Board Game Reviews Ep #251: PITCHSTORM -

Board Game Reviews Ep #251: PITCHSTORM

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  1. You know the game is good when ProZD chuckles while reading the card XD

  2. This feels a lot like Channel A but for non-anime movies; definitely sounds like a fun party game that I might look into snagging!

  3. My dude, you need to try out Nemesis. It's a semi co-op alien survival, where you, and up to 4 other players, pick characters and with your special skills and objectives try to survive on an alien infested ship before either bailing out, fighting the aliens or sending the ship to a certain location.Are you a rogue player?Are the others rogue players?Does it matter for your objective?Lots of variables and with the right kind of group I think the game can be incredibly fun. Also the figurines included with the game are FANTASTIC, even if they are VERY similar to xenomorphs and/or tyranids.

  4. Seems a lot like “the extraordinary adventures of baron munchausen” and “aye dark overlord”

  5. I love this game! It’s one of my favorites to play with a group of friends. I’m not the best improviser, but I have been writing as a hobby for like 28 years, so I am good at bullshitting story ideas.

  6. sadly how Hollywood movies were done these days.

  7. This game looks tight! Wow wow wow… wow. Playing it looks super easy, barely an inconvenience!

    But seriously this looks like someone thought "what if Pitch Meeting, but a board game?"

  8. I've been kicking around an idea for a TV version of this for a while now, but could never get things to feel right. Looks like Skybound managed to crack it, and good on them. It's a fun concept.

  9. Looks fun and not too hard. In fact looks super easy, barely an inconvenience

  10. I'm pretty awful and improv, and in fact very much dislike it (because I'm bad at it), but this seems pretty fun. Also I just saw they have a Creature Feature standalone or expansion pack, so I'm sold. I adore creature features. I feel like if you went full MST3K/RiffTrax on this, it would be that much more fun (and easy to improv, because it's supposed to be wild).

  11. This game is a ton of fun! Bought it a while ago played a few times with friends.

  12. The red notecards are in the build a bear font

  13. This is completely unrelated, but did I just see you in a movie trailer!?!?

    Also…game looks pretty cool!😅

  14. oh man, when hollywood turns their game into an actual game😮

  15. Yo I didn’t know ur in that blackberry movie ? That’s crazy, you’ve been popping off recently. Congrats

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