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Scott The Woz
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Scott’s bored.
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  1. 17:51 "This isn't battleship, this is Call of Duty!"
    "So Battleship…?"
    Gets punched in the face

  2. I feel like this video was rushed out the door to meet the deadline of new years, it feels like there was so much else to talk about but it just ended

  3. Jenga World Tour: Because the best way to play Jenga is by adding ragdoll physics.

  4. "Mr. Scott, how many moves does it take to get to the community chest?" 3:20

  5. Therapist: Scott the woz goatse reference isn’t real, it can’t hurt you

    Scott the woz goatse reference:

  6. The whole thing that made family game night so good was the CUSTOMIZATION I had the game on ps2 and my and my little brother used to play the helllll out of it and spend hours customising our in game rooms, arguing over who gets to use all the funky Sorry! Piece shaped furniture.

  7. The perfect video to watch the day my Scott the Woz Clue gets delivered

  8. Monopoly Party is amazing, and the switch version may have a lot of polish and look very pretty but it ISN'T FUNCTIONAL. It crashes often and doesn't even get the official rules 100% right. I love Monopoly, and have played basically all of these. Do yourself a favor and get the EA PS2/PS3/360/Wii release. It's the best. Can't believe he didn't even mention the Richest edition. It's so great.

  9. 10:18 you can tell Scott was trying his damn hardest not to break character for that one take lmfao

  10. How you gonna bring up versions of Monopoly and not bring up your own version of Monopoly?

  11. Found the source of the condiment shortage

  12. The Monopoly pinball machine on the other hand, is dooooope

  13. Fun fact: Monopoly was meant to be hated. As in, to show people why Monopolies are bad.

  14. I can NOT believe he didn't talk about Pictionary on the SNES.

  15. the fact that scott and his friends played a bunch of board games for some b-roll footage is pretty damn wholesome

  16. I can't believe that Scott did his own stunts. Impressive! You really don't see a lot of actors so committed nowadays they would let themselves be imbedded with boggle

  17. I want to know how much money you spent on condiments for this episode

  18. The whole "one, ta-hoo" thing reminded me of Bad Luck Bootsy lol

  19. Scott probably PAID someone to put up a sign that says free ketchup when you get a testicular cancer screening, for a 2 second bit. Props to this man for the commitment

  20. Can’t wait to play video games with my friends until I get mad and fill their whole house with mustard

  21. I did not expect Scott to make a goatse reference

  22. You know, this is one of the funniest Scotts the Woz since Game Show Games.

    “I think the killer is… guilty.”
    “I got colonel mustard with the Mayo in the Walmart.”
    “I got baltic avenue.”

  23. I think an episode on original board game video games would also be neat. There are so many things a computer can do that is impossible in a physical medium. Armello is a great game that has all the spirit of a boardgame, while using the strengths of a computer game. Gremlins Inc. is a great game that uses an interesting method of moving around the board, but would be incredibly finnicky to play in real life. You could even consider classic tactical games like X-Com, Fire Emblem, or the Might and Magic series to be board games.

    Hell, there are even some adaptations of board games that do things that would be incredibly difficult in real life. I remember one version of Risk that allowed players to plan their moves, and have them all execute simultaneously. Some also take card games, but do things you couldn't do in a physical game. Faeria is a card/board game, where you can create units, modify cards in your hand, generate new cards, and modify the board, which is theoretically possible but certainly not feasible in real life.

    Also, if you do end up doing a "video game board game" episode, also look into the modern resurgance of board game adaptations. From DOOM to Dark Souls to X-Com to Frostpunk to Slay the Spire, there are tons of board game adaptations of video games that are actually decent.

  24. Monopoly Party is the only way I can play Monopoly. Being able to all roll your dice at the same time increases the pacing immensely and it makes Monopoly quite fun!

  25. The 3:30 dice emptying your pockets scene where he just spat out a die in the middle of that got me 🤣

  26. never thought I'd see a Goatse reference in a Scott the Woz video

  27. Wow that Switch monopoly actually looks pretty sweet

  28. While it is fun to see Scott showing all those old school board game video games, he is only scratching the surface with them; yes, I know he is doing for the humour while showing and reviewing how these games play, but there are tons of really interesting board games now that have video game versions, Monopoly is like the board game equivalent of Tiger Electronics; you look into the Switch and you will find pretty damn good versions of Catan, Pandemic and even Carcassonne.

    Gotta say, I prefer to play Root in digital form, it is a lot easier to teach it thanks to the digital version considering how convoluted it can get due to all the factions and their rules, but the absolute best video game version of a board game is without a doubt Gloomhaven, now I don't have to take half an hour setting a single quest, nor do I need a forklift to move the damn box!

  29. Scott forgot the best Monopoly Variant…


  30. We must be linked. I just had this conversation with my gf on Christmas when she made my buy monopoly for the switch. Honestly, not the worst way to play monopoly, it does all the hard work for you

  31. Plot twist, this is just a sponsorship for his clue board game.

  32. I need the episode about video game board games now!!!

  33. You can't just tell me there's a Call of Duty Battleship Edition and then just walk away!

  34. This reenactment of the current Monopoly Game movement by Scatt almost made me spit out my barf! 3:20

  35. Honestly really cool watching this video and seeing all the different monopoly versions and knowing that I have the world record for them.

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