Board Games I Brought From Brazil - with Tom Vasel -

Board Games I Brought From Brazil – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel shows off the board games that he returned home with from a convention in Brazil!

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  1. Your Portuguese is actually not terrible, Tom. Where was the comvention?

  2. Nossa! Você comprou um monte de jogos! 😯Com essa quantidade toda, não tenho nenhuma expectativa de que você vá jogar todos eles. Simplesmente não terá tempo. Mas sugiro que você não deixe de jogar Masai. Vale a pena.

  3. Cosmos is one that I had my eye on, wish it was available in Canada. Looking forward to seeing more about it!

  4. O Bom do Videogame is AMAZING! I'm sure you will love it.

  5. There must be some Portuguese speaking gamers in the environs of the Dice Tower HQ that could help with reviewing these games. They look interesting and it would be cool to hear their perspective!

  6. Wow! So many games! I've heard of literally none of them! What a time to be alive!

  7. So jealous. I wish I'd known games were so big in Brazil when I lived there in the early 00s (the year before I feel into the hobby).

  8. Wow! So many games! Hope you like and review It! 😄🙌

  9. Funny, I live in Brazil but have only heard of 4 or 5 of those games and only played one of them.

  10. Last time I visited Brazil, my luggage was already full, so I only squeezed in Comic Hunters. Next time I’ll be more prepared and ready to bring a bunch of games back.

  11. This is so cool! It's so neat to see some of board gaming culture in places other than just where I am from. Go Brazil! Looks like some great stuff!

  12. Hi, Tom! It was great to meet you and walk ten feet with you at Diversão Offline, thank you for your kindness ^^! Another cool game I do recommend, in case you didn't get it, is Stellarium, from Precisamente Jogos :). In this game, you have to find constellations in a grid of stars. I bought it there and my friends liked it :D.

  13. Very cool. Hope you enjoyed the visit 😊

  14. Nice to see a lot of our games represented, with a huge variety to pick from! Can't wait for the reviews

  15. wow, that is full luggage, hope you enjoy them!

  16. Great loot! 🤩 I strongly recommend O Bom do Videogame.

  17. Wooooooowwww!!! We are waiting you again in Brasil!

  18. And if there's one thing that Tom Vasel got more than games in Brazil, it's the hugs. 🤗
    Here hugging friends is a trivial act.

  19. Estranho no ninho, the nh is like spanish ñ or italian gn – "Stranger on the nest".

  20. It's truly amazing seeing so many games here from Brazil on the Dice Tower! Hope you enjoy them, Tom!

  21. Where's that game to build up an orchestra?

  22. I recently played a new Brazilian release called Cultive. Really nice card game about producing food in an environmentally sustainable system. It involves a good amount of planning, as different types of plants will either need sun or shade, or project shade onto neighboring plants, and interact with other plants in order to create point-scoring combos. Very smart small game. Recommended.

  23. Only 361 days left for Tom Vasel's return to Brazil!

  24. Cosmos is one of my favorite games!!! Art is incredible with that one!

  25. Rapaz, comprou mais jogos do que os que temos aqui em ksa hehe.

  26. I was sad that I couldn't go to the event to meet you! Congratulations on your work!!! And how many games!!! 🤩 Amazing!!

  27. Really excited to see coverage of these. Some of them look really interesting. The video game one and the wonder building one look especially interesting.

  28. Cosmos is a really cool game! And beautiful!

  29. Trivia: "Camisa 12" means "Shirt 12", or in context, "Jersey 12". Since soccer have 11 players on the field, the crowd supporters are "the 12th member of the team"

  30. It was fantastic getting to meet you at the convention. Hope you have fun with your new games. Just a quick heads up, all the games from TGM Editora are localized to English, even the ones where the boxes are in Portuguese.

  31. Nice haul Tom. Looking forward to see some reviews on these games!

  32. Hi Tom, thanks for sharing our games: Alieninjas, Os Desejos do Sultão (Sultan's Wishes) with Expansion Viajantes (Travelers) and Zurvivors Cooperação (Co-op)! We are very happy with that!
    We hope you have fun and congratulations to all Brazilian designers! ❤

  33. Incredible! One question only: Will language be a barrier for reviewing those games or are there people in the dice tower that speaks portugues (or Spanish). Just curious how you are going to deal with that for the reviews.

  34. A note from games that are not designed by Brazilian authors: AERO from Adoleta Jogos is a new version of Würfelwurst (2012) from Inka Brand and Markus Brand; it's the first time the game is released outside Germany. Also, Arquimedes is from Reiner Knizia but was only released in Brazil so far.

  35. Let’s be honest, the real reason we’re watching this is to hear Tom floundering in the deep end of Spanish/Portuguese pronunciation! Zee is literally cringing under his desk right now!

  36. I’m looking forward to seeing more about these games. The matching sock one is interesting 😅

  37. So many interesting looking games, which got me thinking:

    Did you meet some Brazilian reviewers you could ask to do a Top100 games from Brazil (and maybe turn it into a series of Top100 games around the world featuring games only available outside the US/EU market – Japan, Korea etc.).

    Looking forward to the reviews.

  38. Thank you Tom for coming to Brazil to visit our annual boardgames expo

  39. I want to play Carnavalesco, I've heard it's really good!

  40. cows. Cows kill more people than sharks per year.

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