Board Games As Horror Movies #shorts -

Board Games As Horror Movies #shorts

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  1. What is with the clown dude and sorry :/ nothing to do with the game 1/10

  2. The plot of Don't Break The Ice is that when the ice breaks the water can freeze you in seconds

  3. Sorry… That I'm never watching u again… I'm 6 AND I'M GOING TO BED SO IMA DIE IN MY DREAMS 🙁

  4. Sorry is just Saw 2. Right down to the line, “Oh yes there will be blood” which is even present on the Saw 2 DVD case. Guess they phoned it in for that one. Makes me wonder if any others were so deeply inspired by existing movies.

  5. The cooties picture look liked Billy eyelesh

  6. finally some other game cuz in the other vids they all thevsame for me🤝

  7. The character of sorry look like main character of saw

  8. I want all of them to come out so I can watch them

  9. Cooties movie is a thing I think it’s on hulu

  10. The last one is so funny below it it said. Uhhh yes there will be blood

  11. There is actually a movie called “Cooties”

  12. Everyone: OMG SO SCARY! 😶
    Me: He be thick tho! 😆

  13. This ain’t true some movies just have the same name as games doesn’t mean the same

  14. I really want the movie Don't Break The Ice to come out
    I really want to watch it

  15. Wait saw what are doing in my movie of sorry

  16. I LOVE THESE BUT THE MOVIE COOTIES WILL BE A GOOD MOVIE FOR SURE ME: When I can't sleep at night with a cross:]

  17. The first one is a movie just About kids tho 💯

  18. What is the Dont break the ice one based off?

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