Board Games at the Beach : My Favorite Games of the Summer! -

Board Games at the Beach : My Favorite Games of the Summer!

Cardboard Rhino
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Honoring summer games for a third year in a row, I wanted to take you with me on my summer vacations and share with you which board games I got into my beach bag!

00:00 Intro
00:53 Scout
02:47 Pro Tip number 1
03:08 Eye My favorite things
04:49 Psychobabble
06:09 Pro Tip number 2
06:27 Insider


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  1. defintely look like games that washed up on the beach

  2. I really love these annual beach videos. Beautifully put together. Thanks

  3. I love complex board games and I was happy to find a fellow Greek YouTuber that enjoyed them too. Sure this video does not have a complex board game but I wanted to stop by and support you.

  4. Some things never changed. When the earth decides to cover a certain part of itself with cold, here in the world of Rhino, summer always lasts. Ori stole my heart. Such a good player, you know;)

  5. "Summer Games" on 2/10/22, this should be on air around July ! 🙂
    Very nice video followed by a very good presentation! Keep up the good work!

  6. Hey! A small question! Which one you think would be easier/better for 2 persons? One person does not speak english, only spanish.

  7. Board game pieces in the sand makes me very uncomfortable.

  8. Nice video! Although I don't like playing on the beach!
    Which beach is it btw?

  9. Auto like!! Love your vids.
    Have to play scout

  10. This is a long-awaited return! Unsurprisingly on a beach 🙂 Thank you for these presentations of games less known to the general public, and therefore interesting me as always to present them to families! Great video, as always, your beautiful smile almost bringing back the summer sun! Thank you Eleni, hope all is well with you!

  11. Ok I'm intrigued with eye my favorite things

  12. Such a good video, love the music and selection of social, smaller games!! Super nice, thanks for sharing!

  13. Doggo best player. Doggo always wins. I love this video! These are the very things I consider when I take my family to the beach, cabin, or camping, and these are great game suggestions. Thank you!

  14. 7 months, quite a vacation at the beach. Your cat is much bigger now.

  15. Hi, Eleni! Great to see another Carboard Rhino video. I've missed seeing you discuss games you enjoy. To me, the most intriguing game was PsychoBabblr; however, I'm sure I'd love playing any of them on the beach with you! I enjoyed the Leon Redbone song. Thanks for another fun video!

  16. Yay, you’re back..ish!! Thought you left us. Thanks for the good video

  17. Scout has been sold out for weeks in my area, Eye My favorite Things has been sold out for years everywhere and Psychobabble is only available via UK import. Feels bad man.

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