Board Game Reviews Ep #222: RAMBO: THE BOARD GAME -

Board Game Reviews Ep #222: RAMBO: THE BOARD GAME

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  1. Watch First Blood and Rambo 4. You don't need any of the others.

  2. This game looks intriguing. Your review and insights are appreciated, thank you! ✌️

  3. Never seen Rambo? Wth…You need to watch the movies to review this game, signing off.

  4. Most important rule is have to read/speak all cards as Stallone voice.

  5. I love the super chill music juxtaposed with the bloodbath action of RAMBO

  6. One way to add a little luck/excitement to the combat would be to add a modifier deck when you do damage, similar to Gloomhaven.

  7. Hey can you make a board game video about King of Tokyo? I recently got into the game and i think it would be pretty cool
    Keep up the amazing content!

  8. It is not a board game, but did you consider doing Middle Earth Strategy Battle? Rules are praised as some of the best for table top and the “Pelennor Fields” box got a ton of easy to assemble miniatures.

  9. gigachaddrinksamogusmlgsuspotionat3amomgnowayman says:

    If youre here early and see this comment ur a true chad

  10. “I’ve never seen a Rambo movie…” wtf….

  11. Am a Stallonian from Kyle Dunigans Channel here's you a YOOoooOH!

  12. I was here at this time when Prozd never saw Rambo.

  13. Oh, I own this game! I haven't played it yet, though.

  14. meanwhile there are Vietnamese playing this board game, lol.

  15. Rambo: First Blood is completely different from pretty much all the other Rambo movies. Definitely something you should watch. It’s a good movie with a good message.

  16. When I see him doing the board games wearing a Stardew Valley Shirt I always ask myself why he hasn’t reviewed the Stardew valley board game. I mean…wouldn’t that make sense?

  17. I've never watched a board game review… but you've got my attention

  18. The point about dice and sterile combat was really interesting. Love these reviews, they help me gain a better understanding of board games – tbh games in general

  19. They took the dice out of Rambodemic: War of the War 🙁

  20. Rambo first blood is the obvious best, but if you want a FUN movie watch Rambo 4. It is insane and hilarious but also super well done. Rambo 5 was extremely disappointing

  21. Like he said, I'm not sure if using dice is the answer to make combat better, because they do rely on risk and luck, but it does feel kinda weird that a game that focuses on stealth doesn't really have a risk and luck mechanic.

    The game seems to work for what it is, I'd probably have some fun it myself, but as is said it is more puzzle since you know "I can kill that guard but it will raise Alert and make the other one see me" instead of "I can kill that guard, but there's the risk I'll alert the other guard" with a dice roll.

  22. 0:54 Bruh he's never even seen a Rambo movie this is where i clicked off the video

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