Board Games I Got Rid Of (And Why) - Episode 14 -

Board Games I Got Rid Of (And Why) – Episode 14

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Join Dan as he talks about another 10 board games that have been removed from his collection.


  1. Nooo, not Gingkopolis ! Maybe much better with 2 players! A so great mechanism

  2. I think you are the first person I have seen that didn't dig Targi. I love that game, but I also understand that not everything is for everyone. 🙂

  3. heh i get why you got rid of these.i played them all.but i still keep targi and celestia.targi since iam a minimalist its hard to get a meaty small 2 player game(curious cargo purchase soon) and celestia becouse its a nice pus your luck game with some meat on it(but your points are valid)

  4. My heart started bleeding when I saw Ginkgopolis on this list. It’s a Top 5 game for me and sports a genius combination of mechanics. It does so much with so few elements I’m constantly shocked at just how great, thinky and satisfying it is. That said, I hate the visuals and this could benefit from a proper remaster and teaching the game is hell but…what a game.

  5. Funny, your Monasterium video is what convinced me to buy it.

  6. Your comparison of Gingkopolis and Glenmore makes me think a ‘play this, not that’ sort of video would be valuable. Or simply ranking games in categories, either thematically or by mechanic. Just a thought

  7. Wow, Targi, Blackout Hong Kong and Ginkgopolis in the same batch. That is part of the hobby, making these decisions.

  8. Really enjoyed the commentary in this video, as it gives us a perspective on both the good and the negative of each game. Hearing both perspectives gives us a better understanding of why we may want the game.

    Do you have a top ten list of dice drafting games? I love that mechanic but there are so many to choose from!

  9. Maybe you need to move to a new place with more storage so you don't have to cull all those excellent games! 😅
    Tough culls in this video…

  10. I'm looking into getting a press your luck game and I'm leaning towards Quaks or Cubitos. I know how you feel about Quaks have you played Cubitos. What are your thoughts.

  11. Surprised to see Blackout compared to Maracaibo rather than Mombasa, which has a similar card mechanism. Thoughts on Mombasa?

  12. How many games are you trying to keep your collection at?

  13. Targi fell flat for me too. It doesn't help that it's so uninspiring looking!

    I got Gink for Christmas, however, and fell in love from the first play! It shot into my top 5 games and my partner loves it too.

  14. This episode is as sharp as a Harold Pinter Play. 🎯 Bleeding…

  15. Dan have you gotten rid of any Shield-of-Excellence games?

  16. One reason, of many, that I really like your channel is that I see games featured on here that I won't see other places. It's not just another channel covering only the hottest releases. Keep up the great work.

  17. Hello, Do You have a number of games that You dont want to exceed ?

  18. I have to sell off some games soon because there are some games released in 2021 that I think we would like. It's tough right now because we really are at our maximum in terms of # of games we can own. By that I mean I don't want to own games that don't get played in months. Certainly any game we can't play at least once/year essentially has to go. Targi was a cull for us last year for similar reasons.

  19. What about a collection video where you go through all your games?

  20. I think that the third Beasty Bar you have pictured is the trickiest. I love the first one and haven’t had issues getting people to learn that one. This may sounds crazy, but I have all 3 and plan to hold on to them until I can do the proposed variant where each player drafts each of their numbers from one of the 3 decks. 😀

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