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Board Games in a Nutshell

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Board Games in a Nutshell

In this video I talk nonstop about a bunch of Board Games for literally no reason. This video was 2 months in the making and I make literally no money from any of these videos, so please subscribe.

This video was heavily inspired by Joeseppi

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  1. Pls do the Big Shot And The Disney Plus Movie of the Diary of a Wimpy kid

  2. 6:07 "common consonants like A and E" does he know that a and e are vowels

  3. This video was great!
    A good video to do would be about card games, but obviously you’ve already talked about uno, so yeah

  4. board games: what you played when you were grounded

  5. Hey children are useful in the game of life, they give you like 10k each at the end of the game

  6. You forgot checkers, or draughts, Risk, Mahjong, and Backgammon!


  8. is clue a ripoff of cluedo? or is it a country thing

  9. crazy editing my guy. just checked in after a while and i was like hol up… skillshare?!?! but anyway great job bro

  10. Literally just found your videos and now I love them

  11. This man is probably one of the top 5 best YT in my opinion his videos are so GOOD bro

  12. Common consonants like “a and e”

    Me: hang on a minute

    Seriously I’m bough these videos are so entertaining keep up the good work

  13. At least someone realizes that Yahtzee is shit

  14. I watch this dude when diary of a wimpy kid released and only 5k and now =20k+

  15. Your gonna make it big man I know it , great effort and editing

  16. YO YOU ARE A GOD AT EDITING! This video is amazing! Also very accurate!

  17. This is such goood content and good editing

  18. I like this channel because your content is like jossepi

  19. the sorry card is basically amenotejikara

  20. Fun fact snakes and ladders was made by kindergartners that is why it’s so simple

  21. 𝑴 𝑶 𝑶 𝑵_𝑪 𝑯 𝑰 𝑳 𝑫 says:

    I think this is way too underrated, I laughed for so many minutes cause of this video ㋛︎

  22. Plum in clue in 9/10 the killer when i play XD

  23. I can tell you got inspiration from Joseppi but you still put your own spin and style on it and it's really good and charming!

  24. if you make a seqal make it about more obscure bored games

  25. Pov: I live in Turkey so i cant play them because board games are so expensive😭 Example: Monopoly between 200-500₺

  26. did you say… a and e were CONSONANTS??? and at timestamp 6:09? (its technically 6:07 but still)

  27. this is just joeseppi 2
    (not hating i like joeseppi and chaze)

  28. 6:07 ah yes. 🧠🧐🧠 common cOnsOnAnts. 🧠🫠🧠 like “🅰️” and “£.” 😎💻💻💻🔫🔫♻️🚥 total legit z.

    Cool vid tho btw anyway 😁

  29. How have I not heard of Scott the woz monopoly omg

  30. Is it weird everytime i play uno with my friends or family I’ve never lost

  31. "good game concept" my favorite quote from bob

  32. I don’t know how, but the accusation of Scarlet being the constant killer is actually TRUE. I guess she’s just always out for blood

  33. i remember playing sorry during summer camp and it go so heated the teachers made us all seperate.

  34. I would suggest Ticket to Ride to Monopoly, Love Letter or No
    Thanks to UNO, Camel UP to Sorry, Hive to Chess, Chronicles of Crime to Clue, Cosmic Encounter to The Game of Life, Clank! to Snakes and Ladders. You wont be bored as fast and actually get to use your brain!

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