Board Game Smorgasbord - If You Build It... -

Board Game Smorgasbord – If You Build It…

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Join us for some gaming news, a Top 3, and a quirky review of… something else!

That something else is the Clear Series –

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  1. It might be just me, but I'm quite sure this video from glam about ticket to ride was already shown 😊

  2. Nooooooo! Weather Machine is incredibly thematic. Every person I've ever interacted with who has a background in scientific research (including myself) will tell you how thematic WM is. I have never played a better game for representing the scientific process. A spectacular game with an amazing theme.

  3. I agree with Zee, kids are definitely stupid. 🤙

  4. LAS VEGAS SPHERE.🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩🪩

  5. UAP is what the scientist want you to use because UFO has alien connotations. UAP just means "I saw something and I don't know what it was" rather than "I saw something that must be an alien"

  6. Jamey Stegmaier is a rock climber and he has been known to philosophize about board games.

  7. Les Espaces d'Abraxas is a great building in France.

  8. My kids love Top Trumps which we originally got one while in London. They have a Pirates of the Caribbean one they take to restaurants etc. Its fun for them because they love the characters and you can fit it in a short period of time.

  9. Top Trumps isn't that bad @Camilla. It's for kids, who like to get into whatever is popular right now and obsess over (meaningless) statistics (like dinosaur heights, weights whatever). Biggest advantage you can transport it in your pocket and play while standing, e.g. waiting in line (kids have to wait quite often).

  10. Is the audio in Sam’s segment hard panned left? Also, Tom clearly said Minneonapolis…😏

  11. The saxophone player was drawn by someone who has never seen someone play the saxophone…

  12. lotte tower is much cooler now, are you including that?, for sam's recording i only hear his voice on left channel

  13. The products that are being reviewed are BoardM Clear Series.

  14. If you want to play a game at the beach maybe don't make the tokens sand coloured.

  15. Because UFOs became too associated with conspiracies, the military changed it to UAPs. They are the same thing though.
    Which is explained as the video goes on by Roy.

  16. Two things:

    Tom said Minneanapolis, which I can only assume is a hybrid mega city of Minneapolis and Indianapolis in the year 2077.

    Also, don’t be sleeping on Cookie Champion. From some of the designers of Rococo and produced by Eagle-Gryphon. Could be verrrrry interesting.

  17. Stop being dumb. All terrain obviously means you can play it on the ground, instead of needing a normal table, like other games.

  18. sagrada familia in barcelona, alhambra in grenada, hook and ladder 8 in NY

  19. Worst top 3 building choices ever! I mean really! Nobody picked the Taj Mahal? The Chrysler Building? Falling Water? La Sagrada Familia? Alhambra? Guggenheim Museum Bilbao?

  20. Had an opportunity to go to S. Korea and Lotte World is a must do

  21. Let Sam know his voice audio was only coming out the left channel.
    Also his music gain needs to come way down to be in line with the rest of the stream.

  22. Wahoo! Shout out to the DC temple! It’s one of my favorites as well

  23. The speakeasy cover is beautiful, but Ian O'Toole should probably look up how to hold a trumpet and a saxophone (cause that ain't it)

  24. Streamer standoff there is two 2M spots on the scoring track 😂

  25. stop with all of these trick-taking games already. they all look the same …plain bright colored cards with just numbers on them🥱

  26. Is Tom the Roger Ebert of board games😁?👍🏼

  27. After your comments about Bot Factory, I went ahead and ordered it. Looks like it's going to be a blast!

  28. I went to Alcatraz one time when they had old guards and prisoners. Pretty cool.

  29. Top 3 buildings didn't sound complicated, but then Tom's #1 pick seemed to be about what was inside the building rather than the building itself and suddenly I was awash in internal debate! Should what's inside a building count when it's not a part of the structure? The back and forth arguments rage on as I try to fall asleep.

  30. People who will be interested in a game about UAPs will know what a UAP is.

  31. Buildings for me would be Sagrada Familia, Petronas Towers and Grand Central Station in NYC. One World Trade Center + Museum is up there too.

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