Board games are EXTREMELY TOXIC ft. TCNick3 -

Board games are EXTREMELY TOXIC ft. TCNick3

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Me and @TCNick3 played EVEN MORE board games, and to the surprise of absolutely no one it was still incredibly toxic
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  1. You should try 1-2 switch with TCNICK3

  2. my strategy in air hockey is waiting for the oponent to strike the puck and then either I strike back harder or I proceed to trap the puck under my catcher to stablish dominance

  3. Hi Vernias I love this and I hope you have a good day and you are awesome and funny. Keep up with the great work

  4. Josh the Thomas fan just dance & super smash bros says:

    I wanna see this game appear on party crashers.

    Love or Hate the idea – I think it would be perfect for content.

  5. Ironic Vern got a straight, because he we all know he ain't.

  6. As someone who has dealt Blackjack, watching Vern play gave me heartburn 😅

  7. You better never discover Twilight Imperium by Fantasy Flight Games. 8 hours of warfare, negotiations, and back stabbing in space!

  8. To answer TC3Nick's question about the bowling score at 9:27
    Four spots for the pins are visible, but the two pin slid between the one pin and five pin, never falling over. The game doesn't count that pin because it never fell, even though it left the spot.

  9. 15:58 Vern missed the opportunity to say "Waddle Dee-ler" ;w;

    Also I really want that Vernidee plush :3

  10. Waddle dees are my favorite. This is why Bandana Dee is my favorite.

  11. I like the editor already.
    They have good taste in video games for ref. 😀
    (Specially Freedom Planet. Love that game.)

  12. Nick and Vernias should switch colors, vernias being blue and nick being pink is confusing

  13. I’m somewhat happy the RTDL gang isn’t here

  14. Thank bejesus the plushie doesn’t have any qualities of birdo 😊

  15. The amount of “poyo” sensors in this vid is insane

  16. I'd love to see Both Vern and Nick learn Shogi so that they could go nuts with their deployment jokes, like deploy deez nuts

  17. My favorite part of the video is not even the video, it's the vernidee plush that I'm in love with

  18. Vernidee is the first Youtuber plushie that makes me want to invest my money in, like for real this puffball speaks to me my grabby hands are active

  19. Just realized how photogenic Piplup is it’s crazy

  20. i would buy it but i cant spend money on my own 🙁

  21. Vernias and Nick trying not to be gay with each other for five minutes: challenge impossible.

  22. Why are you trying to spread the vern virus

  23. How much does vernidee cost?

    Edit: I checked it, it’s so freaking expensive. It’s 30 dollars.

  24. I will never recover from finding out vernias is jacked

  25. if i had 100,000 dollars, i would prob buy 100,000 verndee plush

  26. I wonder… does everyone in Party Crushers share gifs and pictures of Piplup to represent every Nick's action?

  27. when are you going to finish miitopia because there is a new area and bosses to fight

  28. Vernias playing blackjack like hes a maxed out luck courier from FNV smh

  29. Summery of this video: they both have skill issue

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