Board Games 101: How to Start & Top Game Recommendations -

Board Games 101: How to Start & Top Game Recommendations

Board Game Hangover
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We will provide you with a comprehensive beginner’s guide and useful tips on how to get started with board games in 2024.

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It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend’s asses! So if you want to join the Board game Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around!

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  1. Idk, looks more like a "scare your friends away from boardgaming" list to me.

  2. I can't recommend Cascadia enough! You can play it with young children and gamers and still get plenty of fun out of it. Plus it plays very quickly.

  3. You guys are amazing, funny videos, great contents… btw you look like Taylor Hawkins, the former Foo Fighters drummer (may he rest in peace).

  4. Kad tu sāki stāstīt ar ko labāk spēlēt galda spēles un es uz tāfeles ieraudzīju uzrakstu "Tava mamma" es sapratu ka pirmkārt tu esi Latvietis un otrs ko es sapratu ir tas ka es tagad zinu ka humors tev ir labs🤣

  5. Such a useful video featuring a beautiful man 😉

  6. I like that list a lot! Especially your suggestion of Quacks of Quedlinburg, I can totally confirm that it is the most successful game in my peer group when playing with people who are new to the hobby. Even if their kettle has exploded and they lost the first game by far and saying, that they hate this game, they want to play another round immediately.

    My first entry to the hobby was also Quacks of Quedlinburg and after that a round of Spirit Island, which immediately has become my favorite boardgame to this day.

    I can also recommend Citadels, Spicy and King of Tokyo when playing with non board gamers. For Spirit Island on the other hand it is unfortunately very hard to hook new players into, even if they really like the theme, they're just overwhelmed and scared of all the choices they have to make, even with lower complexity spirits. I put a lot of hope in Keep the Heroes out when I finally get my copy, to fill that gab. You folks got other recommendations for Spirit Island like games, that are just a little more friendly to beginners?

    All the best to you, cheers!

  7. I loved Eila and the something shiny, but I'd recommend borrowing it instead of buying it maybe…
    As a solo experience I'd maybe go for cartographer or sleeping gods ?

    Great video btw 😉

  8. Spot on with Thunder Road Vendetta. I've played this with players 9 years old, up to 50. It his all of the time. After with the expansions, I decided to back their most recent Kickstarter, the expansions are so good. Great video as always, boys.

  9. sorī, bet tomēr vajadzētu turēt aiz auss, ka ne visus saista SW tēma 😉
    ir krietni labāki varianti 2spēlētāju spēlēm, kurām nav tik izteikti specifiska tematika

  10. I looked over Thunder Road Vendetta so many times. Now it's out of stock in my country. 💀💀💀

    Time to pre-order!

  11. I agree on Quacks, flexible player count easy teach and a ton of fun.

  12. I've started my board games hobby with Stardew Valley The Boardgame, then Robinson Cruseo and Wingspan, I may recommend Wingspan as a starting game, easy to learn and easy to play.

  13. There is another good online shop from Finland – Pelipeikko.

  14. Quacks is excellent for sure, other games we introduced successfully to muggles are Ticket to Ride: Europe, Clank!, 7 Wonders Architect and Takenoko. My introduction to modern board games was Terraforming Mars, a bit steep but got me hooked instantly. On the other hand, if you want to discourage non-gamers from touching a board game ever again get them started on Ark Nova. Keep it up guys, loving the content! :p

  15. It's probably the best video made by this channel. Mint❤😂😊👍

  16. Definitely agree about Quacks! King of Tokyo is another one I always crack out for newbies, and Clank if I think they can handle it.

  17. Love your humour as always. You guys have great style. Great job with lighting and camera angles.

  18. I disagree with Quacks being best intro game. I prefer Ticket to Ride, Splendor or Catan.

  19. No TTR? No Stone Age? No Carcassone? No Pandemic? LOL

  20. The first question you need to answer for yourself – is which kind of board gaming experience you'd like to have.
    Either solitary uninterrupted puzzle solving together with your friends but separately – then games like Wingspan and Cascadia is your choice.

    But if you like more interaction (in my opinion this is the right way to play games), go for something like Ticket to Ride (path building class of games) or El Grande (area majority class of games)

  21. Sold quacks because it wasn’t fun. I almost bought Thunder road: Vendetta the other day, but would like to play it first

  22. Carcassonne is still great for entry level. Kingdomino is great. Ticket To Ride. Machi Koro Bright Lights. Clank! Orleans. Castles Of Mad King Ludwig. These are not even the party games. Telestrations, Werewords Deluxe, That's Not A Hat…

  23. As a heavy gamer I find Thunder road vendetta absolutely fantastic.

  24. Great and funny video. I really enjoy watching!

  25. Some nooby games I would recommend: Lords of Waterdeep, Ra, Marvel United, and Carcassonne. Some of my favourites because they're all quite light, play quite quick and between the 4, offer a variety of mechanics and player counts. (I would also recommend Foundations of Rome as a good entry game, but it's very expensive.)

  26. Janis you have such a…. beautiful… family… Not creepy at all. And your kids are so… cute… Great video!

  27. I can definitely see the increase in editing quality and effort put in. Looks great!!

  28. Quacks is 100% the answer! I was hoping you might go there. Has worked for me multiple times. Even with the "Board games? You mean like Monopoly?" people

  29. My group would rarely play big box board games, the games we play the most are small games that we can play in the pub, stuff like Oink games' Deep Sea Adventure & Durian, or card games like Spicy & The Mind

  30. I think something may be wrong with your Oathsworn. Unless mine was missing tape and scissors? 🤔🤣 Fun video!

  31. As far as four player games go, my best intro game has been Whitehall Mystery. Everyone loves it.

  32. I agree with final game, it is one of best intro games, but I quite dissagree with some other picks. Those games have a lot text on cards and it create extra cognitive load for rookie and in my experience they are quite afraid to read some extra text. As for excample in SW game there is a term "excile" what does it mean, cards have to be read up or down.

    Also not yet convinced about Cascadia for playing with smaller kids, my choice as family game for the moment is Castle panic or Forbidden desert as co-op is great place to start.

  33. Editing and video quality has drastically improved wow well done guys

  34. Awesome video! In my experience, Survive! Escape from Atlantis and Quest for El Dorado are also great beginner games.

  35. How is Settlers not included in this?!?!?!? That’s the ultimate beginner gateway game!

  36. production quality is awesome!! good recs too 🙂

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