BOARD Game UPGRADE Mini Games For LOOT (Fortnite) -

BOARD Game UPGRADE Mini Games For LOOT (Fortnite)

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We do an UPGRADING Board Game for LOOT!

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  1. Aughhhhh no beard SSundee is the worst but I still watch him

  2. Why did sundee sound like a teen

  3. Did SSundee really just miss at the end you upgrade any gun to legendary and yet he still has the same loot 🙄

  4. Who is watching this in 2022 and thinks the 3 round burst red dot sight will be better than the 2 round burst red dot sight i do

  5. I love you you're the best YouTuber ever and you always will be keep it up

  6. Your the best I watch your video at midnight

  7. I love your videos so much I love when you say foot.

  8. Thermal scoped assault rifle+smoke grenade= my combo

  9. My dad works to much to come to my football practice 😢 but watching you’re viedioes makes me happy

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