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DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Rivals – The Flash vs the Reverse Flash on BoardGameGeek:

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  1. every card having the trademark icon on it is so distracting, man.why'd they do that?

  2. It's understandable that you are conflicted in Rivals. The symbols mean nothing when building your deck. You can still construct your deck the way you want it. The symbol only comes into play when you're constructing the main deck if you're mix and match other rival oversized cards i.e. Superman vs Joker and Zantanna vs Wonder Woman. It does mean you just got to stick with those cards because that's your character's cards.

  3. I own every set of the DC deck building game series. I had huge expactations for this as reverse flash is my favourite character. The flow of this version seems off, and overall just an underwhelming experience (or we just didnt understand how we should be playing it properly…). The other 1 vs 1 versions are better and more fluid than this one, the best is the Teen Titans one if you'd like to look into it.

  4. I usually ignore the symbols when playing. They're primarily there for when you want to mix & match with Confrontations or the other Rivals sets.(Ex: Green Lantern vs. Reverse Flash).

  5. I also saw other versions of the game like the heroe and villain pack. Is this semi similar to cards against humanity where you can add packs together in the game or are they two different experiences?

  6. I actually really like that Reverse-Flash can make it possible to go through the entire main deck, which is pretty tricky in the other Rivals sets, and outright impossible in Confrontations. Reverse-Flash can try and push for a victory through VPs, but has to be careful if that would end up losing the game for him, especially since a lot of the Villains are worth 0 VP, to synergize with some of his other abilities. The Flash has to stop Reverse-Flash from destroying too many cards, and try to win through Confrontations, or pick up some of the cards designed for the Reverse-Flash for himself to take advantage of the situation.

    The Kickstarter version I played added 6-7 extra cards to the main deck, and even though that doesn't sound like much, that might do a lot to make sure the game doesn't end too early.

  7. I love Deck Builder so much. I've actually been playing it since before I read comics and at this point, I bought literally every set.

    I personally love the Rivals series because it can be a pain in the ass to find good two-player games and I've yet to see a deck builder other than Rivals that does as good of a job at working well at two. However, I very much agree with your complaint about the verbiage of Confront and Block. That has always been the biggest hurdle for me when trying to teach this game.

  8. You are my hero, I came across your channel on a video of you explaining what monopoly pieces meant😂😂😂on a date and she walked away

  9. Reverse Flash's thing is destroying your cards and doing someone's mom because he is that evil.

  10. It isn’t really rivalry between them though. More like one is a obsessed stalker and the other the victim.😅

  11. This looks very similar to the star wars deck building game with the 1v1 duel style. I love the star wars one, you should review it!

  12. Being the devil's advocate here but in the defense of the designer they could been going for the card removal win for Reverse Flash due to lore reasons. Reverse Flash can't just outright kill the Flash due to time paradox reasons, his goal is to only make the Flash's life as horrible as possible. It could been completely intentional the let down win condition exist the way it does to reflect that. I honestly have to respect that if that was the goal even if it meant the game suffered due to it. I assume it is a game for diehard fans anyway who would enjoy the nod.

  13. I'm a little late but I do have a question. Have you heard of the game Selfish? Not sure if you've played it before cause god knows I'm not looking through a sea of videos to possibly find one game. It's very fun would recommend!

  14. Whos here after seeing ProZD at the Summer Game Fest?

  15. Oh snap, you didn't just review a DC card game.

  16. i love this series and i REALLY like the rivals series but flash vs. anti flash is the weakest of the series. I really like the Batman one

  17. So, you were at the Summer Games Fest, that must’ve been an honor

  18. Btw congratulations i saw you on the summer game fest on the Marvel snap new update trailer

  19. ProZd reviewing a DC card game while sponsoring a Marvel card game: "I'm playing on both sides so that I always come out on top"

  20. Loved the video, didn't expect myself to be interested in board game reviews but here we are. Keep on the good work!

    I've actually started browsing through the reviews and wanted to recommend a board game Diplomacy. Sorry if you mentioned it somewhere before and I just didn't notice, I only recently became interested in board games.

  21. I actually own all three of the rivals series (Batman V Joker, Green Lantern V Sinestro, and Flash V Reverse-Flash) and Confrontations, which is like a multiplayer add-on to the rivals games which you can actually use the rivals characters if you want. Although I've only ever played Batman V Joker and Confrontations with three players. I actually enjoyed Confrontations, but neither of my friendos really liked it. Funnily enough one of the cards in Confrontations allows you to basically back out of a confrontation when you play it. But the few times I've played Batman V Joker it tends to not be as enjoyable as just playing 1 on 1 deck-building or a 2-player co-op Crisis. The three lives on a character tends to make the games pretty short even with block, and it's not as good as having seven or more super-villains. Although if the problem of the game being too short because Reverse-Flash is destroying the deck too fast you could just add in some cards from one of the base sets. It may also add back in some of that joy of picking cards that aren't tailor suited to one of the heroes.

    Actually I think if you're looking for a good 1 on 1 deck building game I might recommend Teen Titans Go! deck-building if you can find it. I know the concept might put some people off, but it's (for some reason) only a 2 player game and me and my friend that I play it with actually usually have a good time with it.

  22. I think watching you play someone would help me visualize how the game works. I'm sure to keep it short though this format is better

  23. Pro zd got one of the funniest reactions at SGF. Was there and everyone was dying

  24. Ok I finally GET it…..the game company must pay you a LOT of $$$…because….NOBODY watches these…..

  25. if you add up 2 5 4 you get 11. 11 minutes in theres 6 seconds left in the video. We used 3 numbers.. 3 6s is 666 .. ProZD Sus???

  26. Are you the Chinese guy from blackberry movie?🤔

  27. A great review! It helped me realize another Rivals was out so thank you for that! I would say that in terms of being stuck with having cards that obvious go to you, that is heavy in rivals, but seems much worse for this particular one! Batman v Joker is a much stronger balance of being able to grab any card regardless of who you play and Confrontations, the 2v2 is overall much better at it than any of the rivals!
    A homebrew I often run to make the game more fun is removing the game ending if the deck runs out(tho maybe that won't work for this version as well with RF's whole power) and just deck it out till someone snags the other's character cards and sometimes even homebrew it so that the confrontation or buy cards choice is removed if no one is liking that.
    You may excellent points all around and I would suggest the other versions to much better. Confrontations might be my favorite of the DC deck building as someone who owns them all!

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