Board Game Reviews Ep #213: LA GRANJA -

Board Game Reviews Ep #213: LA GRANJA

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  1. Not my thing: too many bits! I think once a game has more individual kinds of mechanics, systems and parts than, say, Monopoly or Hero Quest, it gets kind of frustrating for me. It all starts to get too abstracted and complicated without necessarily being more clever or complex.

  2. I keep trying to get into this game with my boyfriend… and it never works. It's just sooo complex

  3. When are you going to release your dairy themed card game?

  4. I my favourite part of la granja is the bacon tasting phase where you change all the pigs into attack mode and swing for game

  5. meanwhile someone has yet to make the Soviet Union version of a farming game.

  6. "Majorca" is pronounced "ma-YOR-ka" (and is spelled "Mallorca" in Spanish, apparently Majorca is an alternative English spelling? no idea why the English decided to do that)

  7. Have you ever played Journey Wrath of Demons? It's a Journey to the West board game.

  8. One doesn’t experience self transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates….🟥

  9. I'm curious how long it'll be til we see board game videos in the new house

  10. I'm working on one game and have ideas for two more so I love to watch these videos for information (and to see if someone has already made my idea)

  11. Fun fact: "La Granja" means "Big Fat Fucking Pig" in spanish.

  12. I work at red lobster and something that makes me happy and a lover of all creatures is I kiss the fish or lobsters before preparing them for you. Keeps everything in balance at my job and karma is good.

  13. I work at red lobster and something that makes me happy and a lover of all creatures is I kiss the fish or lobsters before preparing them for you. Keeps everything in balance at my job and karma is good

  14. "J"s are "H"s in spanish words. I hate it because i never know i'm reading spanish words until it's to late. Looking at you quesadilla!! And you Jefe!!

  15. in Spanish that <j> is pronounced as a hard sound on the back of the mouth, so its more acurate if you pronounce it as gran-ha

  16. At what stage in life is it too late to get used to saying "die" instead of "dice" when it's singular?

  17. every time you post a game review i wonder, where's the step that you can take your cow's milk to the grocery store.

  18. i would love seeing you review the stardew board game. I have it and would love to hear a second opinion on it I have fun playing it and it is very much playable by yourself.

  19. This whole time I couldn’t stop staring at the pig space. He just such a big boy.

  20. I love that how you pronounce it sounds more catalan than spanish

  21. I love this series and this one is no exception

  22. Which board game reviewer has the most subscribers? I know Shut Up and Sit down recently beat Dice Tower for most subscribers.

  23. Where’s the token for the somersaulting cheese factory?

  24. hey can you do a game for more than 4 people that isnt werewolf or exploding kittens

  25. You should review ‘Mine all mines’. My dad is a big board game guy and he didnt like it; id love to see what you think. 😉

  26. Hi, I know this is a board game review and my comment isn't relevant to this video, but I came from the Coca Cola testing video, and I just wanted to say there are a lot of different off brand styles of root bear, cherry cola, ginger ale, and other wacky flavors of soda. If there are off brand shops and stores where you live like that, I would totally recommend trying some as some taste absolutely wonderful. My favorite has to be Iron Horse root bear. It has a spicy but subtle taste that really feels refreshing.

  27. Nice! La Granja is neat. Day 70-something of asking ProZD to review 1830: Railways and Robber Barons!

  28. The design with the four ways to play the same card is quite interesting

  29. I’m so glad to see that a childhood hero is still living

  30. Cool to see that farm card game bit he did fully realized

  31. So many "dice" used as singular… .

    I really do like these types of games, so this is another to add on to my list of "Maybe one day I'll get it and then maybe one day I'll actually play it."

    Thanks for the video.

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