Board Games As Horror Movies #shorts -

Board Games As Horror Movies #shorts

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  1. This is the worst song in the fucking world

  2. "don't break the ice"
    Me:*breaks the ice anyway*

  3. I like these point up mystery horror shorts. The music's are cool too

  4. Cooties looks fire, don’t break the ice looks good, sorry looks gay

  5. More like oh sorry i hit you in the head😂🤣

  6. You just destroyed my childhood 😃👍

  7. I'm an idiot I literally looked up the movie cooties cause it looked kinda good lmao🙄🤣

  8. Can you make it into an actual movie though?😌

  9. I know the song is Never, but which remix?

  10. Really trying hard to become as popular as the original

  11. Why you do dis welp you made me throw away my games the cooties,
    Dont break the ice,sorry!

  12. You can make more video but pick song mama mama mama it's worth

  13. It was a point sucess but scaey movies than its people ruin me!

  14. I was watching Sorry! just now and now I'm like O_O

  15. Jigsaw is there but idk Really know If i watched that

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