Board Games Are Not Just for Geeks Anymore (Song) -

Board Games Are Not Just for Geeks Anymore (Song)

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I have an important message for the world, which I will deliver through song.
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Turn on subtitles to see the lyrics. Credits:

Based on original song “It’s Not Just For Gays” from 2011 Tony Awards, performed by Neil Patrick Harris. Written by Adam Schlesinger and David Javerbaum

Lyrics and vocals – Jon Purkis

Musical arrangement – Dave Culling –

Videography – Sam Houghton and Joe Collinson

Vocal recording – Rich Savage –

Production assistant – Ben Moss

Guest stars:
1. Becca Scott from Geek and Sundry

2. Rodney Smith from Watch It Played

3. Quintin Smith from Shut Up and Sit Down

Board games shown in the video:

1. Pandemic –
2. Dice Forge –
3. Codenames –
4. Captain Sonar –
5. Colt Express –
6. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective –
7. Celestia –
8. Santorini –
9. Cash n Guns –
10. Catan –
11. Zombicide Black Plague –
12. Flick Em Up –
13. Ticket To Ride –
14. Sushi Go –
15. Catch The Moon –
16. Blue Lagoon –
17. Scrawl –
18. New York Slice –


If you’ve played Pandemic, you already get it
How wonderful board games can be
It’s a one hour, box-sixed, amazing, repeatable, immersive, escape room for free

So this song goes out to the rest of you
Those who’ve never played Codenames before
Board games are no longer boring
It’s not just for geeks anymore!

If you take an interest in the clothes you wear
The fedora explorers are ready to share
If you are socially able
You’re invited to the table
It’s not just for geeks anymore!

Gaming is spreading to people with mates
Those who don’t struggle when going on dates
We’re no longer intolerant
To those who wear deodorant
It’s not just for geeks anymore!

It’s for fashion conscious females
Who like to socialise
It’s for well-adjusted weight-lifters
Wanting more than exercise
So quit with your selfies, and come have some fun
Take shots at your friends, playing Cash ‘n’ Guns
There’s so much to respect
You don’t need a bearded neck

It’s not just for geeks
And German families
And old folks trying to stave off their Alzheimer’s disease
And the hippies who refuse to even own a TV
And the brainy mathematicians
And those wholesome loving Christians
And actors you’ve sort of heard of
And the kids with skin conditions
Although they’ll only grow up to be geeks or mathematicians
Now I’ve lost my train of thought
Oh yes, it’s not just for geeks anymore!

(Becca Scott)
I’m so over Overwatch I’d rather go to yoga class
But Catan? Nah, i’mma stay and kick your ass

(Rodney Smith)
I like kayaking down rivers jogging six days of the week
But on Sunday I’m a zombie killing freak

(Quintin Smith)
I like playing games while eating cheese and drinking wine
I’ve never posted theories ‘bout films I like online

We’ve got Kristen Bell, The Green Bay Packers, Woody Harrelson
Daisy Ridley, Tottenham Hotspur, Penny Cruz and Wil Wheaton!

Fashionistas and Hipsters, you know what to do
Buy a Ticket to Ride and Sushi Go too
There’s really nothing stopping thee
We’re not talking Monopoly
It’s not just for geeks
No it’s not just for geeks
You’ll be absolutely hooked in but a matter of weeks,
Board games are not just for geeks anymore…

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  1. QUINNS!! and Rodney. This is excellence.

  2. how many extra nerd points do i get if i know what song you're referring to right off the bat

  3. Didnt expect to see Rodney Smith.
    Or a homicide.

  4. …but, but they'll want to talk to you about watching sport.

  5. This is a Crazy Music Video.
    Thank you very much.

    Grüße aus Deutschland (Germany)…🤘👍

  6. Loved the video, quite reminiscent of those musicals or openings like Family Guy. Great job Jon Purkis and team. 😀

  7. I've found a new way to play Santorini, 8 packs here I come

  8. This was really rather amazing!

  9. Awesome video! Greetings from a fellow board game community from Mexico

  10. Board game are not just for geeks anymore, but maybe singing should remain with the musical geeks ^^

  11. I was really enjoying the video but when Becca Rodney and Quinns came up I was just grinning like an idiot! excellent work!

  12. This is just great and full of holidays atmosphere. Boardgames are always like holidays!

  13. My toddler will occasionally let us watch this video instead of Baby Shark. I don’t think there are adequate words to express my gratitude.

  14. This is still stuck in my head a year later…

  15. You, Sir, are a very sick person! Please keep up the amazing work!

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  17. I just love how collaborative the board game content creators are, I keep seeing cameos and collabs everywhere!

  18. Wow, this is amazing! Love how this is done with a musical theme, you nailed it!

  19. How the bleeping bleep did the youtube algorithm fail at this? It has never shown me. I watch all your stuff, have been subbed in the past, have resubbed again, I have lots of music channels subbed, and randy rainbow, and weird al… this should be an EASY algorithm home run. But nope. Three years late. This was great though!

  20. This is excellent but is accompanied by the distinct feeling that you started writing this when the Tony's number happened and it just took you this long.

  21. Quinns! Becca Scott! Rodney Smith! A 10 10 10!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I know I’m late…but this is AMAZING 😍

  23. So,out of pure boredom,games I recognized from the video
    1.Dice forge
    4.Captain sonar
    5.Colt Express
    6.Sherlock holmes consulting detective
    9.Cash ‘n guns
    12.Flick ‘em up
    13.??? (No idea which one it is,only the back of the cards are seen)
    14.Ticket to ride
    15.Sushi go!
    16.Catch the moon
    18.Blue lagoon
    20.New york slice

  24. Wow. That was quite the production! Well done.

  25. Imagine if NPH – who did release a boardgame himself – had been willing to cameo!

  26. "We're no longer intolerant to those who wear deoderant" has me dying over here. :p

  27. oke this was so fun to watch lol! Well done!

  28. Should have shot the BOX not the person's head. That was a bit of a editorial shock.

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  31. I constantly come back to watch this video over and over. This is one of the best Board Game songs on YouTube. I am looking into doing a few parodies myself on our channel, and I look to this video for inspiration.

  32. Still fun. Rewatch it every now and then. 🙂

  33. This was amazing! It deserves way more views! Thanks, Jon, for keeping us entertained!

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  35. I really like then end of this. Song is great, but they way your friends look at you at the end and especially your wife, tells a lot about song background and that obviously was great. I'm happy to see you are in such a great mood at the end of it – this is most valuable here.

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