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Hey friends! SOOOO this video was supposed to go up like 3-4 days ago BUT this refresh took a lot longer than I anticipated. It went from just a simple reorganization of my board games to an entire room refresh because I am just crazy like that. I hope you enjoy the video and have a great week!

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  1. It turned so well and beautiful! Happy for you🎉

  2. You need the Collector's Edition boxes for the west kingdom series 🙂

  3. Your collection is amazing!! Off topic but can I ask where you got the dice looking bowl/decor thing next to your TV? I had one but I got it from the thrift store, and haven't been able to find a new one since it broke. Would really love to!

  4. Hey Jenna! Looking to remodel a basement room into our game room. How have your overhead LED lights been with gaming? Do you notice much glare? Any tips on best lighting techniques for this style room with glare in mind?

  5. I'm so needing to do this. Your video might be the inspiration I needed.

  6. Sipping on a hot chocolate in front of a fire while watching this. Ultimate cozy vibes!

  7. We mostly have things organized the way they fit best, but within that I do have various groupings I try to do. I have one area where almost all of my co-op games are. I have another area for all but one of my roll/ flip and writes (the co-op ones is with the co-ops). I have some games grouped by publisher (Ravensburg/ Stonemaier).. though recently these are being split up some. I have some by theme (viking/ space/ nature). I should probably do a video sometimes where I show how my games are currently organized… though with my latest shifting of games I did lose some better organization in favor of a slightly better fit.

  8. Mine are first split by length short games and like event/long games, then box size then theme. Need to do a cull again soon.

  9. How do I organize my board game collection (~300 games)??? Easy answer… I don’t! My wife, every few months, comes up with a way that makes the space feel cozy so whatever she needs. If it were up to me, I would do it by player count so whenever I have a certain number of players I could look in the right section. I know that the middle section would be rather large for let’s say 2-6 players so maybe not the best solution?

  10. we dont have a ton of storage space so we are a if it fits it sits/size organizers

  11. Love the color organization, it just flows so beautifully. But especially love your little decor touches, like the terrarium (I know it’s not new, just love it)

  12. I'd recommend another 2 feet on the Kallax 2×4. My sister's started concaving even with the support beams

  13. Thank you so much for your shoutout! It means a ton. Absolutely love the new look; the color is perfect :). We ourselves are about to have a cull as well, and I am dreading it.

  14. Such a fun video – loved the 1/2/3 finger snap shelf install part, you did a great job lining up yourself on camera perfectly. 🙂

  15. I love the way the shelves look when they are organized by color, but we'd never be able to find games! Its interesting how everyone's mind works differently! We are strictly alpha organizers here! Enjoying seeing your beautiful shelves though.

  16. Your game room looks so cozy! And the color-sorting turned out great. Thank you YT algorithm for another chill organizing video 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  17. So I am 8.5 months in a very physically and emotionally difficult pregnancy, and am currently on bedrest for the last stretch… watching these board game organization videos are so relaxing for me! I especially love the chill music you play over the video 😊 I can’t reorganize my own games (and oh, I am so desperate to do so!) so this video has somewhat scratched that itch for me haha

  18. I like that idea of by color. So far I have mine organized by theme.

  19. I see the copy of Broom Service that you snagged at TABScon when I couldn't convince you to buy the copy of My Little Pony (because you brought that one). Also, I mentioned following and watching your channel to my puppy, Milo. He seemed confused 🙂

  20. I organizer by easy more family friendly games near my door, solo and head to head shelf, with small games on top, then by publisher, and theme. Party games are together mostly, all my Marvel United together. Mostly if it fits it sits.

  21. It looks so good! I mostly have mine organize by a combination of weight/player count. Solo/co-op grouped together, a few cubes of party, a couple of dexterity, and the completive ones then grouped by complexity with ones I want to show of in my background near the top

  22. WoW. I remember when you had 1 shelf to reorganize. 😂

    Adopt the ‘Lean and Mean’ philosophy!

    I reorganize once a month, it’s refreshing and fun. But I don’t know about that many games. LoL.

  23. Wow Jenna, You Rock! It looks so good! 😉

  24. What do you do with your culled games? I have some that I need to get rid of myself.

  25. I’ve done these kinds of shelf resets a few times. So much work but it’s like Tetris on steroids. I usually organize by BGG weight, so we can easily find a lighter or harder game.

  26. Love these organization and shelf tour videos, I wish more creators did them! Heck I'd even watch unboxing/organizing a game videos. We do if it fits it sits, but lately we've run out of room on our current shelves so we've had to fill each cube and have a dedicated front facing game. There's some wiggle room still so I may try reorganizing by theme of the front facing game. Your shelves look beautiful, I've always admired your oak coloured kallax.

  27. When you put it all in a pile like that it looks like there’s a hoarding problem lol. Sometimes I think there’s something wrong with us.

  28. So great to see Courtney Laplante also loves board games 🤘

  29. HI very good and beautiful youre new furniture tv ! where do you take this good furniture ? have a nice day 🙂

  30. @3:07 – I think I would go white kallax since the shelf to the left is also white just to make it all match. I also got a bunch of baskets from Target to put my accessories in, and I've really enjoyed that as an option! Hide the clutter hahaha. 😄
    Happy Organizing!!🤗
    Oh and I organize by box size first, but then by color secondarily!
    Also sorry I keep adding on hahaha – so glad you guys didn't cull Catan!! I was watching your other video and was like noooo you must keep it haha.
    okay okay okay last thing – Hi Walter and Penny!!!
    okay I said last thing, but since we differed lol I love your choice though too, and it's probably better!! Bc if you move, you will take your Kallax and those will still match.
    LOL anyways thank you for the videos as always! No more comments. haha
    – Baley

  31. I've done it by colour and it was gorgeous, but right now I have everything organized by theme (as best as it can be anyway lol)

  32. Organizing by colour is by far the most satisfying for me. I also organize my apps on my phone by colour, ahah.

    Love the chill videos, keep it up!

  33. We sort based on player count first and then mechanism within that

  34. I assembled a 5×5 recently and reorganized most of the games between the different rooms. My watch counted NONE of it as exercise! 8-10 hours of work. I was sweating!!! I really thought about organizing by color, because I loved how your shelves looked when you had them organized that way before. I ended up mostly sorting by publisher, but really want to give color a………WAIT……..Where is your table?!?! Ok….it's back. Gonna assume it isn't as heavy as I think it is.

    Great video, as always. Thanks for sharing 💜

  35. Ehm, my collection is currently by 'whatever fits the most games in or around my shelves'. Yeah I need to cull, no, I need a dedicated board game room 🙂

  36. I looooove the way you organized the kallax 😍

  37. Soooooo relaxing as always.
    Thank you
    Gotta say, love the organization by color choice…… BUT!!! My OCD ticks when I see "Obsession". The color is just off for the placement. My eye is constantly drawn there.

  38. Mine is mainly organized by publisher but more so if it fits it sits😅😂

  39. Wow, looks very nice..the whole video and the endresult 😂 motivazes me to organize my collection again as well! 😃❤ and thanks for the explanation in the intro at the start..that makes totally sense to organize it this way then! 😊
    I organized my games according to box size(little games and big box games aside the standard size ones; mostly/only 2player games; LCGs; partygames; some of my favorite games; heavier games; medium wight games; dexterity games and realtime games and easier 'building' games; some of my favorite games and some gatewaygames; small games i like to bring along on the get go; nice cover games without any thing in particular..other than i want them to get to the table 😂
    My collection is somewhat unorganized and doesnt look good, since there are too many games in the shelf or too many small games not organzed well.. as well as some boardgames take a loot of space, showing their im motivate to reorganize at least them and more from the collection maybe as well..if time will let me do it 😁

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