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Board Games I’m Saying GOODBYE To…

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It is board game collection culling time. These are some games that I have not been able to get to the table and unfortunately will have to sadly leave my board game collection. Join me as we say goodbye to these wonderful board games.

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The Board Game Sanctuary is a family friendly board game channel that aims to introduce the board gaming hobby to new and seasoned players in a light, fun and humourous way.

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  1. Culling games is always hard. I haven't played Burger Up but have wanted to, don't own it myself. My game that still sits and gathers dust is a fishing themed one that no one ever seems interested to play. It does have solo rules, but just doesn't run very well. I've been culling games too, trying to trim down to ones that I know my family would play and understand and only keeping a few heavier games that I love, but also have a solo mode so I can play against Automata.

  2. I tried Burger Up but was not impressed by it. Cool theme tho.

  3. Did you ever actually get play burger up and they didn’t like it? Or did it never even hit the table?

  4. Burger Up looks super fun! But I feel you on not being able to get people to play some different/new party games, especially when they're still stuck on that Crimes Against Humanity train eyerollAlso: Scarabya looks right up my alley; never get sick of some polynomial action.

  5. Get the EMPTY cup out of your hand.

  6. Seems we both have in common the fact that most games leave the collection because people we play with don't like them. It's always sad to have to admit that to yourself.

  7. Should probably dive into those I don't need anymore as well. Realized that I had so many games I hardly brought to the table.

  8. I full on love the cup. There’s a quirky chaos of gesturing with it even though we all know it’s empty. Never seen that before.
    Down with static cups!

  9. Love your channel Danny! Another entertaining video! Please consider making a video showing your entire collection, and discussing which ones are your favorites and why. Cheers!

  10. G'day friends
    I hope you all are well
    Welcome to my collection update video. Its sad to say that some of these games have to go. I've either traded them, sold them or donating them to a loving home.
    What are some games that are in your collection that you might feel like you need to part with?
    I'd love to hear them. This is a safe place to chat.
    Danny 🙂

    Also! I filmed this after drinking my tea, so you may notice that I wave my mug around wildly, the games are actually very safe from any tea damage!

  11. love these kinds of videos! it is helpful to know about other perspectives on these games. I love ‘re-homing’ games from my collection! it’s a fun thing knowing someone else might discover and enjoy 🙂

    I agree about Mysterium Park – I thought I liked it more than the biggy at first but the clue cards seemed all too similar to each other…

    I’m looking at getting rid of Le Havre, High Rise, Codex Naturalis, Matcha and Castell right now… all great games but I just have others that I like playing better so these never come out.

  12. I'm running out of space, so i really need to do this! But it's HARD

  13. I'm getting rid of 24 games next weekend as part of a local used game sale fundraiser for the community. I just need space.

  14. WOW that edition of Habitats is gorgeous. I have the original and all expansions so I’m loathe to upgrade. But yea I’m not always up to the brain crunch of setting up the habitats right.

  15. board games are bad for the environment…rather have a new game than a tree

  16. Hey Danny, I have been following your channel for a while now and I really appreciate the energy and effort you put into your content. I notice that you use a video clip in your intro of Unearth which was the game that got me hooked into this hobby (addiction😅). When I saw you were getting rid of Mysterium Park I had a big guilty pang as I bought this from a small board game/ hobby shop for no real reason other than I couldn’t see another small game that I liked, and having Mysterium, I thought ah well why not! No idea when it will get played either as I only really play our games with my wife….. and there’s a backlog already PanAm, Spendour Duel, Dragon Castle, Era, Glow, Azul Queens, Yellow and Yangtze to name a few. However, I’ve not reached the cull point yet, but space in our flat for another Kallax is not possible (unless it goes high on the wall!). So a big thanks for your opinions and ideas etc. Cheers Glenn

  17. Great Video! I initially purchased Mysterium Park based on your recommendations (among other YouTubers). I was very disappointed by it and sold it just last week. I find it very interesting that your opinion also changed on it.
    Over the past years I actually used the cards to play Detective Club instead, however it was time to say goodbye

  18. I enjoy board game sale videos! Motivates me to sell mine

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