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Board Game Video Games – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott’s bored.
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  1. I actually like collecting these niche pieces of plastic. It's fun seeing how certain games are translated between formats and how well (or poorly) they're done.

  2. Never forget the greatest achievement video games of board game bringed to us : the music from the title screen of Pictionary on NES

  3. They should make battle ship the video game the board game

  4. 7:01

    The original manual came with a paltry selection of note pads. I actually had to print out my own pads on spreadsheets…

  5. "I wanna play with people from around the world, Michigan, Indiana!" Underrated joke right here lol

  6. I haven't played a board game since I got a PS2, I thought video games replaced them. LOL

  7. scott keeps gifting us great content, and "it's not boggle, nothing is" that got me.

  8. I've always been the same way with card games. Like, why would I want to play Heartstone when I can be beating Thor's beer belly in GOW?

  9. You forgot the: Scott The Woz monopoly

  10. 11:46 I remember this one from 2011 or so, it somehow glitched where one of the blocks clipped into the others or something and the tower would just fall instantly over and over again

  11. If there is a faithful video game adaptation of a board game, it would have to be the Game of Life for the PS1. Yes it has cheesy cut scenes, but the soundtrack properly emulates the decades

  12. I like how when mentioning all the variations of Monopoly he never mentioned his own version.

  13. there was a pretty fun battleship on the sega

  14. Can't wait for the Scott the Woz branded Video Game Trivia game to come to the eShop

  15. It’s normally “hey all,” but this time it truly was “hey y’all” 🤠

  16. I had a stroke when an ad for planet fitness played followed by Scott the woz putting all his might into milking a jpeg of a cow.

  17. of course we want you to make another weird board games video games board games video!!! can't wait to see it, this one was absolutely hilarious

  18. 17:02 It went from a Wii game to a Xbox 360 one in the span of 3 seconds (rough calculation)

  19. was clue called cluedo anywhere else but australia?

  20. I love actual board games but the appeal is physically meeting with friends with a physical board. The fun is interacting with the board game the medium through which we do so. A video game of a board game removes all the appeal of what a board game does

  21. Ya know I always thought video game monopoly was useless but SOLO PLAY yes I have irl played my self

  22. Now I know where Creamcrew got their intro tune from.

  23. It's so embarrassing that they kept misspelling 'Cluedo' on all those games.

  24. 10:47 Of course, there actually is a Goat Simulator title called GOATZ! Very funny joke Scott, glad I got the reference!

  25. Monopoly for the Wii has the sexiest music I've ever heard

  26. I love y'all but please tell me you didn't actually break a fat ps2 like that

  27. I have such a weird obsession with board game video games…I also don't usually have many friends available to physically play something so online is cool

  28. "they can make goatopoly, they couldn't make goatzee!" had to pause the video for that one

  29. I am someone who considers board gaming to be my primary hobby, and nothing against this episode, but this doesn’t really cover the board games I consider relevant or good. There are a bunch of app implementations of board games that are more indicative of what I would actually play, such as Wingspan, Gloomhaven, Roll for the Galaxy, Pandemic and Gaia Project. Good episode, just wanted to point this out in case any video gamers out there think that these sorts of games are any indication of what board gamers are playing. They are not. Carry on everyone.

  30. Scott, as an Ohioan you should know not to say the state up north by name!

  31. I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due. It is impressive how consistently cringy Scott’s friends are, every time they are in a video.

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