Board Games for ESL/EFL | Using Board Games in the English Learning Classroom -

Board Games for ESL/EFL | Using Board Games in the English Learning Classroom

Jackie Bolen
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Board games for ESL students are one of my favourite in-class activities. Students love them, and they’re an excellent way to recap a class or unit. Try out ESL board games before a midterm or final exam!

Check out the video for all the details you need to know about how to design an ESL board game and then use them in class with your students.

You can use board games for English learner as a nice way to review just about anything. If you make your own, you can tailor the game to whatever the target grammar or vocabulary is. With a bit of practice, it’s super easy to make your TEFL board games for just about anything. Trust me, it really is that easy!

Some of the grammar points most conducive to board games include the simple past, giving advice, reported speech, frequency adverbs, likes dislikes, and must/might/can’t. Although almost anything can work where there is a simple right/wrong answer.

Or, any sort of vocabulary is possible too, including days of the week, describing places, months of the year, etc. Try out ESL board games for yourself and I’m sure you’ll love using them as much as I do in your classes. Try out board games for English learners today.

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  1. what are some board games that you can recommend.

  2. Thanks Jackie! I'm a big fan of board games for els, too.

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