud watching this 😂

  15. That was quite the cull! You guys still taking submissions for shelfies?

  16. What a bittersweet but liberating feeling to purge your collection. Sad to see Nemesis (I think) not making the cut. It was one of your must haves! I just got a copy and looking forward to play it.

    As for a boardgame review request I would like to see Hegemony or Tiletum next!

  17. this was SO FUN!!!!!!! I laughed many times! :D:D

  18. You guys are awesum! Love all your content. Top notch like always with so many funny (but true) moments!

  19. The only kind of cleansing that one wants to watch 😂

  20. You guys are extremely likeable, the chemistry between you is massively heartwarming. Thank you.
    A couple suggestions for Janis that would either go on that dripping top shelf or somewhere inbetween: Pax Pamir (it's so good! try it solo too) and Pavlov's House.

  21. you guys are too damn funny! This also made me realize my shelf space is almost maxed…eeek!

  22. You are not taking my board games off me a live!

  23. Yeah this was such a lovely and funny and entertaining video, I feel like I learned about you two more as friends, and it was very refreshing and nice to watch! Definitely a subscriber now and not just a lurker xD Great content, and definitely relatable for anyone who's ever had to move or clean their house!!! XD

  24. See that is a life choice and the choice is also BOARD GAMES. The family that plays together stays together.

  25. Also I just can't watch this, getting rid of board games huts my soul.

  26. I'm loving Janis G.'s haircut! Looking good dude!

  27. Great video! Sad to see Concordia go tho….. 🙁

  28. You are a brave, brave, brave man! Good on ya!

  29. I have a very clingy and soft spot for games I own (Board Games or Video Games). I hold on to them usually due to sentimental values, sentimental by mean my engagement with the game and to myself when playing them. This is a hard watch but was really funny 😂.

  30. If you're selling "Feed the kraken" please sell it to me🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. Where do you sell these games?

    I could pick some up, too. My girlfriend is from Riga and we'll visit Latvia next year. 😀

  32. 1 wife vs so many games… hmmmm, easy choice 😉

  33. If you ever need some extra space I would happily take that Mechs vs Minions 😂

    Idk if you are Warcraft fan, but this episode reminded me of The Culling of Stratholme, or should i say The Culling of Janis 😂 hahahahaha

  34. Hegemony looks looks like a really interesting game to review

  35. This is straight up free therapy for board game hoarders 😀And man, you guys are setting the bar for humor done right – not the usual cheesy & cringe stuff. Hope to meet you one day in Essen – greetings from Romania!

  36. I think if the rule is all boardgames are only on that shelf, you should be allowed to move your comics/books off to a diffrent shelf to have those inportant few inches. also any games that now seeing the extra room you pulled back?

  37. "I think i'm gonna have space left over for new games!" was the realest thing I've heard.

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