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Board Games in Japan – Cafes

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Hidengen is a new series about the board game scene in Japan, led by graphic and game designer YACOYON, who will make us discover various protagonists of the local “analog game” (also referred to as “hidengen game”) industry.

The first episode of this series is themed around board game cafes, which are places where people can gather to discover, learn and play games.

Their number has been highly growing in Japan these past years, partly due to a lesser tendency of playing board games at home. With YACOYON, we discovered some of the leading cafes in Tokyo, such as Asobi Cafe and the JELLY JELLY Cafe chain and discussed the trend with their respective owners.



日本では家であまりボードゲームを遊ばない傾向から、ここ数年で店舗数が大きく増えているボードゲームカフェ。YACOYON氏とともに、AsobiカフェやJELLY JELLY CAFEなどという東京の代表的なカフェを巡り、そのオーナーたちとも話しながらそのトレンド。

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  1. Here in San Francisco California we have board game cages but unfortunately we do not have a socially acceptable way of finding people to play a game with.

  2. It's so unfortunate that coronavirus appeared just as board gaming began to take root in Japan.

  3. Really interesting
    Probably gonna visit my local board game cafe this weekend

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  5. Board game cafes are a fantastic thing and I'm glad to see that the culture is finding some traction in Japan as well

  6. Board game culture in other countries endlessly fascinates! I have always wondered why Japanese-developed board games are not more prevalent given that culture's fascination with video games. These videos make me pause what I'm doing to watch haha.. One of my favorite channels!

  7. Thanks to brought us this video, this is really a interesting topic, it's cool to knew there are some place to hang out with your friends or alone to play board games. Yeah i gotta admit board games still a niche thing that not really have a wide audience (maybe, yet) but a cafe is really great concept considering there are lots of great board games out there that lots of us might not known exist, don't know where to get the games and don't have people to play with since board games usually need peoples to play aka socializing and people tend to shy about it, and that's more complicated problem. And once again thanks, it's a great quality production and the atmosphere of this video and also the latest videos, it is getting warmer and fun. Good work guys 🙂

  8. theyre growing in america, but as bars, as are comic book bars, and arcade bars.

  9. Yess!! I've been waiting for a new video from you guys. This is really cool topic. In LA, there's only 3 board game cafe's. One has a huuuge collection of boardgames, place called Gamehaus. Haven't been there myself but I heard great things about it. It's interesting to see this type of Cafe growing, especially in Japan. And I like it's a way to socialize and have fun with friends and meet new people as well.

  10. What will be the next episode about? I'm really intrigued by the series, great work everyone

  11. Super vidéo ! Hâte de voir la suite ! En ce moment je me met au jeux de société également, on m'a fait découvrir "Hero Realms" au travail. J'ai adoré, et je l'ai acheté ! Je le recommande. Je trouve que c'est bien, ça rassemble. Et puis ça fait rire !

  12. Great video, me and my friends, we usually play board games, it's interesting that, near my house, there are more young people playing than those who lived in the golden age of board games. I think more people should play, it's so fun. Greetings from Brazil

  13. One just opened in my city,here in Portugal, with 860 games. It seems to be a self defense mechanism against the lack of socialization because of the internet.
    It's also great for all the creatives involved in the industry

  14. It's really interesting how a country, who is known for being quite technological, can revert back to something as low tech as board games and bring new life into it by making a cafe-culture around the playing of these games. Really interesting stuff.
    I also like how the camera man followed the two down the street while they had their conversation. That's one of those fly-on-the-wall things that y'all do a lot that I like.
    Great vid!!!

  15. Are there plans to cover Roleplaying games, such as Sword world, Kamigakari and Ryuutama in this series – or will you only be covering traditional Board games?

  16. Thanks a lot for this new series. There is an Idol group called Spielyuenchi (I think they are even linked to Jelly Jelly Café) and their concept revolves around board games. I became really interested in board games thanks to them. One of the members even produced her own game that will be released in December (it will offer an English translation so this is even more amazing.) This video deepens my new passion for board games and what they stand for.

  17. I love your videos. Please continue to make them, they are wonderful.

  18. Fascinating video Archipel. Amazed to hear that Japan has ~300 board game cafes, could never imagine that happening in my country. Feels like a great way for people to collaborate and have fun together, around a hobby that does not involve staring into a screen.

  19. Do one about writers and more about mangakas and their process etc… Great channel btw

  20. Very good format. Excellent job!
    Episode 2 coming soon?

  21. Definitely stopping by once the coronavirus is gone

  22. me encantan estos documentales ojala puedan ponerle sub en español a los anteriores

  23. I’m so grateful for finding this channel

  24. How've these cafes been dealing with lockdown?

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